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  • Black Moonlight Holds the BE Script

    Chapter 1.1 Young Devil King

    “Run ahead, Third Miss, and don’t look back!”

    Someone abruptly pushed Li Su Su once she had regained consciousness. Her legs slipped and she rolled down the hillside.

    The ground was covered in a thick layer of December snow. The weather was bone-chillingly cold, and her body was in excruciating pain.

    A white jade bracelet appeared out of nowhere on Li Su Su’s wrist as she was about to hit the tree at the foot of the hillside. The bracelet was pulsing with colourful lights, and this energy stabilized her body.

    Li Su Su was so dizzy that she couldn’t get up until she rested for a while.


    A vast white world appeared in front of her. She sat up from the ground and found herself in a disheveled and unattractive state. Her pinkish-white robe was filthy. Her hair, which had been pulled back into a bun, was now strewn about, and one of her embroidered shoes had fallen off her foot.

    Su Su climbed up from the ground with the help of the tree trunk. A little shota voice emitted from the bracelet on her wrist. With a hint of seriousness, it said, “Master, this was the human world 500 years ago.”

    It continued to snow heavily.

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    Su Su closed her eyes. The memories of the original owner, Ye Xi Wu, began to surface. Because it wasn’t her own body, the memories were erratic and hazy. The General Ye family’s Third Miss was Ye Xi Wu. She was also the only legitimate daughter3Legitimate daughter = born by the first wife of the Ye family.


    She became ill after falling into the water. For a long time, she was unable to recover. Her grandmother was concerned for her safety and took her to Tian Hua temple to light incense to pray. Unfortunately, mountain bandits kidnapped Ye Xi Wu and her personal maid, Yin Qiao, at the temple.

    When the mountain bandits were not paying attention, Ye Xi Wu and Yin Qiao took advantage of the opportunity and fled down the mountain.

    The master-servant duo did not get very far before being discovered by them. By chance, this happened to be the moment when Su Su transmigrated into Ye Xi Wu’s body. The maid shoved the original owner and insisted that she leave.

    Su Su’s leg jerked back in pain. When she looked down, she noticed how swollen her ankle was.

    Su Su tried to ignore the pain as much as she could and started looking for a way out.

    She walked in the snow, which was both deep and shallow, erasing her traces on the ground as she went. Despite the fact that she was panting, she continued walking.

    She was at a disadvantage because she had no idea of when the mountain bandits would return and find her. She could understand what would happen to a helpless woman if she fell into the hands of mountain bandits. 

    There was a rustling sound of footsteps in the snow soon after she started walking.

    Su Su dashed behind a stone to hide.

    As she expected, after a while, a few burly men appeared nearby.

    “Useless things!” the leader exclaimed. “It’s only a woman, and you let her get away!” The leader took a deep breath and slapped his men on the backs of their heads.

    “Big brother,” they called. They were beaten by their leader, but they didn’t dare to fight back.


    “There was a mistake in our intelligence4intelligence here doesn’t mean IQ, but the report/news they received from their informants.” They said uncomfortably, “That young girl wasn’t some rich merchant’s daughter, but General Ye’s daughter.”

    The fierce face of the mountain bandit’s leader trembled. His expression ugly. Is there a mountain bandit that wasn’t afraid of the imperial soldiers?

    His gaze hardened into a ruthless glare. “In that case, we should locate her in order to avoid further complications.”

    “Why are you still looking at me? Split up and look for her!”

    Su Su tried to conceal herself behind the rock as their footsteps grew louder and louder. She frowned and braced herself for being found out.

    Fortunately, the sound of footsteps came to a halt beside her and continued in a different direction.

    Su Su remained motionless for a few more moments. She didn’t take a look until the movements all stopped. Their tracks in the snow were strewn about, and the mountain bandits had vanished.

    Su Su stood up and was about to leave. “Big brother! Everyone, come here! That woman is here!”  Suddenly, a mountain bandit turned around and shouted.

    Su Su spun around and bolted.

    But the mountain bandits behind her quickly caught up.

    Su Su’s vision became hazy as her body began to deteriorate. The snowy ground was so white that it was difficult to see the way ahead. Suddenly, she came face to face with someone.

    The mountain bandits fell in response to several arrows swishing behind her.


    Su Su raised her eyes and saw a beautiful and clear face.

