After Rebirth, I was Entangled by a Second Generation Rich Guy Again

Chapter 22

Chapter 22

Wen Yu’s mind was preoccupied with his own thoughts when he suddenly heard someone say, “That’s her, the one with the cat ears. See her?”

Wen Yu glanced over and noticed two young men who had appeared beside him, also peering inside through the glass—observing Ji Anning.

“Damn, she’s hot!”

“Exactly. Look at that chest, that waist, those legs! I told you she’s no joke.”


“Later, same plan as usual. I’ll distract her, and you take the picture.” One person said to the other.

“Hehe, I wonder what kind of underwear she’s wearing?”

The two individuals exchanged vulgar remarks through the window, completely oblivious to the young man’s presence next to them whose expression had turned cold.

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Wen Yu observed from the outside, and as Ji Anning recognized the two individuals, she deliberately avoided them. When the two men called for a waitress, she lingered around another table of customers, so the girl with rabbit ears went over instead.


The two young men were somewhat disappointed and asked the girl with rabbit ears to check the menu again before sending her away. However, both parties continued to grumble. Ji Anning continued to linger in another table table. In the end, it was the girl with rabbit ears who took their order.

Watching from outside, Wen Yu found it quite amusing.

Ji Anning watched as her colleague took the order for those two individuals and silently thought to herself, thankfully Wen Yu wasn’t here.

These two guys weren’t the type of shy otaku who would blush when caught secretly staring at her. They were two hooligans who had been harassing her for quite some time, even taking upskirt photos.

At that time, when she had just started working at this café and didn’t know much about Shu Chen. She was worried about losing her job and affecting her income. So she avoided and endured whenever possible.

But one day, when Wen Yu came to visit her and encountered those two men attempting to take upskirt photos, he directly kicked the table. Not only did he beat up those two thugs, leaving them with swollen faces, but he also conveniently smashed Shu Chen’s shop.

The fierce appearance frightened Shu Chen to the point of trembling.

However, these two guys specifically targeted Ji Anning, and she couldn’t avoid them forever.

Wen Yu saw the two individuals calling out to Ji Anning while the girl with rabbit ears was busy. Ji Anning had no choice but to go over.

The two men grinned and spoke to Ji Anning, but because she had her back turned to Wen Yu, he couldn’t see her expression. Ji Anning just replied with a few words, then suddenly turned around, intending to leave. However, the two men stopped her and continued talking.

One person caught Ji Anning’s attention while the other pretended to drop something, bending over to pick it up. In reality, he discreetly took out his phone, attempting to secretly photograph Ji Anning’s skirt.

Wen Yu felt that it was about time for him to make an appearance. But just as he flicked his cigarette, he saw Ji Anning kick the person’s wrist without hesitation, sending his phone flying.


Wen Yu paused and raised an eyebrow.

Clearly, that kick had an uncontrolled force. The person jumped in pain and cursed, “What the hell are you doing?”

Everyone in the shop immediately turned their attention to this table. Shu Chen also rushed out from behind the counter and asked, “What’s happening?”

Ji Anning calmly said, “This person was trying to take upskirt photos.”

Shu Chen hadn’t spoken yet when the person started to rage, “Bullshit! I was just bending down to pick something up with my phone! Does your skirt have eyes? Why do you accuse me of taking upskirt photos? My phone is brand new! It cost 5600! You should compensate me!”

“Sir, please calm down first,” Shu Chen tried to appease him. “Let’s clarify the situation, perhaps there’s a misunderstanding.”

“Calm down my ass! Make her compensate me for my phone first!” the other person shouted loudly.

The other guy also stood up and started berating them, even going as far as pushing Shu Chen.

“Manager, let’s call the police,” Ji Anning decisively said. “Once the police arrive, they can check the surveillance footage. Taking upskirt photos can lead to a ten-day detention and civil compensation.”

In her previous life, Ji Anning had been driven to death by Zhao Chen. In this life, she had no intention of enduring such despicable scumbags. The reason she dared to fight back decisively was also because she had enough understanding of Shu Chen’s character from her previous life, and she had established a sense of trust.

Indeed, Shu Chen didn’t disappoint her. He didn’t try to appease the situation for the sake of the business. He looked up at the ceiling, his expression serious, and agreed, “Fine, let’s call the police. We’ll wait for them to arrive and review the surveillance footage.”

Following Shu Chen’s gaze, the two scumbags looked up and their expressions immediately changed.


It turned out that the surveillance camera on the ceiling was directly facing their position. Considering Ji Anning’s previous position and angle, it must have captured their lewd behavior clearly.

Moreover, Ji Anning stared at them with her dark eyes, without a trace of hesitation.

At that moment, a young man from another table stood up and said, “If the police come, I can testify too. I saw it just now; he was indeed trying to take upskirt photos.”

Guilty people are always uneasy, especially since they were both students. Now that there was physical evidence and eyewitness testimony, if they were actually administratively detained, they would likely face disciplinary action from the school. The two of them exchanged a glance, pretended to be angry, and said, “The wicked file lawsuits first. Forget it, we won’t bother with you anymore. We won’t ever come to this lousy shop again!”

