After Sleeping With Her Childhood Sweetheart

Chapter 73. Aren’t you afraid of knocking her up?

The condom thing, Ji Liucheng had thought about it the first time they had sex. Later on, it was probably too good to fuck without a condom, or maybe the two of them were used to doing it directly when they felt like it, but in any case, Ji Liucheng didn’t think about it anymore.


Seeing their silence, Su Xue’s heart stuttered and she asked anxiously, “Ji Liucheng, I asked you a question!”


Ji Liucheng confessed, “I didn’t wear it.”



Su Xue almost fell back in anger: “What do you mean you didn’t wear it? Last time you didn’t wear it or ……”


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Su Xue looked again at Qi Yin: “He didn’t think about it and you let him? How come you don’t know how to protect yourself at all?”


Qi Yin couldn’t answer.


The first time Ji Liucheng did mention a condom, but there was no such thing around her and she wanted it so badly that she hooked Ji Liucheng and fucked him straight in.


Later on, she found that getting shot internally was so good that she didn’t think about bringing a condom again ……


Su Xue was really going to be pissed off by these two kids. She was busy some time ago and didn’t have time to watch or teach a lesson. What if she hadn’t found out about the young couple messing around like this.


In the afternoon, Su Xue did not let Qi Yin and Ji Liucheng go to school, but took them both to the hospital. Fortunately, these two children have been messing around so many times, but they really did not get hit.



Su Xue was relieved to get the test results and gave Qi Yin and Ji Liucheng a full examination.


After all the tossing and turning, it was almost time for school to end.


“You two don’t have to go to the evening study either.” Although Qi Yin wasn’t pregnant, Su Xue was still angry that the two young kids didn’t know any better, so she took them back home and forced the two of them to watch a bunch of sex education propaganda films.


Although Su Xue was stern the whole time and her attitude was not much better, in her words and actions, Qi Yin felt the warmth of family.


“I’ll always remember to wear a condom from now on.” After watching the promotional video, Ji Liucheng put his palm over Qi Yin’s, gently rubbing and squeezing it.


Qi Yin: “Say it again.”



Say it again?


Ji Liucheng flicked Qi Yin’s head, pulling back Qi Yin’s attention who was obviously lost in thought, “What do you mean by “again”? What do you mean by “again”? Did you just watch those promos for nothing?”


“You can’t keep wearing condoms,” Qi Yin raised her eyebrows and said to Ji Liucheng, “Don’t you want to have a baby in the future?”


Ji Liucheng pinched her face and laughed, “You’re still young, that’s for later.”


Qi Yin pouted her lips and looked at the door again.


That was the direction where Su Xue was.



Ji Liucheng tsked a little, “What? Is my mother better looking than me?”


Qi Yin: “Come to think of it, Auntie always seemed to treat me well and ……”


Ji Liucheng: “Hmm?”


Qi Yin: “She seems to be treating me better now.”


“That’s natural,” Ji Liucheng rubbed the back of her head, “before she raised you as her friend’s daughter, now she’s raising you as her daughter-in-law.”


When Qi Yin heard him say this, she became arrogant again, “How can you be sure that I will definitely marry you in the future?”


Ji Liucheng lifted her chin and kissed her, and then nibbled on her delicate lips: “Who just said that she would give me a baby?”

TLN: The ML is so awesome, and the FL literally makes me want to smack her. TWICE. 🥲

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  1. ceres

    I think all things considered the FL isn’t too bad as these things go. Maybe it’s just because I’ve read Chen Jiashu’s shenanigans so many times. At this point Qi Yin mostly just goes off when Ji Liucheng does or says something really presumptuous. AND I don’t know a ton of these characters who could keep any kind of chill about the Huo Rong BS even though it is in no way his fault. She pouts for a minute while he explains and then helps him deal with it.

    1. Jo_Jo
      Jo_Jo [Translator]

      Truthfully, any opinion I have goes more to her wilful and spoilt based on his indulgence of her. She relies on the fact that he loves her and would tolerate anything to treat him however she feels at the time. If this were real life, she might probably be dumped after a while. Also, Jiashu isn’t this bad. Their situation is more complicated.