Baby’s Breath

Chapter 7.2: Cheng Yu likes to play with him (2)

Title: Baby’s Breath

Translator: System Yaoi


Chapter 7 Cheng Yu likes to play with him

“You ran out from home so late at night, would you not make everyone worry about you at home.”


“I told my grandma that I am going to watch anime at Hu Pi’s house later.”

Cheng Yu did not know who this Hu Pi Xue Youka was talking about, and did not ask about it either, he instead got up and brought back a few packs of snacks for Xue Youka.

“Thank you brother!” Xue Youka beamed with joy, showing his little tiger teeth.

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But the development of Cheng Yu’s character was not his sole fault. It was his family who treated him too carefully, careful to the extent that treating him as if he was a fragile porcelain, everything was kept arranged for him. For a long period of time, he was not allowed to contact his peers, thus Cheng Yu did not know how to make friends. The first time he made friends, they were a few older teenagers from the Angry Rhino Band.


“They can come and be together easily.” Wei Bo said, “The little girl is sensible and beautiful, and even I like her.”

Chu Jin then replied, “Cheng Yu likes to play with her, which is a good thing.”

Upstairs, when Cheng Yu was reading his book, he kept being distracted to look at the computer screen.

What he saw the youngster was to see him playing the popular kid game on the webpage.

Although Xue Youka was eating snacks, he paid special attention not to get the scraps on other people’s computers, and the hand that touched the mouse did not touch the snacks. After playing the game for a while, he opened the download list to take a look at the progress. After more than an hour, only five songs were downloaded.

Wei Bo went upstairs at nine o’clock to check up on them: “Child, do you want to make a phone call with your parents?”

Xue Youka only then noticed the time and it was time for him to go home.

Cheng Yu put down the book and went to watch the downloading progress. Xue Youka touched the heated MP3 player and said, “I have downloaded 20 songs, but I haven’t finished transferring them yet.”

Cheng Yu said, “Let it be here, you can get it tomorrow.”

Uncle Wei then said: “Are we not going into the city tomorrow, what time do we leave?” Xue Youka said very politely: “Uncle, are you going to go out tomorrow? Then I will pick it up the day after tomorrow, and wait until you are free and are not busy. I’ll come again.”

“I won’t be going out tomorrow.” Cheng Yu said directly, “You come here at half past two in the afternoon.”

Wei Bo gave him a slightly surprised look.


Wei Bo found a flashlight and said that he wanted to send Xue Youka home: “Let’s go, just for a walk.”

Cheng Yu’s grandpa was a little worried that Wei Bo was unfamiliar with the roads here and could not find home when he came back, so he called Cheng Yu to accompany Wei Bo.

The night in the countryside was not like that in the city. There were no street lights, only a crescent moon hanging on the dark blue sky, and a few stars. The moonlight was also too dim to illuminate the road ahead. Wei Bo walked once that day. Although the path was narrow, he barely remembered it. He walked in front with a flashlight, and asked Xue Youka from time to time: “Are you going here?”

They kept walking to the other side of the river, that is, to cross a small bridge. With their walking speed, it was about twenty minutes of travel for them.

Just after crossing the river, the flashlight in Wei Bo’s hand shook for a few times, and the halo suddenly became dimmed, and the moonlight like a tulle penetrated the trees. In such a deep night, there was only a faint light that was almost invisible.

“Hey? It is broken.” Wei Bo patted the flashlight a few times. “This torch is not commonly used. It is probably because the battery is dead.”

After a few heavy pats, the halo brightened for a few minutes. After another two minutes of walking, the flashlight once again went out.

No matter how you tap it this time, it won’t work.

Fortunately, there were people along the way, and you could vaguely see a little road, but walking in the dark, and when no one spoke, Xue Youka was getting more and more scared.

He whispered: “There is a graveyard over there…”

Xue Youka would not be afraid to pass by here during the day, but it was dark and the pine trees at the head of the grave were swaying with the wind, and the rustling with the additional sounds of the river flowing, there was an indescribable weird feeling. Coupled with the Mid-year Festival in the past few years, Hu Pi and he tried their guts around here, but then Hu Pi ran away, leaving him alone in an upside-down basket, hiding and sleeping all night. So at night when he passed by such a place, he would rush past tremblingly.

Cheng Yu did not hear him clearly: “What?”


“Yes – a grave.”

“Shit?” Cheng Yu covered his nose.


Cheng Yu understood: “Don’t be afraid.”

Xue Youka nodded, but could not help but grab the corner of his clothes.

Cheng Yu felt the pull on his clothes, did not remove his hand, but instead turned his head and said to him in an inaudible voice, “Xue Mimi, follow me.”

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