Baby’s Breath

Chapter 22.2: I am a Man!!

Chapter 22.2: I am a Man!!

Title: Baby’s Breath

Translator: System Yaoi

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Chapter 22 I am a Man!!

Sun Wenhao: “Where did you find this great god? This is too good!!!”

The whole set of photos exuded a strong flavour Showa Era, with cool tones and low saturation. 

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“How would I know that?”


“I think if you’re diligent like this, she must like you. You should invite her to dinner. But if it’s just the two of you, it might not be appropriate. Why don’t you help her a bit and return the favour?”

“What favour…”

“Ah, I’ve got an idea!”

Xue Youka approached Tian Ai who said, “I have Turbo’s class schedule here. How about you attend his class and sit next to him? This idea sounds pretty good… During class, he can’t run away. With a two-hour class, you should be able to add him on WeChat. As long as you can add his WeChat, we can figure out the rest later.”

Xue Youka responded, “Yeah!! I think this method is good too.”

“However, your hair is a problem…”

His pink hair was like a missile in the dark night, unless the professor was blind, it was impossible not to notice him.

Xue Youka immediately replied, “It’s okay, senior, I have a wig. I’ll go find a black one right away. Just give me the class schedule, and I’ll make sure to handle it for you!!”

Xue Youka saw that Turbo had a macroeconomics class tonight.

This Turbo genius was in the same college as him, but in the economics department next door.

Xue Youka quickly called Sun Wenhao, “Mouse, do you have any black wigs or dark brown ones? I need one for class later.”

“Are you in a hurry? Let me check, I think I have some…”


“I’ll come over to pick it up now.”

He grabbed a bike and rode from T University to Y University.

Although not far apart, these two universities were like heaven and earth within this circle of colleges. T University was a top national institution, while Y University, although also a 2111Project 211 is a project of National Key Universities and colleges initiated in 1995 by the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China, with the intent of raising the research standards of high-level universities and cultivating strategies for socio-economic development. university, but compared to T University, it was far, far worse.

Xue Youka arrived at their school gate, and Sun Wenhao handed him a storage bag containing a neatly managed black wig.

“What’s the rush?”

“I’ll tell you later.”

Before Sun Wenhao could tell him that this wig was the same style as Katsura Kotaro’s, Xue Yuka rode off.

Back in the dorm, Xue Youka took a shower, then opened the storage bag, only to find that it was long hair.

“Mouse… why is this long hair?”

“You left too quickly, I didn’t have a chance to tell you. This is the one I bought for Katsura Kotaro before, I haven’t worn it yet. My head is too big, it looks like I’m wearing a drag queen’s wig… I was just about to tell you to go to the barber shop to cut it a bit, but you ran off.”

With two roommates out playing and one in the library, Xue Youka was alone in the dormitory. He put on the wig. After wearing it a few times, he had gained experience. Coupled with his small head, the wig didn’t look fake at all. It looked almost the same as real hair.

Xue Youka looked in the mirror and felt very strange. He had never had hair this long before. The ends of the hair hung down to about chest level. Just as he was looking around the dorm for scissors, intending to cut the hair, the dormitory door opened.


One of his roommates opened the door and saw a girl with long hair in the dormitory. He quickly closed the door.

He looked up at the room number.


Yes, that’s right.

He knocked on the door.

Xue Youka opened the door, “Xiao ge.”

Xiao ge was the oldest in their dormitory. On the first day they moved in, they sorted themselves into first, second, third, and fourth according to age, and Xiao ge was the eldest.

Xiao ge’s eyes, filled with shock and uncertainty, froze on Xue Youka’s face, then shifted to his hair. The word “brother” just how can it be called out.

“Um… well,” his voice involuntarily softened, “Youngest, you this…”

“It’s a wig,” Xue Youka explained self-consciously, “I’m going to attend a class, and I’m afraid the teacher will notice me, so I found a black wig. Is it strange?”

“Not strange, just…” He knew that the youngest in the dormitory was very handsome, and he also knew that behind his back, the girls called Xue Youka the pride of the Finance Department.

But he didn’t expect the youngest to look so good with a wig on… to this extent.


“It looks good, um,” he scratched his head.

“Will I be taken for a girl?”

“No… you’re tall, you have an Adam’s apple, you have leg hair… oh, wait, you don’t have much leg hair, but you don’t look like a girl either. If you look from behind, maybe a little, but not from the front.”

