After The Sweet Ending

Chapter 25: Anger

She finished her  duties for the day, and the office was almost empty. Xu Wei yawned and stretched her back, and took out her mobile phone and was about to send a message to Yu Shizhuo to ask him to pick her up.

Xiao Ma, her officemate, bumped her arm and said with a wink, “Hey, look, your childhood friend was here again.”

She looked out, and saw Wan Lijue’s car parked downstairs. She quickly packed her bag and went down. The front of the office building was empty, and Wan Lijue’s  car was parked in a conspicuous place.

Xu Wei knocked on the window, and he rolled down the glass. Her bright smiling face was very close, her lips pink and her teeth were delicately shaped like shimmering pearls. Wan Lijue just realized how pretty Xu Wei was.

“What are you thinking about? I’m talking to you,” she spoke in a light tone.


Wan Lijue coughed to hide his awkwardness. “Nothing, just get in the car.”

Xu Wei stood straight and looked at him with a condescending smile. “This is the fourth time, you’re not just passing by my office, right?”

This had already happened twice in a row before, he had come to pick her up on purpose but said he was just passing by. Wan Lijue showed her a smile the same as when they were kids. “Why, at least we’re childhood friends, can I invite you to dinner today?”

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Xu Wei was amazed like she had found a new continent. The days of Wan Lijue’s defence of Su Jing had finally come to an end? If this happened before, she would laugh out loud toward the sky.


She had always been optimistic about love, but now, she felt a bit disillusioned. These two had only been married for about two years, but they were already like this?

Xu Wei didn’t feel happy at all. “The one in your family, you don’t need to pay attention to, but the one in my family, I have to take care of.”

As they talked, they entered the clubhouse and the waiter took them into a private room. Wan Lijue pulled a chair for Xu Wei, and asked her to sit down. “When did you need to give an explanation to Yu Shizhou, didn’t you always dislike him?”

Xu Wei put her hand on her chin, the light hit her face, and it was so shiny and white. She hummed, “I do care now, do I? You’ve been urging me to develop feelings with him, what change?”

Wan Lijue couldn’t tell what he felt in his heart, as if something that belonged to him was slowly slipping away, but there was no way to keep it. When he invited Xu Wei to dinner, he wasn’t sure what he had in mind.

It was just that he was mostly happy when he was with Xu Wei, and now that he was angry at Su Jing, it was natural for him to look for Xu Wei to solve his problems. When he finally noticed her, the two of them had already drifted apart.

He said jokingly, “You’re not the Xu Wei I used to know. Where’s the man who stood up for his brother?”

Xu Wei picked up a flower in a bottle and threw it at him. “Your brother has to live his life, too. You advised me before, now I have to advise you properly, think clearly about everything and don’t regret it.”

It was obvious that Wan Lijue and Su Jing had problems. As an observer, she noticed this, but she had no heart to get involved in their affairs.

Wan Liju’s phone lit up and vibrated, he picked  it up from the table and glanced at it. Then he put it down normally. After eating, Wan Lijue sent Xu Weo home, and the journey was silent.

She, on the other hand, was still chattering away, just like before, but something had changed after all.

When she got out of the car, Wan Lijue rolled down the window and, as she turned around, suddenly spoke, “Xu Wei, if I…”


“Hmm? What?” Her eyes were crystal clear and bright. t.

He suddenly smiled. “Nothing, go back. I’m away on a business trip tomorrow, no one will invite you to dinner, don’t miss me.”

The black car parked  quietly under a group of trees, and a red dot was reflected on the windows. It was flickering. He let out a puff and said, “If I get divorced, will you come back?”

There was no way to say these words to her. Xu Wei used to sacrifice a lot for him, and he finally decided who he wanted to be with. How could he bother her again?

It was too late for him, and he missed it.

The light was turned on in the house, and Xu Wei threw her bag on the sofa. She went to the bedroom and no one was around. She called out to Yu Shizhou, and finally, there was a little movement on the windowsill.

The man’s figure stood in the darkness, his face unclear. He was silent, not saying anything. Xu Wei smiled and embraced him from behind. “What are you doing? What’s so nice outside?”

His eyes moved when the black car disappeared from view. Pulling her hand, he moved away from the window. Xu  Wei was confused and leaned on his side as he  read his  book and ignored her.

She poked him in the cheek, laughing. “Yu Shizhou, why are you acting like this? I’m not even angry. What are you mad about?”

She was still a sensitive person, and sometimes, quite willing to coax people. His  thin, white fingertips flicked a page of the book, the lines on the side of his face were chiselled. His mood was  unknown, and his eyelids lowered.

