Black Moonlight Holds the BE Script

Chapter 106 Method

Su Su inexplicably felt that the scene before her was very familiar, and fragments flashed through her mind— under the moon in the mortal realm, a fox demon, a ruthless and proud young man……

The Nightmare Devil was startled and quickly cast another spell. It saw the light of the glass bead getting dimmer and dimmer.  This is bad, it can’t hold for much longer.

It looked toward the glass bead again and found it strange. There seemed to be something inside Li Su Su resisting all these emotions.

Su Su frowned and shook her head, and the images faded away.

Was I thinking too much? I’ve never been to the mortal realm, so how could I have memories of it?


The disciples’ assessment was over, and in the absence of Immortal Senior Rong Kui, Cang Jiumin accepted her victory by default. Over the following days, he began teaching her the basic sword techniques.

She didn’t know that Cang Jiumin had already mastered the Qinghong Sword Technique, and he was qualified to teach her himself.

Without needing him to give her directions, she obediently went to the Sword Cleansing Pool to polish the swords every morning. 

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The little immortal excused herself, and Su Su stared at the green fruits for a long time, seemingly lost in thought.


The next day, Su Su went to the immortal hall, but she couldn’t find Cang Jiumin. The immortal attendant from his hall said that Cang Jiumin was talking to the East Wing Master, who had brought Cai Shuang back to Penglai.

Su Su lowered her eyes. Clutching the fruit in her palm, she nodded in response.

Then I should wait a few days until Cang Jiumin is free.

However, during this wait, Su Su heard other news——

Recently, it was spreading throughout Penglai that Cang Jiumin was going to become Dao companions with Cai Shuang. The matter of Cai Shuang being robbed of her chastity by Wei Xun was known by almost half of Penglai.

However, cultivators only cared about the heart of Dao and didn’t concern themselves with the issue of a woman’s chastity. 

While the cultivation world didn’t care, Cai Shuang, who had transformed from a mortal woman into a cultivator, did care.

It was said that after she returned to the Dongshu Immortal Realm, she attempted suicide several times, but fortunately, the East Wing Master had stopped her.

Cai Shuang had stammered, explaining that she was forced by Ding Xun and that her heart belonged only to her foster brother. The East Wing Master personally decided for Cang Jiumin to marry her. Su Su didn’t know why, but she felt a bit stuffy inside.

She went out and happened to meet Cai Shuang. Cai Shuang’s complexion was somewhat sallow, no longer the rosy and fair complexion of before. The cold Qi of the Tranquil Frost Pool had indeed affected her.

Although Cai Shuang was already a cultivator, she was still shyly embroidering her wedding dress like a mortal woman.

Su Su glanced at the bright red wedding dress in her hand and pursed her lips.


Naturally, Cai Shuang saw her too. Her expression was innocent and joyful, as if she had completely forgotten about their previous conflicts. She came over to hold Su Su’s hand and said, “Immortal Li, are you here to see Jiumin gege? He’s not here.”

Su Su retracted her hand, “I know.”

She didn’t like Cai Shuang, so she didn’t want to talk to her. Seeing that Su Su was about to leave instead of reacting as expected, Cai Shuang hurriedly added, “Aren’t you going to ask where Jiumin gege went?”

Su Su turned around and smiled at her. She shook her head and said, “I won’t ask, and you better not say.”

Cai Shuang’s face darkened, but she pretended not to hear Su Su’s words. “He went to the mortal realm to find mermaid tears for me. In our mortal realm, there’s a custom of giving betrothal gifts when you get married. Ninety-nine mermaid tears can keep one eternally youthful and healthy.”

“You’re a pain to talk to, so how about this. Whatever else you want to say, just hurry up and say it,” Su Su said. 

Cai Shuang looked pitiful, and she looked at her with reproach.

Su Su tilted her head slightly and suddenly asked, “Are you afraid of me?”

Cai Shuang’s expression froze.

Su Su smiled knowingly, “What are you afraid of? That I’ll kick you into the Tranquil Frost Pool again? Or are you afraid that…… your Jiumin gege likes me?”

Cai Shuang’s lips trembled, “Don’t talk nonsense! If he really liked you, he wouldn’t have agreed to the East Wing Master’s order to marry me!”

“So I guessed right, you’re afraid of the latter.” Su Su touched her chin, and mimicking a senior sister from the Hengyang Sect, she swayed her waist seductively like an evil woman and walked closer to Cai Shuang.


Cai Shuang stepped back in fear, “What are you going to do?”

Su Su said, “I just want to let you know, if you don’t have any actual strength, don’t go around disgusting people, or you’ll end up like this.”