Xue Youka went out wearing a loose white jersey. He didn’t play basketball, but the clothes were snagged by He Xiaoyou during a sale in the mall, with the number 19 printed on the back.

As he walked out of the dormitory, many people kept turning their heads to look at him. Xue Yuka even heard someone say, “Crap, how come there is a beauty into our dormitory, how did she get in…”

“Why is this beauty taller than me?”

Xue Youka almost turned back to retort in a loud voice, “Have you ever seen a beauty with size 42 feet? I’ll show you mine and see if they’re bigger than yours!”

Finding the lecture hall in advance, Xue Youka sat in the back and observed. He had only seen Turbo in person last week, so he knew what he looked like and that he had a big black arm.

The classroom was half-filled with students, and most of them had already come in. Xue Youka looked ahead from the back and soon noticed a guy with a black tattooed arm. He walked over confidently and sat directly next to the tattooed guy.

Afraid that the person might leave, Xue Youka waited for two minutes. He pretended to hide behind a macroeconomics book until the bell rang for class and the professor entered. Then, Xue Youka whispered to him softly, “Hey, senior.”

The tattooed guy next to him glanced down at this pretty girl.

When did such a beautiful girl come to their department?

Ah, so charming.

The girl deliberately lowered her voice, not very sweet but very gentle, “Senior, hello… Can we exchange WeChat?”

“Uh… sure.” The tattooed guy quickly took out his phone.

Only then did Xue Youka get a clear look at his appearance.

It didn’t seem quite right.

Turbo seemed very handsome, but this guy, although not ugly, wasn’t that handsome.

“Are you Turbo?”

The tattooed guy: “…”

Seeing his expression, Xue Youka immediately apologised, “I’m sorry, senior, I think I got the wrong person!”

“It’s okay… junior sister, are you here to attend Turbo’s class?”

“Yes, I have an interview with him.”

“Oh, an interview… don’t worry, I’ll help you find him.” The tattooed guy began to scan the classroom, quickly finding him. He whispered to the junior sister, “He’s in the last row, look to the left, the one wearing a black NY tiger head cap.”

Xue Youka turned his head to look, and quickly found him. He could vaguely see the face under the brim of the cap, indeed the drummer he had seen that night… but something seemed off, why were there no tattoos?

The tattooed guy seemed to understand his confusion and explained under the professor’s lecturing voice, “His black sleeves are usually tattoo stickers, not as cool as you think. Mine, however, are real tattoos, I’ve had them for years.”

The tattooed guy raised his black arm and placed it on the desk.

Xue Yuka glanced at it and nodded, “Hmm, really cool.”

“Hehe, just okay…” The tattooed guy smiled awkwardly and picked up his phone, showing the QR code on it. “Then junior sister, this WeChat…let’s still add it?”

Xue Youka hesitated for a second, then said in a rough voice, “Big brother, I’m a man.”

The tattooed guy was instantly horrified, “…”

He looked carefully, the supposed junior sister seemed to be indeed a guy, except for the hair, nothing was concealed – a flat chest, a prominent Adam’s apple, the basketball jersey and sneakers…

Damn, this really seemed to be a man.

Xue Youka kept glancing back, thinking of how to casually move closer and sit next to Turbo.

But there were three rows between him and Turbo, which was too far… Xue Youka looked up at the respected professor lecturing on the platform and didn’t dare to act recklessly.

Still, Xue Youka kept staring at him, thinking that once the class was over later, he would block him, and definitely not give him a chance to escape.

Cheng Yu wasn’t really paying attention to the class, playing with a pen in his hand, his eyes fixed on his iPad. They were brainstorming ideas for a new album, but the lead single hadn’t been finalised yet. He was mentally composing melodies.

He could feel the gaze coming from the front, but Cheng Yu was used to it. He just lowered his cap and ignored it.

However, the gaze was too persistent, constantly turning back to stare at him. Cheng Yu got annoyed by the repeated looks and lifted his head to glare at the person.

It was a girl with black long hair and bangs. Their gazes met in mid-air, and in that moment, all the blood in Cheng Yu’s body began to boil, the chill in his eyes evaporated, and the pen in his hand fell on the table.

Cheng Yu stared at her firmly, until the girl seemed a bit shy and waved at him, saying hi.

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