They were about to leave.

If they insisted on Ji Anning compensating them, Shu Chen would definitely call the police. But since they wanted to settle the matter peacefully, Shu Chen didn’t want to pursue it either, considering the impact on the business.

Ji Anning thought the same way. However, she still shouted, “Settle the bill!”

The two individuals froze for a moment, reluctantly paid the bill, and quickly left.

Most bad people are bullies who fear the strong. It seemed that they wouldn’t come back in the future.

Ji Anning felt a sense of satisfaction for getting rid of these two guys without Wen Yu’s presence. This life was indeed different from the previous one.

When Shu Chen returned to the counter, she approached him and asked, “Could you draw a ‘thank you’ on the coffee for Table 8?”

Shu Chen smiled. He was skilled at latte art and drew a “Thanks” in cursive script on the coffee.


“Thanks.” Ji Anning smiled happily and walked away with the coffee.

“Just wanted to thank you earlier.” Ji Anning delivered the coffee to Table 8.

There was only one customer at that table, the young man who was willing to testify for them. The young man blushed when he saw the “Thanks” on the coffee and stammered, “Y-you’re welcome.”

Ji Anning looked at him, her gaze exceptionally gentle.

Ji Anning remembered this young man.

He was a student from a nearby university who frequented the coffee shop. He would order a cup of coffee and a book, and sit for two to three hours. He often stole glances at her, and when she caught him, he would blush.

But he never had the courage to confess to her.

Later, when Ji Anning’s soul was wandering, he had summoned her, and the location was this coffee shop.

“Boss, I want to ask, about that… that girl,” after waiting for Ji Anning for many days and not seeing her, he finally gathered the courage to ask Shu Chen, “The one named Ji Anning, is she not working here part-time anymore?”

Shu Chen glanced at him and told him, “She’s dead.”

That day, the boy’s eyes were lifeless, and he sat at the table without leaving even after Shu Chen closed the shop.

Shu Chen brought out a bottle of alcohol from the kitchen, and the two of them sat in silence, opening the bottle. They understood each other’s feelings for Ji Anning.

The boy asked for more details, but Shu Chen didn’t know much. However, when he inquired about Ji Anning’s school later, he heard numerous rumors and gossip. He shared them with the boy.

But the boy, with tears in his eyes, said, “I don’t believe it. She’s not that kind of girl.”

“I don’t believe it either,” Shu Chen said. “She was extremely dedicated to her work, never lazy, never complained, and didn’t mind getting dirty or tired. If it was for money, she could have found a wealthy boyfriend early on and solved everything. Why would she need to do something like that?”

They finished the bottle of alcohol, and as the boy walked toward the door, Ji Anning’s soul saw him wipe his eyes.

Afterward, he never came to this coffee shop again.

The boy drank his coffee and turned his head, seeing Ji Anning leaning against the counter, looking at him with a gentle smile on her lips.

The boy’s face instantly turned as red as a piece of red cloth, feeling like his thoughts had been exposed. He quickly turned back, lowered his head, and focused on his book, no longer daring to look up.

Wen Yu didn’t see all of this. He saw Ji Anning’s swift counterattack, her fearlessness, and how she scared off the two perverted men. He smiled in surprise.

His plan of being a hero to save the beauty had failed, but his initially bad mood had improved significantly tonight.

He glanced at Ji Anning, who was talking to Shu Chen at the counter. Her expression was natural, without any signs of panic or fear. Then why was she so afraid of Zhao Chen?

He turned his head again and looked at the two perverted men who had just come out of the coffee shop. They muttered a few words at the entrance and quickly walked away in a certain direction.

Wen Yu’s gaze turned cold, and he walked briskly to the roadside, opened the car door, and got in.

The two perverted men were students from a nearby university. Since they lived close by, they were planning to walk back to their school.

“Damn, that girl is quite something!”

“Damn, my wrist still hurts. I might have fractured it.”

“…Should we go shoot a film?”

“Damn! We lost money and got injured. How unlucky.”

The two of them walked onto a section of the road without surveillance cameras, still complaining. Suddenly, a strong light illuminated behind them.

They turned around in surprise, their eyes unable to open due to the bright light. Subconsciously, they raised their hands to shield their eyes but heard the screeching sound of tires against the ground approaching them. The car with the high beams on had actually rushed onto the sidewalk!

Both of them were shocked!

The black car was speeding fiercely, but the driver managed to control it precisely and stopped the car before hitting them.

However, in such a situation, who could stand still calmly? Panicked, the two of them retreated and fell to the ground. One sprained his foot, while the other felt intense pain in his arm, possibly a fracture.

In the bright light, they couldn’t see what kind of car it was. As they lay on the ground and looked up, they felt like it was an exceptionally tall and large car.

The sound of a car door opening resonated, followed by a “bang” as it closed, heavy and echoing.

A tall figure stepped into the light, cut into a dark silhouette by the high beam. He approached step by step, exuding a powerful aura.

Sansukini: This novel has a lot of pervs but also a lot of good people.

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