She loosened her grip, and a jade stone in her hand turned into a fine powder.

Before Cai Shuang could recover from her shock, Su Su had already walked far away.

As she walked away, the smile on Su Su’s face disappeared, and she kicked the pebbles on the stone path.

Her spiritual core felt slightly warm. Somewhere unseen, the Heartless Dao silently circulated. She didn’t understand why she was unhappy.

Was it because Cai Shuang deliberately disgusted me? Would I feel better if I took revenge?

As night fell on the eternally blooming apricot blossoms of Penglai, Su Su opened a bamboo basket, and a group1成群结队 (chéngqún-jiéduì) – making up a group, forming a troupe (idiom); in large numbers of toads were lined up neatly.

“Go and scare her.”

The toads, each more hideous than the other, leaped into Cai Shuang’s hall after receiving their mission.

Not long after, a hoarse scream echoed from inside.

Through the window, Su Su saw Cai Shuang frantically running and screaming, looking far more terrifying than the toads on the ground. She no longer had that pitiful demeanor from the daytime, and Su Su finally felt physically and mentally at ease.


She clapped her hands and prepared to leave.

A figure looked at her coldly.

“Cang Jiumin?”

The newcomer raised his hand, and the illusionary toads instantly turned to ashes. He said, “Do you think you have the right to touch her?”

Su Su was stunned, she was about to say something when he suddenly made a move. She was suddenly trapped by three flying flags. They spun rapidly, and a gloomy blue light bound her. Su Su felt a sharp pain in her soul and fell to the ground.

The flag in charge of the life soul2命魂 (mìng hún) – Based on the ‘human has three souls and seven spirits’ concept (I remember leaving a note explaining this in the previous chapter, but I forgot which), the life soul is one of the three souls. For more information, you can refer to:三魂七魄/ started to absorb her soul.

Through the three flags, Su Su saw Cang Jiumin’s eyes, cold and filled with murderous intent.

She wanted to escape, but after all, she was still young, so she had no strength to fight back until a white light flashed between her eyebrows, which shattered the three flags.

She spat out a mouthful of blood and lost consciousness.

In the final moments before she fainted, she seemed to hear Yao Guang’s voice calling her— ‘Su Su!’


The figure resembling “Cang Jiumin” walked away, and his appearance gradually changed to that of the East Wing Master.

The East Wing Master’s face was grim. “He actually left something to protect her.”

The Nightmare Devil looked at the cracked glass bead in front of it with a look of despair3如丧考妣 (rúsàng-kǎobǐ) – (look) as if one had lost one’s parents; (look) utterly wretched. “The Mirage Pearl has lost its power, the sweet dream cannot be maintained. The dreamland is starting to repair itself automatically. With his fate as a lone star of misfortune, will the Devil Lord kill me once he awakens?” 

Meanwhile, on the other side, it was drizzling in the mortal realm, and Cang Jiumin had countless wounds on his body.

He closed his eyes, and beside him were the ninety-nine mermaid tears, each as precious as pearls and jade.

On the way back to Penglai, a hint of a smile appeared in his eyes.

However, after he returned and searched everywhere, a little immortal told him, “Immortal Li went out a few days ago and hasn’t returned since.”

The smile in his eyes faded a little, and an ominous premonition surged in his heart.

The East Wing Master looked at the large box of shimmering mermaid tears. He picked one up and said, “You actually found them all. Unfortunately, that girl has already left Penglai.”

Cang Jiumin’s face darkened. “Didn’t you promise me……”

“Yes, I promised you that if you found ninety-nine mermaid tears from the extinct mermaid clan, I would send Cai Shuang back to the mortal realm, let her be a mortal again, and not bother with her anymore.” He tossed the mermaid tear back into the box, “And then, I would go to Hengyang to help you propose marriage to Qu Xuanzi’s daughter. Unfortunately, Min’er, she didn’t trust you. She thought you were going to marry Cai Shuang and has already returned to Hengyang with Yao Guang.”

Cang Jiumin sneered, the fine wounds on his face made him look pale and cold.

“I don’t believe a word you say. If she doesn’t trust me, then so be it. I’ll go explain it to her myself!”

After speaking, he was about to go to Hengyang Sect by sword.

“Stop right there!” The East Wing Master shouted angrily from behind. “You rebellious son, have you forgotten the fate that the clan predicted for you when you were a hundred years old! If you can’t overcome the tribulation of love, you’ll turn to ashes. I sent you to Penglai to avoid this tribulation, but look at what you’ve done!”

The East Wing Master threw out a piece of jade.