The man was as grumpy as a girl, so Xu Wei just gave him a kiss on the cheek and  went to the bathroom to wash. She came out half an hour later, and he was still in the same position.

She grunted and jerked the book out of his hand, and with watery eyes, “I have limited patience, if you don’t say something, I’ll ignore you.”


He turned his head, gazing at her. There was a fire  in his eyes, and finally, he pursed his lips and said, “You’re back so late.”

“I just went out to dinner with a colleague, it didn’t take much time.” Her eyes flashed.

Liar! Yu Shizhou clenched his hand tightly, his face  was stoic and he was silent, containing a sharpness that burned through the lie. Xu Wei was already not good at lying, and seeing him like this, she dared not say she went out with Wan Lijue even more.

“We just had a meal… don’t be angry.”

Yu Shizhou got up in silence, not saying anything after all.

When she got up the next morning, there was no one beside her, Xu Wei found the little note on the fridge and ate the breakfast he had made. It still felt strange, even if it was the same as usual, and she knew someone was still angry.

After work, Xu Wei didn’t leave a message for him and drove straight to Yu’s house. Mother Yu welcomed her inside, happy as could be, and told father Yu to go shopping.

When she heard the doorbell ring, Xu Wei thought they were back and opened the door. Her expression went stiff. Su Jing nodded to Shizhou, and said, “Thank you for sending me home, I’ll go back first.”

Yu Shizhou nodded and closed the door, Xu Wei walked back to the sofa in silence and sat down. The more he thought about yesterday, the angrier he was with her, the colder he was with her today, so he went to pick up Su Jing and take her home.

She sat alone at one end of the sofa, staring blankly at the television.

As soon as Yu Shizhou entered, he noticed Xu Wei from the door. She didn’t say a word or pay attention to him, her expression was despondent. But she suddenly stood up, took her bag, and opened the door.

Her one foot was out when Yu Shizhou pulled her back. His  brows furrow and asked, “Where are you going?”


“What do you care where I’m going?”

Her eyes were bright and glimmering, they were misty. The more she thought about Yu Shizhou and Su Jing, the angrier she became. Her heart was suffocating, even angrier than when she learned that Wan Lijue and Su Jing were together. At that time, Wan Lijue didn’t like her, and she knew it.

It was clear to her, but today was like a blow to the head. If she didn’t come today, she wouldn’t have seen this scene.

Yu Shizhou thought that when she  deceived him,  he wasn’t even this angry. He just went to pick up Su Jing, and she was not happy already. She wanted to leave.

“If Mom and Dad come back, they’ll worry if they don’t see you.” He stiffened and made excuses.

“No, you have Su Jing. She’s still your childhood friend. Mom and Dad will be happy to see her. Why not invite her? If you married her, you wouldn’t go through all this,” Xu  Wei spoke out of turn.

At that moment, his heart went cold. His face quickly became sad beyond words, and he lowered his head, so that she couldn’t see the tears in his eyes, and said arduously, “You think so?”

Xu Wei was a little chagrined, and she almost bit the tip of her tongue. He was gloomy, and she didn’t know how to respond to him.

The sound of the doorbell broke the tense atmosphere, Father and Mother Yu came inside, smiling when they saw their son inside. Mother Yu took Xu Wei’s hand and said, “I’ve bought some shrimps, I’ll make them for you.”

Yu Shizhou suddenly looked up and pulled Xu Weiwei to the door. “Mom and Dad, I have something to do with Wei wei, so I’ll leave for today and come back when I can.”

The couple left together, and when they came downstairs, they met Su Jing. “Eh, Shizhou, you’re leaving now?”

Yu Shizhou ignored her, pulled Xu Wei into the passenger seat and started the car to leave the neighborhood. Xu Wei was still annoyed by what he had said before without thinking, but seeing his face was gloomy, she didn’t dare to provoke him again.

When he returned home, he shut the door with a bang, which made Xu Wei shudder and say, “Why are you throwing a tantrum at the door, do you want to hit me?”

Yu Shizhou tugged at his tie, his eyes a little red, and gave her a look. He knew he couldn’t let go of her, but she had to say that to make him angry, and he really wanted to shut up that mouth that always upset him.

He wanted to gag that mouth that always made him feel bad, but even if he thought that, he was still in pain. He would go mad if he didn’t vent it out. Somehow, he suddenly kissed her, and Xu Wei froze. They were not fighting?

She resisted, pushing him away with all her might. The more reluctant she acted, the stronger he became.

Yu Shizhou subdued her. The skirt Xu Wei was wearing was easily pushed up to her waist. Then he pulled her neckline, exposing a large amount of white skin.

She was simply furious, being pinned to the sofa and still making her last stand.

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