After The Sweet Ending

Chapter 8: Buried all the way in (H)

Xu Wei spread her legs apart, and knelt over Yu Shizhou’s toned body. She held his head, and his long neck was slightly raised. Yu Shizhou’s muscles tensed up as he pinched her small waist, pressing it down and pushing his cr*tch up at the same time.

His thick c*ck was visibly glistening and veiny, and he was quickly thrusting it in and out of Xu Wei’s p*ssy, wetting the area where they met. He wrapped one hand around her waist and rubbed her shoulders from behind.

Gently taking the tips of her slightly red n*pples in his mouth, he sucked and licked them. The little nubs were standing in attention. “Hmmm… ahhh…”

Xu Wei’s eyebrows knitted together in what seemed like pain and pleasure as the two snowy peaks bounced up and down like waves encountering vigorous bumps. Xu Wei’s inner canal was on fire, each stroke of Yu Shizhou hit the deepest part, and it felt piercing. Her knees curled, trying to take the pressure off, but he held her slender waist, forcing her to sit down on his c*ck.

The last few strokes were particularly hard. Yu Shizhou’s thick, meaty c*ck poked straight through the opening of Xu Wei’s womb, it rammed to the glans with each entry. This was the second time they had been  completely intimate, and it was so far into the womb that Xu Wei couldn’t accept it.


She cried out miserably and pitifully, “No, stop, ah… Come out,it hurts…”

If it were any other time, Yu Shizhou had no problem meeting her demands, but now, he couldn’t stop. She cried so pitifully, it was making the urge to f*ck her to death on the bed intensify in his heart.

Yu Shizhou was deaf to Xu Wei’s pleas as the urge to f*ck her to death exploded, and he was panting like a bull, sweating like an ox. Like an electric motor, all he could see was the fast moving giant in between their legs.

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Carefully backing away, Xu Wei felt his p*nis separating from her p*ssy. The latter didn’t want to let go of his stick, the canal tightening around it.


When she successfully separated their organs, his c*ck finally out with only a bit buried inside, Xu Wei looked up expectantly to Yu Shizhou. But to her surprise, Yu Shizhou’s dark eyes connected with hers. He was awake.

Her breath hitched, and she flinched slightly. She was about to move away when he suddenly took her by the waist and thrusts, pushing his c*ck inside. Xu Wei grunted with excitement at the sudden feeling of fullness, her brows furrowed slightly.

Then she felt his r*d inside her slowly hardening, raising its head. When it was soft, it was already a big one and a bit difficult to accommodate, now, it had grown even bigger. Soreness hits her, feeling soft, Xu Wei propped herself up against Yu Shizhou’s chest and bit her lip. “Get it out, I’m tired.”

Her body still couldn’t accept him fully even though it had been two nights and she usually works  out, but her back is so sore that it’s about to break.

Yu Shizhou’s gaze fell on her pale face. Yu Shizhou grabbed her hand, and gently pressed her waist, pushing her to the side. She sighed in relief and lazily lay on the pillow, looking at him sideways.

His black hair fell over his ears, soft hair brushed his forehead and fell on the pillow, and his starry eyes were slightly moist, his cheeks were red, Yu Shizhou had a refreshing appearance but not cold. He  was very eye-catching. Xu Wei suddenly thought that even if Yu Shizhou wasn’t Su Jing’s bamboo horse, she hadn’t lost out by marrying him.

And in bed…ahem… this person is very good. She rubbed her body for a while to relieve soreness and patted his hand, “Okay, I’m going to take a shower. Take it out.”

Because he was still buried inside her, the distance between them was so close that he could see her thick eyelashes when he raised his eyes. His gaze slid over the red marks all over her body, his voice slightly rough, “Does it still hurt?”

“It doesn’t hurt anymore, get up.”

She didn’t really want to move, so she wanted him to exit on his own, but who knew he would lift the covers and pick her up in his arms. Xu Wei climbed onto his body, the two of them naked. Even in her own home, she felt embarrassed. She slumped forward, barely covering her breasts from the view.

“Put me down, I’m going to take a shower. What are you doing?”

“Washing together.”


And then he carried her into the bathroom. This was simply too exciting, although there was no part of her body that he hadn’t kissed, but showering together was still unacceptable. As soon as she was put down, Xu Wei hurriedly turned her back.

When she heard him turn on the shower and the hot water splashed on her body, she shrank a little as his warm body came over her. The fragrance of the shower gel entered her nose and the hot water on her body, Xu Wei was startled, “I’ll wash myself.”

Yu Shizhou’s hands wandered over her body, tingling like electricity, and he gently bit her earlobe, “My fault, I’ll help you.”

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