Baby’s Breath

Chapter 7.1: Cheng Yu likes to play with him (1)

Title: Baby’s Breath

Translator: System Yaoi


Chapter 7 Cheng Yu likes to play with him

This rare smile was fleeting, and soon Cheng Yu returned to his usual sotic appearance. He shortly replied: “Yeah.”


Xue Youka also had a classmate in his school, who was very introverted and did not like to care about people. He had not said a word for years, and Xue Youka heard that the child actually had autism.

Xue Youka chewed on the crispy noodles, his amber eyes rolled and turned round and round: “Brother, are you autistic?”

If it were the usual, Cheng Yu would have been annoyed.

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Soon, Xue Youka’s grandma called downstairs: “Mimi, it is time to go home!”


“Okay!” He looked at the snacks kept on the table reluctantly.

“You can take it back if you want to eat.”

“No, grandma will scold me…” Xue Youka’s face was not so thick, he stood up and said sweetly, “Thank you brother.”

Cheng Yu took a chocolate from the table and gave it to him : “Hold it, your grandma will not be able to tell.”

Xue Youka was a little embarrassed, and struggled for a full second between choosing and not choosing.

“…Thank you.”

“No need for thanks.”

“Mimi! Come down soon.” Grandma called from downstairs once again.

“Coming grandma!”

“Your name is Mimi?” Cheng Yu asked suddenly.

“It is just a nickname.” As Xue Youka accepted other people’s chocolates, drank other people’s drinks, and ate other people’s crispy noodles, he showed a big smile, his eyes curled happily, and his voice was slightly buttery, “Thank you, brother, I will be leaving now. Goodbye, brother.”

Cheng Yu said calmly: “Goodbye.” 


If Xue Youka paid a little attention to the slightly older male, he would find that there was unexpectedly a hint of a smile in his eyes.

Xue Youka soon returned with his grandmother from Cheng Yu’s house. Then, his friend Hu Pi told him to go and play with him. The two of them sat together to watch the new anime Hu Pi rented from the disc store this morning.

Xue Youka generously divided the chocolate equally for his good friend.

“Did your grandma buy you this expensive chocolate?” 

“Is this expensive?” Xue Youka did not recognize the English brand on this chocolate.

“Of course it is expensive. I saw it in the supermarket entrance area. It is twenty yuan a piece!” 

Hu Pi had not expected Xue Youka to divide the costly chocolate in half for him.

Hearing what he said, Xue Youka was reluctant to eat, and silently put away the remaining half: “I did not buy this. I made a new friend, a big brother, who is very nice.”

“Here you have a friend who buys such expensive snacks?” asked Hu Pi red with envy.

“He still has a lot in his house… I think he does not like to eat them, so he gave it to me. By the way, Hu Pi, is your father going to Qingzhou soon?”

Hu Pi’s father was a truck driver.

“My dad stopped running that route recently, why?”


“Forget it… I originally wanted to go to Qingzhou with Uncle Pi’s car.” Xue Youka explained melancholy, “My mom will go down there for Zhou’s birthday, I want to buy her a pair of sheepskin shoes.”

Hu Pi did not care: “Just go to the street and buy a pair? Why do you have to go to the city.”

“It is different.” He just wanted to go to the store.

The next day, He Xiaoyou took off a shift, specially came to see his son, and supervised him to do a day of homework. After dinner and waiting for He Xiaoyou to go to the hospital to work overtime, Xue Youka found a chance to run out. He put on his MP3 and earphones and ran wildly under the sunset, but within ten minutes, he crossed the bridge and ran to Uncle Chu’s house.

Wei Bo opened the door and was surprised: 

“My child, why come here at this time?” 

“I – I came to borrow my brother’s computer and download some songs. I told him about this yesterday.”

“Quickly come in and sit down.” He then got him a drink from the refrigerator, and then heard Xue Youka ask: 

“Where is that brother?” 

“Which one?” Wei Bo asked.

“The one who likes to laugh.”

“He went home yesterday.” 


He really went home! Xue Youka thought that the brother who did not like to laugh spoke too much, saying things that made people go crazy.

Wei Bo questioned, “There are so many mosquitoes outside, did you get any mosquito bite?”

“I sprayed some strong Florida1Used in place of mosquito repellentFlorida Water Water.” Xue Youka curiously leaned closer to observe their emerald green moon-wheel parrot: “What is his name? What is he doing? Why is he no longer sneezing?”

“He is called Guan Guan. He sneezes when he is in the mood. If he is in a bad mood, he will ignore people.” 

“Then will he say anything else?”

“Now he only sneezes. I will not be able to teach him other things.”

Xue Youka kept questioning the parrot. Cheng Yu stood in the middle of the stairs with no lights on and shouted, “Hey.”

“Huh?” Xue Youka looked up at him, only to see a slender silhouette, Cheng Yu’s shadow was shrouded in darkness.

“I’m not going to sing for you.” Cheng Yu just started to change his tune, his voice was very low when he spoke, “Come up.” 

When his voice fell, Cheng Yu returned upstairs.

Xue Youka let out an “Oh” and followed him up.

Cheng Yu turned on his computer and stretched out his hand: “Give me the MP3.”

Xue Youka took out his MP3 and USB cable and held it out towards him, Cheng Yu plugged in the computer and asked him: “What do you want to download?”

“The theme song of ‘Slam Dunk’, ‘One Piece’ theme song of the current episode, “Detective Conan” theme, and…”

He listed a series of animated cartoon’s names.

Cheng Yu was the type who liked rock music and was not really into this kind of music, but he still found the mentioned songs and downloaded them one by one. Xue Youka sat beside him while drinking water, and the two did not speak all this time. After a while, Cheng Yu saw that the download speed was very high. However, he saw that the downloaded song did not transfer even after ten minutes, and asked him: “Is there something wrong with your USB cable?”

“No? When I used it before, it was good.”

Cheng Yu: “Have you dropped the MP3 before?”

“It has not fallen…” He touched the MP3 shell before tearing the film, and muttered, “Maybe it was a cake that fell, but I have always protected the MP3 very well.”

Cheng Yu said nothing, he used the mouse expertly, scanning the download list, and there were at least hundreds of songs on the screen, all of which Xue Youka wanted.

A sound effect came from the computer speaker, indicating that a song had been downloaded.

“One song is going to take fifteen minutes for it to download.” Cheng Yu pointed to the list waiting to be downloaded, “It is going to be a while.”

“It’s okay.” Xue Youka was lying on his desk, looking like a good little child, “Brother, you play with your computer, I can just wait here and will never disturb you.”

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