After The Sweet Ending

Chapter 2: A Large Pyre of Jealousy

Xu Wei had a particularly popular author who had several bestsellers and whose work she first spotted. In order to promote this person, Xu Wei went through a lot of trouble, and she took care of all the publishing matters.

After working half a day today, she went out in the afternoon to discuss publishing matters, and coincidentally, the publisher picked Su Jing’s company. Su Jing and her would meet at a café, it had a low-key and elegant ambiance.

The piano player was playing Beethoven’s G minor, and Xu Wei waited for a while for Su Jing to arrive.

Xu Wei leaned back slightly, her eyes lazy, deliberately making things difficult for her, “Does your company not want to publish my company’s book? I waited forty minutes for you.”

Su Jing lived a quiet life, outsiders always feel lofty and calm when they see her. She was never anxious or slow.


Xu Wei hated her indifferent appearance. Sometimes when Su Jing did something wrong, someone always excuses her blindly. This person, who was not as good as her, was a thorn in her heart for many years.

Su Jing moved elegantly and sat down, saying sorry in a tone that did not sound the least bit apologetic. Xu Wei sneered, “You’re here, but I’m leaving. The time we agreed on has passed.”

Su Jing could be indifferent to everything else, but she couldn’t be sloppy about work. When Xu Wei really wanted to leave, she finally got anxious and pulled Xu Wei, “I know I’m late, but can you reconsider? I was late because I really had an emergency.”

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Wan Lijue swept Su Jing into his arms, very protective, thin lips lightly pursed, “I have always remembered the kindness of the elders of the Xu family, and not finding trouble with you. If you make things difficult for Jing again, don’t blame me for turning my back.”


Xu Wei stared indignantly at Wan Lijue. Her heart felt like a hole had opened, and cold wind poured in, making her body tremble. A pair of strong arms embraced her from behind, and a low voice rang in her ears. “Wan Lijue watch what you say, let the girls sort things out between themselves. Xu Wei has me. No need for you to worry. You’re not the only one who can turn the other way.”

Xu Wei turned around and pushed Yu Shizhou away, and moved out of his embrace. The corners of her eyes reddened.

“I don’t need you to care about what’s between me and him. Who told you to say that?” Xu Wei asked.

Yu Shizhou’s face fell, and in the depths of his eyes, bitterness appeared. But proud as he was, he hid it very deep and would not let anyone see his embarrassment. Su Jing took to heart Yu Shizhou’s silence. As a friend she grew up with, she said to Xu Wei, “A Zhou, at least, is helping you. He is so good, Xu Wei don’t be so unreasonable.”

Wan Lijue was instantly upset, pulling Su Jing backward, “You should stay out of things between the two of them.”

Xu Wei was in no mood to dwell on work matters with Su Jing and turned around to leave, but the latter pulled her back. “I’ve already apologized to you. The reason I was late was because I met an old grandmother who fell along the way.”

Xu Wei was in a bad mood and really didn’t have a good temper, interrupted her, “You go to help with good intentions, but you blamed others why you’re so late for so long it’s almost an hour.”

It was just an assumption; the result was that it embarrassed Su Jing. Xu Wei only thought Su Jing was a simple person. There had been news in the media about touching porcelain.1 Is the practice of crooks placing expensive, fragile items in places where they may easily be knocked over, allowing them to collect damages when the items are damaged.

The fact that Su Jing was fooled fortified that she was really a foolish, unpretentious, and silly beauty.

Xu Wei ignored the three of them and found her own way to Yu Shizhou’s car and sat in it. It took him a while to come in, and she was angry at the sight of his unconcerned face.

She sneered, “How come you didn’t say more when you met her, she was aggrieved, and I bullied her just now.”

He turned around, hiding his anger. His dark eyes were a little dim, and his delicate facial features were really beautiful. Even if he often had a cold face, it had a fatal attraction. At the moment, his eyes were a little depressed. If his fans knew, it would distress them to death.


Xu Wei realized that she had a sense of guilt in her heart. Yu Shizhou’s marriage to her was entirely made up by his family. He had never been in any mood for opposition or joy. If she bumped into Su Jing and Wan Lijue, she always liked to tease Yu Shizhou to vent her anger.

And he was still bullied by her without saying a word. If he married someone he liked, he would be sweet, and there would be no need to be angry with her. Realizing this, Xu Wei was very upset and felt like she needed counseling.

She couldn’t move on because she liked Wan Lijue, and she couldn’t touch Su Jing because Wan Lijue protected her. Yu Shizhou was a silent, cold person in front of outsiders, but unexpectedly good-tempered in front of her, making her more and more unrestrained.

Xu Wei was a little lost in thought, staring at the front of the car until she heard him speak, “What just happened?”

When he went over, he only saw Xu Wei pushing Su Jing, perhaps other people who didn’t know the two would have thought it was Xu Wei bullying Su Jing, but he knew it wasn’t.

She didn’t expect him to ask her, and like Wan Lijue, she thought he would only believe what he saw with his own eyes, and as soon as he arrived, he would accuse her of bullying Su Jing again. Yu Shizhou was Su Jing’s childhood friend, Xu Wei never thought he would ask.

She was not good at explaining. Yu Shizhou asked, and she didn’t know how to answer. Xu Wei froze for a few seconds and spoke while squirming, “It’s a fact that I pushed her. It’s also a fact that I scolded her. What are you asking for? Wan Lijue didn’t even ask.”

Li Jue…

Yu Shizhou pondered Xu Wei’s tone and gently pursed his lips. His handsome eyebrows pressed very low as he whispered, “If you say so, I’ll believe it.”

Xu Wei glanced back at her. It was dark in the early summer, and at this moment, outside, the car was overflowing with light and neon flashes.

The colorful colors did not shine into his black eyes. His cleanness and thoroughness were exciting. In fact, Yu Shizhou looked better than Wan Lijue. One was like the inaccessible moon in the sky, cool and mysterious, the other was the sun in the morning, warm and approachable.

She didn’t understand why Su Jing wanted to steal Wan Lijue from her when such a beautiful bamboo horse2 Childhood sweetheart. was available, but now she understood that there was still a human firework like Wan Lijue, giving people a feeling that they could get it if they work hard.


Yu Shizhou, like this, exuded a kind of atmosphere from the inside out, which could only be seen from afar, but couldn’t be profaned.

It was no wonder that at his school, many girls came to his class every day to get close for a reason, but not many confessed their feelings.

Such a man, however, said in a voice as low and magnetic as a cello, ‘If you say so, I’ll believe you.’ Xu Wei fell silent for a few seconds, then patted her face, coughed lightly, and told the story of why she had clashed with Su Jing.

The car was quiet for a few minutes, Xu Wei couldn’t figure out what Yu Shizhou was thinking. He opened his mouth and said something she was unusually annoyed about, “She’s just confused, you should take it easy.”

He had known Su Jing for more than ten years. That person was easily confused and dumb and often did not know her priorities. He also often cleaned up her mess, but to say that Su Jing had any bad intentions was not possible. Su Jing was almost like his family.

She was angry and her voice rose, “I’ll take it easy, this is a partnership between our two companies. She doesn’t value me and I have to understand, right? Why should I take responsibility for her? She stole someone I’ve liked for years, and I didn’t do anything to her, so should I ask her to take responsibility?”

Yu Shizhou originally meant to tell her not to be angry, Su Jing was that kind of person. But Xu Wei seemed to have not heard his meaning and also said the next words. Yu Shizhou’s heart was punctured again. He stayed silent because of anger and the pain.

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