Black Moonlight Holds the BE Script

Chapter 10.2 Dazzling

Xiao Lin said, “Go!”

He took off his cloak, wrapped it around Ye Bing Shang, and pushed her towards the maidservants.

The guards hastily protected Ye Bing Shang and left.

Su Su knew this was a big problem. She initially thought that the mortal world was peaceful. To prove her wrong, when she attended a birthday banquet, she actually saw something that shouldn’t have appeared.

Although General Ye was good at martial arts, he was just a mortal. He had never seen such weird and ferocious Scarlet Flame Wasps.


The Scarlet Flame Wasps were so agile that Ye Xiao was badly struggling.

At the scene, the stream of screaming was never-ending. The Scarlet Flame Wasps broke through the human bodies and became bigger and bigger.

A Scarlet Flame Wasp was about to get into General Ye’s head in the next blink, but a sharp sword cut it into half.

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Fw Fw: “…… !”

She was in a panic. If something were to happen to him, she couldn’t live either. The three realms would also quickly be doomed.


In a flash, a Scarlet Flame Wasp flew towards her.

Someone abruptly caught her wrist. Su Su shouted in surprise, “Eldest Senior Brother!”

Xiao Lin frowned as he didn’t understand why the Ye Xi Wu in front of him would address him that way. “What are you still standing here for? Quickly leave!” Although he didn’t like Third Miss Ye, he wouldn’t neglect rescuing those in danger.

Xiao Lin’s sword aura was completely different from his amiability. His sword carried a vaguely cold aura, diffracting light and shadow, swift and cool.

Su Su was caught off guard and saved by Xiao Lin. She was moved that her Eldest Senior Brother had never changed.

When the secret guards of the prince’s residence joined in, the situation eased a lot.

Nonetheless, the Scarlet Flame Wasps were still absorbing the power of the dead humans and growing bigger and bigger.

Su Su held onto her sword. She didn’t have time to care about her own safety and walked towards the chaotic crowd.

She was really anxious. Where is Tantai Jin? Where did he go?! Did something really happen to him?!

In a flash, a man in front of her was forced into a corner by a human baby-sized Scarlet Flame Wasp. Su Su twisted her body and stabbed it without even thinking.

She used the Qinghong Sword Technique to its fullest and cut off the Scarlet Flame Wasp’s wings and head.

Only then Su Su saw the person who was almost killed.


The man looked at her with disbelief.

It was Pang Yi Zhi. Pang Yi Zhi had excellent literary talent, but he wasn’t good at martial arts. He looked at Su Su hesitantly. His mouth used to be vicious and sharp, but now, it was a little disobedient. “You…… You……”

The beautiful flower ornament in the middle of the girl’s forehead was messily smeared, but her clear eyes were beautiful as if burning multi-colored.

Su Su pursed her mouth in a straight line. “Lord Pang, hurry up and run for your life!” Why did he keep staring at her! Did a flower bloom on her face?

Pang Yi Zhi looked perplexed. He turned around and was about to run.

Su Su suddenly pulled his sleeve. “Wait a minute. Did you see Tantai Jin?”

“Hostage prince ——” He lowered his gaze and saw a dirty little face that was looking at him eagerly. The girl was holding a sword, and her eyes were bright and stubborn.

Pang Yi Zhi’s heart palpitated and he pushed her soft hand away. He averted his gaze. “I didn’t see him!”


Ye Bing Shang was escorted by the secret guards, running towards the prince’s inner residence.

When they walked through the rockery, a maidservant suddenly screamed. When Ye Bing Shang looked back, she saw a Scarlet Flame Wasp rush out from the maid servant’s body and charge towards her ferociously. The guards were flustered. “Side Imperial Concubine Shang!”

A guard hurriedly went to block it. Unfortunately, he had never seen this kind of strange creature before, so his martial art skills were useless. The guard’s eyes widened, and the Scarlet Flame Wasp had already passed through his body.


In a moment, the Scarlet Flame Wasp flew over, and the guards fell one by one. The secret guard that was protecting Ye Bing Shang had disappeared. Ye Bing Shang tripped over a stone and fell to the ground.

She was frightened and desperate. Was she really going to die under the siege of these bizarre creatures today? The odd creature in front of her was actually half the size of an adult man! Just looking at it made her almost faint from fear.

Ye Bing Shang’s face paled and she backed away.

The next moment, dark purple clothing appeared in front of her.

Ye Bing Shang looked up in shock. But, before she could clearly see the person who came, her eyes went dark, and she lost consciousness.

The young man raised his hand and caught that huge Scarlet Flame Wasp.

As he grabbed its antennae, the Scarlet Flame Wasp that had been violently killing people just before was now starting to tremble in fear.

Tantai Jin tilted his head and laughed. He whispered slowly, “It’s okay to kill anyone else, but you shouldn’t touch her.”

His chapped right hand clenched its antennae tightly.

When his blood touched the Scarlet Flame Wasp, it screeched strangely and instantly turned into a puddle of foul-smelling liquid.

The smile on Tantai Jin’s face disappeared, and he looked at the pool of fiery red liquid indifferently. He turned around and gently carried the girl from beside the rockery.

Ye Bing Shang leaned against the young man’s thin chest.


Tantai Jin carried Ye Bing Shang to the willow tree by the lake and put her down. He pulled her slender right hand and wiped his own blood on her wrist.

He finished everything leisurely and walked back with ease.

Maybe he should go back and see whether King Zhao was still there.

Didn’t King Zhao miss the “warmth” from his childhood? He didn’t mind helping this prince relive his feelings from the past.

As for Ye Xi Wu, he half-heartedly thought that in this kind of situation, she might already be dead.

Tantai Jin passed by the panicking crowd that was escaping. In the past, he had looked docile and timid. But now, it was the turn for these high-rankers to look flustered and hysterical.

He couldn’t help but laugh when he saw an official push his wife towards the Scarlet Flame Wasp.

What can that do?

As expected, a few seconds after the Scarlet Flame Wasp killed the frightened wife, it also killed the official.

Tantai Jin was leaning against a red pillar and watching this hell on Earth. The smell of blood spreading in the air made him so happy that his eyes squinted. The potent blood gas penetrated his lungs. He choked and coughed twice, but the corner of his lips were highly perked up.

Through the shadow of the tree, Tantai Jin saw a man in green with an appearance like a fallen immortal, tirelessly lifting his sword to protect the crowd leaving the prince’s residence.

King Xuan, huh. Many thoughts passed through Tantai Jin’s heart.

But the next moment, the smile on the corner of his lips froze. Tantai Jin didn’t expect that the girl he had thought to be dead would appear not far away.

Her hair was scattered, and the flower ornament on her forehead had been smeared. Her little face was even stained with a few tints of red.

It was strange that she didn’t look messy at all. Even in the bustling crowd, people could find her at a glance.

The girl was carrying a sword, and the sunlight reflected on the tip of the blade. That ray of light was so dazzling and warm that it could burn someone.

She was walking and saving people along the way. He heard her anxiously asking the people that she had rescued. “Have you seen Tantai Jin?”

The officials shook their heads. She had hurriedly saved many people, but everyone waved their hands at her.

Tantai Jin looked at her coldly. A strange feeling rose again on the places of his fingers that had previously touched her. They were itchy and painful.

The young man gasped for air and lifted his foot to step on a Scarlet Flame Wasp that was killing people.

“Go! Kill her!” Tantai Jin said.

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