Baby’s Breath

Chapter 8: Angry Rhino

Title: Baby’s Breath

Translator: System Yaoi


Chapter 8 Angry Rhino



In the night, Cheng Yu’s eyes looked as bright as a star.


After a while, Xue Youka arrived home and found two flashlights and gave them to Cheng Yu and Wei Bo: “I tried them, and they are all good.”

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It is not good to always eat other people’s food, even though he is young, he understood the principle of courtesy.


He ran fast, panting when he arrived at Cheng Yu’s house with his face flushed, and a clear light flashed in his eyes. Xue Youka handed the lychees to Wei Bo: “Uncle, this is grown by my family, this is not grown with pesticides, they are delicious.”


Wei Bo thought this child was too sensible, and smiled cheerfully while saying, “You brought us so many lychees! I am afraid we will not be able to finish them at all. No need for bringing gifts next time”


“They aren’t a lot, compared to how many packets of snacks I did have in your house!”


Wei Bo was going to bring him a canned drink, but after thinking about it, he changed it to milk.


It was not good for children to drink too many carbonated drinks, they had to drink some nutritious ones too.



Xue Youka showed a bitter face.


He did not like to drink milk, because He Xiaoyou ordered milk for him. He drank it every morning when he was in school, and he almost vomited.


Going upstairs with milk, Xue Youka’s first reaction was to ask for his MP3 player.


“No, it isn’t finished downloading yet.” Cheng Yu did not seem to have gone out that day, he was still wearing his pajamas, “Last night, I did not shut the computer to help you download the next song, the USB cable burned out, just got this new cable for you.”

“Don’t you just have to download them for many hours?”


“The download is faster after changing the USB cable,” Cheng Yu glanced at the speed, “but relatively it’s still slow. There should be some problems with your MP3 player’s reading and coding system. You should just buy a new one.”


“I won’t buy another.”



His MP3 player was bought at the entrance of the school for 70 yuan. Although it was cheap, he has been using it for a year. Xue Youka loved it very much.


Cheng Yu did not say anything, and pushed the fruit plate with mulberries over.


When Xue Youka saw the mulberries, he didn’t think about the mulberry garden that day, and instead asked him: “Brother, can your computer play Q-Q1originally written as Q-Q in raws Speed?”

“I don’t know, I haven’t played it.”


Xue Youka had only ever played in the Internet cafe and the school’s computer room. Even after playing games, if you were to say he is addicted, he is not. He just finds them novel, and he rarely plays computer games. Even Q-Q Speed can be played all afternoon by him.


Cheng Yu asked him if he only listened to anime songs, and Xue Youka replied: “Yeah, my friends listen to them a little bit as well.”



“Do you listen to rock music?”

“You have it in your playlist.” Cheng Yu had spotted an anime song in his playlist that was sung by the band called Flow.

This kind of visual kei was very different from the British rock that was played by Cheng Yu. How does Xue Youka know what kind of music it is? Anyway, it is the theme song of an anime. It sounds passionate, burning, and Japanese, and so he likes it.


Cheng Yu searched for a song by Oasis and showed him: “What about this?”


“English song?” Xue Youka nodded while eating mulberry, “It sounds good, is this also rock?”


“Yeah.” Cheng Yu turned on the computer for the girl to play with, and with enthusiasm Xue Youka announced “Let’s watch anime.”


Xue Youka eagerly gave him the name of his favorite anime, but it was a pity that Cheng Yu was lacking in interest. Seeing that Cheng Yu didn’t like it, he decided to watch on his own.


4:30 in the afternoon is the hottest moment of a sunny day, and the cicadas in midsummer are noisy. Xue Youka watched the anime laying on her stomach, with her chin resting on the table, and the golden sun streaming in from the window, making her hair soft and soft, making people want to stretch out her hand and rub it.


Cheng Yu suddenly found that she seemed to be asleep.


He stared at Xue Youka who was sleeping with her head on her arms, and it took a few minutes to confirm that she was really asleep.


You can still sleep when the sun is so big.


