After Rebirth, I was Entangled by a Second Generation Rich Guy Again

Chapter 23

With a kick to each, the two guys who hadn’t even had a chance to get up were completely unable to stand up anymore. Tonight, Wen Yu had a place to vent his not-so-wonderful mood.

One of them even weakly shouted for help, which was truly ridiculous. This path led to the school, and at this moment, it was pitch black, with no one around.

Wen Yu stepped on the guy’s hand, grinding it, and the guy screamed like a pig, saying, “Big brother, big brother! My wallet is in my back pocket! Take it, take it!”

“Do I look like I need money?” Wen Yu gave him a kick, warning them, “If I see you again at the coffee shop on Guangming Road, I won’t hit the brakes.”

Only then did the two guys understand that someone had come to create an opportunity for that cat-eared girl.


“We won’t dare! We won’t dare! We will never go there again!” The two cowards cried bitterly.

Wen Yu took out their phones, opened the photo albums, and saw that they were all secretly taken photos. Without hesitation, he deleted them all and threw the phones on the ground. With a “crack, crack,” both screens shattered.

Today was truly a case of failing to steal the chicken and losing the rice. The two regretted it deeply. However, when they looked at the tall figure of the black shadow, they didn’t dare say anything and could only promise through tears that they would never harass Ji Anning again.

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Compared to Cheng Lian, Wen Guoan appeared much older. He was nearly twenty years older than Cheng Lian, and their marriage was a case of an older husband and a younger wife. Having a child in his old age, Wen Guoan was extremely devoted to Wen Yu’s upbringing and education.


Due to his advanced age, while other families waited for their children to graduate from university before letting them join the family business and gain experience, Wen Guoan couldn’t wait and started cultivating Wen Yu early, hoping that he could take over the business as soon as possible.

That’s why, at Wen Yu’s age, he didn’t hang out with peers his own age; instead, he mingled with a group of second-generation individuals in their mid-twenties. This was because people who had entered society and those who hadn’t had different ways of thinking, and they naturally didn’t share a common language.

“I had dinner with my mom tonight, and I felt that I shouldn’t favor one over another, so I rushed back to accompany you,” Wen Yu casually sat on Wen Guoan’s desk without any sense of propriety and said.

Wen Guoan smiled.

Cheng Lian still hadn’t returned until now, and he didn’t inquire about it either. With his old age, matters of romance had long become unimportant to him. Elderly people have shallow sleep and can’t tolerate disturbances at night, so the two of them had long started sleeping in separate rooms.

Although they lived in the same house, their frequency of meeting wasn’t higher than when they were in the office.

Wen Guoan was comforted by the fact that his son cared about him. He said, “Then play a game of chess with Dad.”

Father and son played chess under the lamplight, and the old auntie sliced fruits and prepared snacks, sending them up. Watching this scene of a loving father and filial son, she felt gratified.

As luck would have it, Wen Yu didn’t have classes on Wednesday mornings, so he stayed at home that night. Before going to bed, he sent a few photos to Ji Anning.

Wen Yu never acted like an anonymous hero.

Ji Anning received the message before going to sleep and opened it.

Two photos. The first one was taken outside the coffee shop, capturing her in a maid outfit through the glass. Wen Yu’s note read: “You’re sexy!”


Ji Anning was speechless.

Immediately after, she received the second photo, which showed the two guys lying on the ground, tears streaming down their faces. It was the perverted duo who attempted to take upskirt photos of her today.

Ji Anning fell silent. She thought that she would never have any connection with these two guys in her life.

Sighing, she replied, “Can’t you avoid using violence?”

Wen Yu felt that Ji Anning was truly contradictory.

She had used a pen to jab the back of a sexual harasser’s hand on the bus, and she had kicked without hesitation at the coffee shop, showing no fear of injuring someone’s wrist or damaging their property.

He particularly liked this fierce spirit.

But when it came to himself, she became overly concerned, treating him as if he were a criminal who could go to jail for murder or arson at any moment, causing her heart to ache.

Wen Yu replied shamelessly, “Except for my parents, only my girlfriend has the right to manage me. What position do you hold in my life?”

Ji Anning replied, “I consider you a friend.”

Wen Yu shamelessly replied, “What’s that phrase on the internet? You treat me as a friend, but I only think about you.”

Ji Anning did not reply.


After waiting for a while, Wen Yu felt bored and threw his phone aside before lying down.

In his dream, he saw Ji Anning in that maid outfit, as if it was tailor-made for her. The white apron was tied around her waist, and the fluffy skirt made her petite figure even more captivating. Wen Yu couldn’t resist the temptation and approached her, doing whatever he wanted, indulging in reckless and absurd acts.

The next day, he didn’t set an alarm clock and woke up late with the sun already high in the sky. Wen Yu took a shower and tossed his dirty underwear into the laundry basket. The auntie tidied up the laundry basket and smiled, seeing her grown-up boy so full of vitality and vigor.

Perhaps it was because Ji Anning’s attitude towards Wen Yu in this lifetime was not as cold as in the past, Wen Yu didn’t resist as strongly as before. These days, he didn’t pester Ji Anning incessantly like in his previous life.

Instead, it was Sun Yaxian who started to pester Sun Kai.

Both of them shared the surname Sun, and after exchanging contact information, Sun Yaxian directly called him “brother.”

“Kai-ge, what club did Wen Yu join?” she asked Sun Kai persistently.

After learning about the situation in the fighting club from Sun Kai, Sun Yaxian became interested and told him, “I also want to join!” But Sun Kai couldn’t make the decision, and there was also the rule set by Wen Yu that said “no girls allowed.”

“We don’t accept girls,” he said.