“An inner demon has been created out of your desire.  In your current state, you can’t even expel the devilish Qi. She will be the death of you!”

When Cang Jiumin saw the piece of jade, he knew that the East Wing Master had discovered everything.

He picked up the jade that concealed devilish Qi and looked at the East Wing Master with dark eyes, “What does it matter if I live or turn to ashes? From this moment on, consider me dead.”

After speaking, Cang Jiumin suddenly unleashed a burst of immortal energy, hitting the person eavesdropping outside the hall.

Cai Shuang spat out a mouthful of blood. The power the East Wing Master had transferred to her completely dissipated with this strike, and her appearance began to age. 

She could feel her life force slipping away. “Father save me, please save me……”

The East Wing Master, who had once doted on her, now looked at her with deep disappointment.

“Cai Shuang, you shouldn’t have turned out like this.” Self-absorbed, entangled with Ding Xun and increasingly vicious.

From a young age, you were meant to cultivate feelings with Jiumin, but you were unable to secure a place in his heart before his inner demon was created and he encountered a love tribulation.

If there were any way to save Cang Jiumin, he wouldn’t have had to commit the sin of killing that girl from Hengyang Sect himself.

The East Wing Master sighed and waved his hand, preserving Cai Shuang’s life and sending her back to the mortal realm, where she belonged.

May you be able to accept the drastic change from being an immortal to a gradually aging mortal.


“How’s Su Su?” Yao Guang asked anxiously.

Qu Xuanzi shook his head, his expression grave.

Yao Guang was on the verge of tears. “It’s my fault. I didn’t take good care of Junior Sister.” 

Qu Xuanzi patted her shoulder, “It’s not your fault. The person who injured Su Su shouldn’t be underestimated.”

Even Qu Xuanzi couldn’t guarantee that his cultivation level was higher than that of the opponent. That person was determined to kill Su Su, and it was already a blessing that she survived.

Hengyang Sect used a spell to recreate the events that had happened to Su Su.

Yao Guang angrily exclaimed, “Cang Jiumin! Why did he do this!”

“The Three Soul Flags— it wasn’t Cang Jiumin.” Qu Xuanzi could already guess who the person really was after watching the scene. Even if it wasn’t Cang Jiumin, it was still a powerful figure from Dongshu.

“Sect Leader.” Someone came to report. “Penglai disciple, Cang Jiumin, requests to see Immortal Yu Ling.”

The lashes of the person in bed fluttered. Qu Xuanzi inwardly sighed and helped Su Su up. “What do you think? Do you want to see him?”

Su Su opened her eyes, her lips looking pale. She shook her head, “Ask him to go back. I don’t want to see anyone right now.”

“Alright,” Qu Xuanzi said.

It was snowing heavily in Changze.

Su Su occasionally drifted between sleep and consciousness. One morning, when she awoke, a spirit bird was jumping at her window and Yao Guang had come to visit her.

Yao Guang looked hesitant, she seemed to have something to say but stopped herself.

“What’s wrong?” Su Su asked.

“It’s nothing,” Yao Guang replied.

“Senior Sister, if you can’t hold it in, just say it.”

Yao Guang smiled awkwardly and stammered, “Your life soul is damaged. If it isn’t repaired, it will affect your lifespan, and your cultivation will be difficult to progress.”

Su Su wasn’t surprised and responded with a soft hum.

She wasn’t pessimistic, nor was she shocked.

Yao Guang glanced at her. “But there’s a method to save you.”

“What method?”

“It’s…… well, it’s that!” Yao Guang’s face turned slightly red. “The world is divided into yin and yang. It’s similar to harmonious dual cultivation.” 

She was stammering, clearly indicating that this matter was even more shocking than dual cultivation. 

Su Su had a vague idea.

In the past, the evil cultivators of the Hehuan Sect had a method of absorbing yin to replenish yang, using women as tripod furnaces to increase their own cultivation.

And the method Yao Guang was referring to was clearly…… reversing this method— finding a tripod furnace for Su Su.

Yao Guang lowered her voice, “Fuya has been taking care of you recently. Sect Leader’s intends for your recovery to be the highest priority.”

Before she could finish, Su Su shook her head. “I can’t agree.”

Yao Guang opened her mouth, then sighed.

The snow outside startled the spirit bird into flight. There was one more thing Yao Guang hadn’t told Su Su— outside the sect gate, that disciple from Penglai, Cang Jiumin, had never left. 

Everyone in Hengyang knew that someone from Dongshu had harmed Su Su, and they came up with new ways to give him a hard time every day. He was covered in injuries, but he didn’t fight back or leave.

He looked quite pitiful.

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