A Professional Avenger

Chapter 3

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Lin Yuetian gathered some basic information about the target and his daily activities from his now visibly shaken client, confirming everything before leaving.

His work ethic dictated that work should never interfere with his personal life. Before and after any job, he always ensured to enjoy life thoroughly. How else would he have the energy to work?

However, just then, a strange voice echoed in his mind, “Finally, I made it! Sorry, I’m your system. I’m late on my first day. Let me see what you’ve done so far…”

“System?” Lin Yuetian was puzzled. “Did I transmigrate with a system?”


The system quickly reviewed the footage of Lin Yuetian’s activities over the past few hours and let out a desperate cry, “You killed the scumbag’s best friend?! And now you’ve agreed with your second rival to kill your first rival?!”

Lin Yuetian was confused. “What? Don’t panic, explain slowly.”

“How can I not panic? I was only a little late, and you’ve caused so much trouble already! Didn’t the parent company say they only select top talents and industry elites to collect energy? Fine, it’s my fault for being late. Let me first transfer the original host’s memories to you.”

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Listening to Dan An’s ridicule about Shaofeng’s upcoming union with Lushui, and seeing Shaofeng’s weapon still lodged in his abdomen, Lin Yuetian lost all hope. He extinguished his own soul in utter despair, and that’s when the assassin Lin Yuetian came into this world.


Lin Yuetian, after reviewing the original’s memories: “………”

The system continued to ask sorrowfully, “Do you understand? Do you understand now?”

Lin Yuetian slowly replied, “I more or less understand… So, what do I need to do?”

“To maintain the stability of this world, you need to fulfill the original’s wishes to gather energy. You’ll also earn points as a reward. Once you complete tasks in ten worlds, you can return to your own world and use your points to get anything you want: money, superpowers, power… you name it,” the system explained with renewed enthusiasm. “The original’s wishes might vary in each world. But in general, your task is to torment the scumbags.”

Lin Yuetian nodded understandingly. “That’s easy. Since the original’s cultivation is higher than Shaofeng’s and Lushui’s, I’ll just take my sword, head up the mountain, and separate their heads from their bodies…”

The system was alarmed. “Wait! I’m a pure romance-themed torment system, not a non-romantic torment system! You need to make the scumbag fall in love with you first, then break his heart, and finally make him regret it deeply—that’s the way to do it!”

Lin Yuetian, puzzled, asked the system, “Killing them wouldn’t be more heart-wrenching than breaking their hearts?”

The system corrected him amicably. “That’s called physical torment. Heartfelt torment is much deeper and more effective, don’t you think?”

Lin Yuetian neither agreed nor disagreed. He just sighed deeply and lamented, “Thank goodness. If everyone believed that heartfelt torment was worse than physical torment, us assassins might have to switch careers to become love scammers.”

“Alright, I get it. I need to make the immortal lord fall in love with me and then make him regret it deeply,” Lin Yuetian said, changing the subject. “May I ask how your company determines whether he’s in love with me? Do you have some mind-reading technology?”

“Ah, actually, no,” the system explained. “Since this is your first task, we offer beginner protection. For this task, there are no specific requirements. You just need to make the target sincerely say ‘I love you’ three times. However, please note, there is an additional requirement: when the scumbag says ‘I love you,’ I need to detect a sense of regret in his emotions.”

Lin Yuetian sighed. “Clients are so hard to please.”


Feeling the weight of the task, Lin Yuetian had no other thoughts. He was never one to overthink. He simply made a request, or rather a deal, with the system: “I don’t need to return to my original world. I’m fine with doing tasks indefinitely. I just ask that, upon completing a task, I can freely choose when to exit a world.”

The system found this request unusual but not detrimental. Although it suspected Lin Yuetian might be a bit strange, it readily agreed and reported it for approval.

Lin Yuetian thought to himself that once the task was completed, he would enjoy a few hundred years in this mystical cultivation world…

Ah, if only someone would hire him to kill Shaofeng Xianjun. He wouldn’t work for free, and it would be a win-win, accumulating wealth for his future life.

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