Baby’s Breath

Chapter 22.1: I am a Man!!

Title: Baby’s Breath

Translator: System Yaoi

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Chapter 22 I am a Man!!

“Xue di1junior or younger male schoolmate…” Tian Ai hesitated, “You’re not one too, are you?”

“I don’t think so,” Xue Youka touched his nose, “but I don’t find it weird or anything.”

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“Turbo doesn’t meet fans.”


The security invited them out.

“Ah,” Tian Ai and Xue Youka left Mew, sighing. “I didn’t expect to be stopped here. Still can’t get close to Turbo.”

“Isn’t he a student at T University?” Xue Youka was a bit puzzled, walking towards the direction of the school. “Then he must be living in the dormitory. Why don’t we find his roommate? The university isn’t that big, asking a few more people, we’ll surely find someone who knows him.”

“He doesn’t live on campus.”

“Then he must attend classes, right? Can’t we wait for him in his classroom?”

“It’s no use. Last week, we had a female club member waiting for him after class. Turbo walks too fast; she couldn’t catch up. Plus, he’s a junior now, fewer classes, just a few sessions per week.”

“Then why doesn’t our school’s publishing house interview him themselves?”

“They ah? Because this school magazine is a collaboration between us and the publishing house. We take the photos, they provide the content, and the profit from the magazine is split evenly between us.”

Since there’s a profit involved, the content of the magazine must be what students are most interested in. In the past, they’ve published a special edition featuring female goddess, and now it’s a special edition featuring male god.

Tian Ai wasn’t particularly interested in the profit; even if there were any, it would be confiscated. It’s just that she had already taken on this task, and the fact that she couldn’t seem to make progress on it was frustrating.

“Anyway, Xue Di, do you have time tomorrow to come out and shoot something creative?”



“I’m free!”

“What type of shoot do you want to do?”

Xue Youka said he could do anything. “It depends on what ideas you have, senior sister.”

“I have a studio in Mentougou. How about this, tomorrow morning at 8 a.m., we meet at the South Gate, and I’ll take you there. We’ll see what you look best in.”

Back in the dormitory, Xue Youka still felt a bit dizzy. How could finding a free photographer become so easy? He didn’t even have to spend money to rent a studio…

The next morning, Xue Youka waited at the school gate for two minutes when a sports car pulled up in front of him.

Although Xue Youka wasn’t particularly interested in cars, he had studied the automobile industry when researching stocks. Currently, half of his stock holdings were in Tsla2It’s not a spelling error, the raws said ‘tsla’.

And he recognized the car driven by Senior Tian Ai as a Porsche Panamera.

Tian Ai’s face, hidden behind sunglasses, peeked out from the open window. “Schoolmate, get in.”

On the way, Tian Ai chatted with him, playing Scorpion’s songs specifically, and asked him, “What do you usually like to listen to?”

“I used to like anime songs, J-Rock. Now I just listen to some electronic music,” he replied, not very knowledgeable about the field, “you know, the kind of songs people talk about online that make you tap your feet.”

“Oh, I know what you like now.” Tian Ai connected her phone via Bluetooth and played his favourite type of music, asking, “Is it this kind?” Xue Youka said yes, that’s the one.


The car stopped at a red light, and Tian Ai glanced at him through her sunglasses.

This junior had a face that could debut as an idol. His pink hair had faded slightly, revealing a platinum blond colour, with even some black roots showing. Despite this, it didn’t affect his outstanding looks.

“I am very curious, what does your natural black hair look like?”

“When my black hair grows out, I’ll cut off the bleached parts. Um, it should be visible in a couple of months.”

“Don’t you have any photos on your phone?”

“No, I didn’t take many photos. it was just two months ago that I went to a comic show for the first time to cos…”

He got along quite well with Senior Tian Ai, not sure if it was because of her high emotional intelligence. During the over-an-hour car ride, they chatted the whole time, and she didn’t let the conversation die down even once.

Tian Ai’s photography studio was actually a small courtyard, with a Japanese-style garden of about seventy to eighty square metres. Indoors, there were several studios, one for Chinese photography, one for Japanese-style, another for vintage, cyberpunk style, and even one specifically for underwater photography.

Business was usually good here, and today was no exception.

Tian Ai said, “I hardly ever come here except for creative shoots. I’ve hired someone to take care of it for me.” She showed Xue Youka photos from several different styles of studios. “Which one do you like?”

“I like this one.”

“This one is also nice…”


“What to do, senior sister, I can’t choose.”

Tian Ai cursed in her heart.

How could he be so cute?

She was suspecting more and more that this boy is gay.

“Then you should shoot in a yukata3A yukata (浴衣) is a traditional Japanese garment, also known as a casual summer kimono and is a popular garment for Japanese people to wear during summer festivals, fireworks displays, and other outdoor events.. Generally, guys can’t pull off the aura of a yukata, but I think you can. Of course, it would be even better if you had black hair, but I will fix it for you later and you are good to go.”

This kind of Japanese yukata, similar to a dress, had a different kind of charm when worn by men, especially with a bit of leg peeking out from under the hem, like this kind of fresh meat wearing it, Tian Ai knew it would be incredibly attractive.

It was Xue Yuka’s first time wearing such clothing. He changed into the clothes provided by the studio assistant in the dressing room, then stepped out in wooden clogs. As soon as he appeared, everyone at the front desk of the studio, including the photographers and models who came to rent the studio, turned to look at him.

The yukata Tian Ai chose was, at first glance, a very ordinary and even somewhat old-fashioned style. It had a navy blue base with white tie-dye vertical stripes resembling denim fabric. The collar was conservative, revealing only a hint of the milky-white collarbones, and the hem of the skirt showed just a small portion of the ankles.

Tian Ai could barely control her drooling over the beauty. Everyone loves beauty, and she was no exception. It’s just that the junior’s personality was too good, his romantic history was clean, and when he smiled, his eyes sparkled, making her hesitate to make a move.

“Do you want to shoot outdoors or indoors first?”


The assistant handed him a fan to use as a prop.

Under the sunlight, Xue Youka’s pink hair completely turned into platinum blonde, and under the lens, he gave the illusion of being on the verge of burning into bubbles4泡沫 means foam or bubbles, System does not really like how it turns out, suggestions are welcome, leaving Tian Ai in awe of his photogenic quality.

Finding such a model without spending money was really worth it.

“We took over a thousand shots. I’ll send you the original files tonight, so you can choose for yourself. If you like any, just pick them out and send them to me. You can simply adjust the colour tones using LR.”

Looking at the photos from the DSLR, this series was really well-done. Tian Ai’s Japanese-style courtyard was beautifully designed; if one didn’t know, they might actually think it was in Japan.

“Thank you, senior. Can I post this photo myself?”

“On your Moments? Of course.”

“On Weibo… Can I post it?” He asked cautiously.

“It’s your photo, so feel free,” Tian Ai said with a smile. “What’s your Weibo handle? I’ll follow you.”

Perhaps because she had captured some photos to her satisfaction, Tian Ai was injected with chicken blood. After Xue Youka sent her the photos, she stayed up all night editing four or five of them. The next day, she edited a few more, making a nine-image post. “Some of the original shots are also good. I’ll adjust the colours for you later.”

“Thank you, senior sister!! Thank you!!!” Xue Youka sent her a spinning emoji.

“No problem. I had a lot of fun taking these photos myself.”

Xue Youka sent the photos to Sun Wenhao. “Mouse, how are these few pictures?”


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