The sun at 4:30 made his eyelashes burn distinctly. Cheng Yu didn’t need to get close to see the fine and lovely fluff on her face. The wind from the air conditioner raised her black hair. The unobedient one strand fell in front of her eyes. Cheng Yu rarely observed others in this way.


He remembered the baby scent that he smelled on the child that day. The scent was so special that he kept remembering it. When he got a little closer, Cheng Yu lowered his head, but the baby-like scent disappeared, and what exuded from her hair was fresh apple fragrance.

Cheng Yu only took in the girl’s scent for this long before he retreated further away. It was weird to whiff at others like this.


Half of the curtains were closed, the temperature of the air conditioner was raised, and Cheng Yu turned off the anime that was still playing.


He moved the computer away, glanced at the download list, and noticed that all the song tracks were downloaded.


Cheng Yu thought for a while, opened his USB flash drive and found an Mp4 file named “Bright Star” in it.


This was the first song he wrote himself. The lead singer and players were all other members of his band. The lead singer of the band was only 16 or 17 years old. A high school student, when he saw the lyrics Cheng Yu wrote, he was shocked and called him a genius.


But this work is nothing more than a poem he adapted from Keats.

So far, no one has heard the song after the demo was recorded. Since Xue Mimi can appreciate Oasis’ songs, she should also be able to appreciate this song by the Angry Rhino’s, maybe she can also wash her tastes of music too.

Cheng Yu moved the mouse carefully and dragged the song “Bright Star” into his MP3.


It showed insufficient memory.

Because it was recorded by myself, the format is relatively large.


Cheng Yu casually deleted a few downloaded anime songs to make room and put “Bright Star” in it.


He unplugged the USB cable, and the MP3 battery was fully charged.


Cheng Yu went downstairs while Xue Youka was still asleep. He did not sleep comfortably. He felt almost as if he was back at lunch break in school. It was as if he was pressed by a ghost once and was sweaty when he was awake. Sitting back on a chair, he collapsed.


“Had a nightmare?” Cheng Yu leaned against the door.


“Um…” He rubbed his eyes.


“What did you dream about?”


“Ocean.” In the dream he and his father were on a boat in the North Sea. When he woke up, he was the only one left on the boat. It was a dream in a dream.


Cheng Yu raised his eyebrows and threw the MP3 to him: “It’s done.”


Xue Youka quickly opened it and saw that there were more than 90 songs. He smiled and thanked Cheng Yu.


Cheng Yu didn’t speak, only the corners of his mouth raised slightly.


“By the way, brother, can you buy bus tickets on your computer?”


“I don’t know,” Cheng Yu turned on the computer, “Where are you going?”


“Going to Qingzhou,” he rubbed his eyes, “My mother’s birthday is just half a month away. For her birthday, I want to buy her a present.”


“Planning to go alone?” Cheng Yu turned to look at him.


There was still sweat on the child’s face, the red mark after waking up, and the look of sleepy eyes looked very cute.


“Of course I will go alone, or if I ask Hu Pi, he might go with me.”


“Hu Pi?”


“My good buddy.” 

The term “good buddy” caught Cheng Yu off-guard: “We are going to Qingzhou this weekend to see an exhibition, you can follow us.”


Xue Youka blinked at this.


Cheng Yu said that he would go to Qingzhou this weekend, which solved his problem.


Before going to bed at night, Xue Youka turned on his MP3 and listened to music in the room with the lights turned off. The breeze moved the curtains. He scratched the mosquito bag on his leg under the covers. There was no florida water on his hand, so he took a little bit of his saliva to wipe at his bitten skin.


When he turned over, he accidentally touched the MP3 and clicked on the next song. Xue Youka heard a long prelude.


It was not an anime song that he was familiar with, but an English song that was illegible for him.


After listening to it, he felt something was wrong. Xue Youka picked his MP3 player up and took a look. The rolling subtitles read: “Bright Star” by Angry Rhino.


…Angry Rhino?


This…so non-mainstream.


This is so ugly, my sleep flew away. Deleted.


The author has something to say:

Cheng Yu: Your father is angry

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