Baby’s Breath

Chapter 1.1: Being a man was really tough (1)

Title: Baby’s Breath

Translator: System Yaoi

TLC: Little Potato aka My Wifey


Chapter 1 Being a man was really tough


Xue Youka cried loudly in the operating room, tears streaming down his face like pearls from a broken string.

The strong light of the operating room was blinding.

The male doctor and female nurse who performed the operation on him were very gentle: “Little child, don’t cry, it will only hurt for a second, and then it will be perfectly fine after the cut. You look good here, and it will be good and easy to use in the future…”

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He couldn’t keep on his pants, so he clutched his hands over them and went to the obstetrics floor. During which the pants kept rubbing to the wound again and again, and it felt so painful that his tears never stopped. With teary eyes, he asked the receptionist sister where his mother had gone.


“Hey, is it Xiao Youka?” The young nurse who just graduated from the medical school stood up, squinted her eyes and smiled, “Your mother had a temporary operation, and she has to work overtime…Oh, did you just have your down there cut?”

 Xue Youka’s face started to burn.

“Is it particularly painful? Sit down and rest. Don’t stand like this.”

“…It doesn’t hurt!” He stubbornly shook his head, turned around and ran, his steps were too far apart and pulling the paper cup on his cut, he felt so painful that he almost died on the spot –

Ten minutes later, Xue Youka changed into the dress, feeling depressed and sat outside the operation room on an empty bench. While waiting for his mom to come out, he dared not close his legs, and separated his two calves. He hung his head listlessly, staring at his dirty canvas shoes, for fear that people who came and went would see him.

The experience of wearing a dress was different from what he had imagined. His two legs were chilly, but it also felt very breezy. With his down there exposed, he felt a little uneasy, using his hands to cover his dress.

This dress was from his cousin Fang Liqing.

After arranging an appointment for him to undergo surgery as soon as he was on vacation. He Xiaoyou went to his cousin to borrow two of her discarded dresses, and even said to him: “In the past, your cousin, Zheng Siqi, and all the others, also did this surgery. After this operation, they also wore a dress so there’s nothing embarrassing about it. If you don’t believe me, ask them if they did the same or not.”

Xue Youka didn’t believe it, and was very resistant, and didn’t want to have the operation. In the end, he was coaxed into doing it. Because his mother said it didn’t hurt, and his father said if he did it, he would be called a man, and so he went obediently.

Who knew that it hurt like this, when the needle pierced down, he felt that the pain was frightening.

“Oh, isn’t this Xiao Ka? Hahaha, you’re dressed so beautifully!”

“Did you just have an operation in the andrology department? Hahahaha?”


“Haha, the kid does look pretty in a dress, and looks just like his mother!”

He Xiaoyou was beautiful and was considered as the hospital’s flower. Her son Xue Youka was born with thick eyebrows and big eyes. He had ear-length black hair, eyes like crystal clear amber, white and soft facial features and looked as beautiful as a little girl.

The doctors and nurses passing by all knew him. However the child didn’t seem to recognize them. When he was young, he came to the hospital and waited for his mother every day. He made everyone laugh and was likable to everyone. It was rare to see him cry so much that his eyes had turned red.

In the end he was just a kid, and with adults passing by and seeing him in a dress it would be inevitable for them to make a joke or two.

But Xue Youka felt that his self-esteem had been stepped on and was dragged to the bottom. The more he listened, the more he could not lift his head, and the more he continued to listen, the more he felt aggrieved. He didn’t want to have the surgery, it was his parents who had lied and coaxed him into this.

He was already this old, but he had never been this embarrassed. Xue Youka’s young mind received an unusual blow. The lights in the hospital corridor were flashing. The smell of disinfectant that had been used to smell faintly in the past became pungent, the anaesthetics gradually ran its course, and the affected area became more and more painful, spreading towards his limbs and brain. Every adult who knew him would be amused by him.

Even before his mother completed the operation, Xue Youka couldn’t stand it anymore and ran away.

The hospital was crowded. He took the elevator to go downstairs and no one seemed to notice when he ran out.

His family lived quite far away from the hospital. When he was in elementary school, his grandfather sold a few trees to buy a residential building for the sake of his studies. They were a family of three, living in a house consisting of two bedrooms and one living room.

His cousin’s house was not far away from theirs. He Xiaoyou and Xue Youka’s father were almost always busy at work, and they didn’t have time to send him or pick him up from school, always arriving late. So when he was studying, his aunt drove to pick up his cousin and also picked him up on the way, Xue Youka often ate dinner at his cousin’s house, and sometimes stayed there overnight.

However, the eleven-year-old Xue Youka was quite sensible. He knew how to travel by bus, and he was already a lot taller as compared to other kids, so he could no longer behave in a cheeky manner and travel for free of charge.

He walked slowly to the bus stop, and touched the glitter on his cousin’s dress. The dress was white and there were small blue flowers on it, but it had no pockets.


He had no money nor a card.

He looked back, and saw that the hospital was already far, far away. Xue Youka flattened his lipst and his eyes were dripping with tears. It was so hard for him to come here like this. It turned out that being a man was really tough. He sat on an empty seat at the bus stop with his arms crossed and kicked angrily towards the street bench, but his facial features still wrinkled in pain and it hurt him to the point that his tears started to roll down again.


Qingzhou was an affiliated county of Guizhou, Shanling County was located in the northeast of Qingzhou, with beautiful mountains and clear waters, and was the hometown of his grandma.

“Cheng Yu, look, this hospital was founded by your great-grandfather.”

The sun headed through the old county. Uncle Wei drove very slowly. He explained everything about the old county in detail to the eldest young master who came to Shanling County for the first time. “There is also this river, called Linghe. This county town is named after this river, and it flows southward into the sea. You see these lychee sellers on both sides? The hillside is rich in lychee, and many fruit farmers make a living by selling them. Shanling is rich in lychee produce so many people make a living here as fruit farmers. Your maternal grandfather’s residence also has a lychee grove”

The car drove slowly across the bridge, and Uncle Wei was accustomed to seeing him not talking. Since birth, the young man had followed after his mother, and was a little cold and withdrawn. His appearance was a mixture of all the advantages of his parents, his appearance was still immature but with his sword-like eyebrows and a face as bright as a star, he was still considered quite handsome. He was less than fifteen years old, but he lived his life in a very serious manner, like a little adult. On the way, Uncle Wei rarely saw him smile so at this moment, he said: “Xiao Yu, have you seen the ducks in the river?” Those who live here eat the wild fishes present here. In the past few years, people here loved to catch ducks in the river, but now they pay attention to ecological protection, and the government does not allow them to catch…”

Uncle Wei talked about the anecdote of the town, and Cheng Yu looked quietly out of the car window with his hand under his chin.

The side they were driving by was next to the river, which was much quieter than the old county town. His grandfather’s house was built on the upper reaches of the river. The undeveloped county town was old and primitive, with the aroma of nature evident in every plant, every tree, every brick and every tile.

The scenery passed by him slowly. When Uncle Wei saw him still so silent, he suddenly found a fruit seller who was setting up a stall under the sun on the roadside and said: “I will get off the car and buy you some fresh lychees to try.

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