    The young man wore a white robe that blended in almost perfectly with the snow. His skin was very fair, his lips were red, and his hair was black. His cheeks were thin, and his dark orbs made him appear a little cold. He was surprisingly attractive, but his calm and disinterested eyes made him appear manly instead of feminine.

     He didn’t move an inch when Su Su collided with him. However, when her gaze met his, he flinched and averted his eyes.

    “I’m sorry, Third Miss. I’m late,” the young man said quietly as he held her back.

    Su Su simply shook her head because she didn’t understand.

    Within a few moments, some of the mountain bandits were dead, others were injured, and the ones who were still alive had fled.

    Behind the young man, soldiers cupped their fists in front of Su Su5This hand gesture is a sign of respect.

     “Third Miss! These subordinates are late,” the soldiers explained. 

    Su Su recalled the little girl who shoved her away and told her she had to flee first. “Yin Qiao is still in their hands,” she said, looking up. Please assist me in locating her.”

    The black orbs of the young man’s eyes were fixed on her. “Alright, I’ll ask people to find her.”

    The soldiers dispersed and looked for Yin Qiao.

    “Are you hurt?” the young man asked with his eyes lowered.


    He had already carried Su Su before she could respond.

    Su Su was a little hesitant after being abruptly carried by a young man she didn’t know. She couldn’t figure out what was going on, so she didn’t dare to fight for the moment. Instead, she gave him a sidelong glance.

    There was a major issue. Despite having some of Ye Xi Wu’s memories, she couldn’t place him where he belonged.

    So, who is this person in front of her?

    In his arms, she didn’t feel any warmth at all. They were, on the contrary, comparable to cold air.

    Su Su was shivering from the cold and felt uneasy in his arms. “I just fell down the hillside and hit my head, so my memories are a little jumbled,” she explained after some thought. “I’m sorry, but I’m not familiar with you…”

    The young man’s eyes became strange as soon as she stopped speaking.   

    The feeling didn’t last long. “My name is Tantai Jin,” he said, once he was back to normal. “We’ve been married for three months.”

    Su Su’s body stiffened as soon as this sentence was spoken, and she looked up, puzzled.

    Snowflakes fell on the young man’s head, making his brows look like ice and snow.

    “Third Miss, are you cold?” the young man asked softly as he hugged her even tighter. His dark orbs and black hair gave him a frail and seemingly harmless appearance. When he noticed Su Su staring at him, he lowered his gaze, making a respectful and pitiful expression.

    Su Su’s body stiffened even more. She pressed her lips together tightly to hide the emotions in her eyes.

    Su Su had no idea that the young man in front of her, who appeared frail and attractive, was the target of her mission. He was the devil king who would be willing to kill and crush people’s souls in the future.

    She leaned against his chest and noticed that he was frail, his bones piercing through his tall frame. Hundreds of immortal techniques of killing a person flashed through her mind in an instant.

    This thought was so strong that her hands cast an immortal assassination technique almost subconsciously. There was, however, no response.

    Su Su realized that she was a mortal now.

    Her body was cold and achy. If it had been the original owner, she would not have been able to stay awake. Su Su had barely been able to keep up, and now she had reached her breaking point.

    She struggled to break free from the evil thing’s grip, but she had already exhausted her strength.  The next moment, Su Su’s eyes went dark, and she lost consciousness.

    The steps of the young man stopped.

    He only lowered his eyes and looked at the girl in his arms after she passed out.

    The girl had a pale complexion. Against the ice and snow, this face, which was usually domineering and disgusting, showed a hint of softness and purity.

    He frowned, then walked out of the mountain bandit’s den, his gaze turned away apathetically.

    Soon after, soldiers under General Ye returned with Yin Qiao, Ye Xi Wu’s personal maid.

    The girl tripped and landed in the snow. Tantai Jin took a quiet look at the body on the ground.

    Yin Qiao’s body was riddled with knife wounds. Her clothes were in shambles, her abdomen had a bloody hole, and her face had already been disfigured. Dissolving into the air was the thick smell of blood.

    “Hostage prince6质子 (zhìzǐ) means a prince that was sent to be held as a hostage in a neighbouring state in ancient China and also proton, but in this case, it’s the former., how do we deal with her?” the soldiers asked.

    He only took a glance and indifferently said, “If it’s dead, then just burn it.”

    With a soft tone, he said that the snow this winter was heavy.

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