“But Ji Anning from our class joined,” Sun Ya Xian said skeptically. “Could she have lied to me?”

“So, you and Ji Anning are in the same major?” Sun Kai said. “In that case, it’s simple. Go and talk to Ji Anning, ask her to talk to Wen Yu and get you in too.”

Sun Kai pondered. Given Wen Yu’s enthusiasm for Ji Anning, if she mentioned bringing in another girl, it would probably work.


If Sun Yaxian could handle getting Ji Anning’s help, she wouldn’t have to pester Sun Kai anymore.

Although Sun Kai knew that Sun Yaxian’s target was Wen Yu, he was completely powerless when it came to beautiful girls. In the end, he agreed to help Sun Yaxian.

When he saw Wen Yu, Sun Kai said, “Wen-ge, do you remember the girl who accidentally bumped into you at the cafeteria on Tuesday?”

Wen Yu casually replied, “I remember. What about her?”

Slamming the table, Sun Kai said, “Wow, what a coincidence! She’s in the same class as Ji Anning.”

Wen Yu raised an eyebrow. As someone who had experienced the real world, this kind of provocative and suggestive way of speaking was almost transparent to him.

Wen Yu made Sun Kai’s scalp tingle, but he had promised Sun Yaxian. With a determined mindset, he said, “Well, that girl, um, she heard that Ji Anning joined our fighting club, and she also wants to join.”

Wen Yu smirked and said, “Sure, let Ji Anning come and talk to me. As long as she speaks up, it’s fine. It will also make her owe me a favor.”

Sun Kai wasn’t a fool. If Sun Yaxian refused to ask for Ji Anning’s help, it meant that she didn’t have a good relationship with Ji Anning. Moreover, Sun Yaxian was interested in Wen Yu while Wen Yu was interested in Ji Anning. It would be highly unlikely for Ji Anning to intervene in this matter.

He could only force a few laughs.

The next day, Sun Yaxian stopped him in the teaching building, giving him a headache. He told her, “The rules of the fighting club were set by our president. If he says we don’t accept girls, then we don’t. Unless you can get Ji Anning to speak up, you go and find Ji Anning~”

As Sun Kai spoke, he wanted to escape, but Sun Yaxian grabbed his sleeve…

Beautiful girls could be troublesome at times.

In fact, Wen Yu had planned to completely let go of the fighting club after entering his third year. It was just something he played with for fun. His real training took place in a professional club outside, with high-level coaches and sparring partners.

Last time, it was only because of the recruitment and Ji Anning’s unexpected interest in the fighting club that he personally visited the club again.

As the vacation approached, the school and enterprises had adjusted their schedules. Saturdays were off, Sundays were regular working and studying days, and the Golden Week holiday would begin on Tuesday.

On Saturday, Wen Yu drove to the mall for a while, and on Sunday evening after school, he brought his things to the fighting club.

The women’s changing room had been unused for a long time and had turned into a storage room. However, the club members had cleaned it up a few days ago, and now it was clean and had space for changing clothes.

Just as Wen Yu was about to put his things away and come out of the women’s changing room, he was stopped by Sun Yaxian, who had rushed over after hearing the news.

“Senior Wen, I want to sign up for the fighting club.” Sun Yaxian was wearing sportswear today, the kind that emphasized her figure.

Wen Yu glanced at Sun Kai.

Sun Kai forced a smile. He had been pestered by Sun Yaxian and agreed to inform her. As soon as Wen Yu arrived, he told her.

Wen Yu didn’t like it when others played these little tricks and schemes on him. He glanced at the two Suns and said, “We don’t accept female members.” After saying that, he walked away.

Sun Kai knew that Wen Yu was already upset, so he shrunk his neck and didn’t dare to say anything.

Sun Yaxian, fearless in her ignorance, actually stopped Wen Yu.

“Senior, are you joking with me? We have a classmate named Ji Anning who keeps claiming to be part of the fighting club, and she even eats with you. Is she lying to me?” Sun Yaxian widened her eyes, pretending to look innocent.

Although Wen Yu knew that what this girl named Sun Yaxian said was not very credible, Ji Anning, that tough girl, would definitely not engage in such boastful behavior. However, when Wen Yu heard her description and imagined the scene, he couldn’t help but smirk.

This smirk gave Sun Yaxian the wrong impression.

Sun Yaxian suddenly felt confident. Even if Wen Yu had feelings for Ji Anning, so what? It’s not like she couldn’t compete for his attention. Ji Anning was beautiful, but she wasn’t ugly either.

She pouted, acted coquettish, and accused, “Senior, it’s unfair to accept Ji Anning but not me, right?”

Feeling pleased with her own cute and coquettish behavior, she knew that few boys could resist it.

Sun Yaxian was indeed beautiful. If it weren’t for her bad luck of being in the same year as Ji Anning, she might have become a campus beauty queen.

But who asked her to have such bad luck?

Actually, Wen Yu found it strange himself. Logically speaking, he knew that Sun Yaxian was beautiful. But emotionally… he couldn’t “perceive” Sun Yaxian’s beauty.

It seemed that since that noon two weeks ago, when Ji Anning sneaked out early, the glimpse of her delicate back with a touch of snowy white skin reflecting the bright noon sunlight had made him lose the ability to perceive the beauty of other girls.

He smiled, but it was a chilling smile.

“I’ve invested over a hundred thousand in this fighting club. Is that for your fairness?”

“It’s my club, my rules. I decide who to accept or not. Who are you to interfere?”

“I like Ji Anning, so I’m accepting her.” This wealthy boy with a bad temper looked down on this pretty girl who didn’t know her place and thought highly of herself, and he smirked coldly.

“Mind your own damn business!”

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