Baby’s Breath

Chapter 5.1: Brother is handsome (1)

Title: Baby’s Breath

Translator: System Yaoi


Chapter 5 Brother is handsome

Xue Youka got away after a long struggle and ran to look for Hu Pi, however what he heard was the sound of Hu Pi being beaten from a distance, in front of his house.


It was Hu Pi’s mother who was disciplining him: “Did you not learn what is good and what is not! As an educated person, how could you steal! Your second master’s mulberry yard grows only so much, and you picked them all off!”

Hu Pi twisted around his limbs: “It was not me! I didn’t do anything! I did not want to steal, it was Xue Youka who told me to go. It was him, he, ah…”

“He didn’t learn well! So you will follow his example as well!”

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For this reason, the Cheng family regarded Cheng Yu as a darling, and the whole family loved him very much.  


Even for academic studies, teachers were invited to come and teach him at home, and they rarely came into contact with outsiders.

Many children who have had heart disease would become weaker when they grew up. In order to keep Cheng Yu healthy, a professional trainer made a fitness plan for him. He arranged regular fencing and equestrian lessons every week, and a nutritionist would help him to formulate a recipe customised especially for Cheng Yu. A doctor would also come for him for a physical examination every few days.

This kind of armour made Cheng Yu look very healthy, and there seemed to be no problem with his regular physical examinations. He was even taller and stronger than Cheng Ziwei, who was two months older than him. But the isolation in his childhood from normal life also caused the child to be withdrawn from everything.

His family realized this problem and sent him to school.

But with a personality like Cheng Yu’s, he didn’t make any good friends at school. He was indifferent to everyone, and was not very interested in learning. Not knowing where to start, without any kind of opportunity, Cheng Yu then proposed to learn drums.  

His parents were obedient towards him and agreed to every request of his. Of course, they would not disagree with this kind of small request in the first place. They didn’t understand this kind of instrument properly, so they invited a professional teacher to teach him and built a music room for him to practice his drumming. 

Not long after, his family heard that Cheng Yu had joined a band. The members of the band were boys three or four years older than him. It was said that because they couldn’t find a good drummer, they took a kid in as a drummer.  

He had a hobby, and he thought it was a good thing, until he heard that the band they formed was called “A “Angry Rhinoceros”, or “Angry Rhinos” for short, and even Cheng Yu gave himself a stage name called “Turbo”1originally written in English.. I think this hobby is too nondescript.   

But Cheng Yu insisted on being a drummer, and his family always spoiled him, so they had to let him play music in such a shameful way. Several years passed, until not long ago, when their house servant was cleaning, he found Cheng Yu fainted in the soundproof music room.  

The reason turned out to be that the rhythm of playing drums was too fast when playing the drums, which led to a fast heartbeat.  

The doctor said: “Although there is nothing wrong with the heart, it still needs to be observed. You should put a stop on this instrument first, and don’t play it for now.”  

Only then did his family know that the drum set was actually an emotional instrument. Thus Cheng Yu liked to play it. It was not to enjoy music, but to release his emotions that had nowhere to vent.  


He was ordered not to touch the drums and was forced to withdraw from the “Angry Rhinos.” It coincided that his grandfather Cheng came back from abroad when he heard about this, and made a call from Qingzhou to Macau. The Cheng family sent a yacht to carry Cheng Yu across the Qiongzhou Strait from Macau to Qingzhou Wharf. Then Wei Bo drove him to Shanling County.  

Cheng Yu played around with drum sticks in his room, two drum sticks were spinning around in his hands. When he was bored, he liked to play like this, either spinning the drum sticks or playing Pen Beat. The curtains were opened, and there was the sound of gurgling water outside the window, the lush summer scene could be seen.  

After living in the hills for so long, Cheng Yu actually liked this quiet nature, surrounded by rich inspiration.  

Grandpa Cheng suddenly knocked on the door.  

“Cheng Yu.” His grandpa came in with a pot of tea, “Come and smell this, is this tea fragrant?”  

He opened the lid of the pot and fanned it gently. Cheng Yu smelled the scent of tea.  

“Fragrant.” How could he know what good tea was.  

“Then go pick tea with grandpa later? This tea was given by the owner of the lychee yard that day.”  

Cheng Yu raised his eyebrows when he heard the words “lychee yard”.

His grandfather continued: “He gave me a bag to try, and just called to ask, the tea was grown by a neighbour of his family, and said that there is a tea garden on the mountainside.” He said, blinking, “Ziwei is still sleeping, so let’s go and don’t call him.”


After lunch, Xue Youka slept in the tree house alone.


He just removed the stitches yesterday, and he dared to climb the tree house today. The tree house was made by his grandfather himself when he was very young. It is about one meter three in height and less than one meter in depth. The door hung with curtains to prevent mosquitoes from entering and harassing him. It was a little small for him now, but he can just crawl in with his waist, so lying down was not a problem.  

Xue Youka hugged two sofa pillows, curled up slightly, and while sleeping in a daze, he heard someone knock on the door outside: “Is anyone there?”  

He half-opened his eyes and looked through the gap between the trunks of the tree house. The sifting sunlight fell on his eyelids.

The person at the door knocked again: “Boss, we are here to buy tea.”  

Xue Youka woke up, went down the ladder, and opened the big iron door.  

He yawned and rubbed his eyes: “Are you here to buy tea?”  

“Little friend, is your house selling tea? I saw a sign on the side of the road that said tea, Xue family, is it yours?” Grandpa listened to his familiar voice and looked at his face carefully.  

“Yes, our house sells tea.” Xue Youka’s eyes were still squinted, and his hair was loose and unkempt. He opened the door to let the guests in. “What kind of tea? How many catties?”  

Cheng Yu’s eyes fell on him too.  

Grandpa Cheng recognized him: “It’s you, kid.”  


Xue Youka took a closer look. At first, he hadn’t recognized the old man. Then he saw the boy next to him, and he suddenly realized.  


“Good uncle.”  

This uncle was a good man. He praised him that night, but this brother was not.  

Xue Youka always remembered that he asked himself for money that night, and that he closed the door unceremoniously the night he went to return the money, and then recalled that he also wanted to report his stealing in the mulberry garden.  

“I didn’t expect this tea garden to be opened by your house. It is a coincidence.” Grandpa Cheng had a very good impression of him, and his tone became softer. “What kind of tea do you have in your house? Can we pick tea ourselves in the tea garden?”

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