A Professional Avenger

Chapter 2

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The young man answered Lin Yuetian’s questions honestly. This world was indeed a cultivation world, where cultivators’ levels were divided into Qi Refining, Foundation Establishment, Core Formation, Nascent Soul, Out-of-Body, Soul Splitting, Unity, Tribulation, and Mahayana. As the young man introduced the various levels, Lin Yuetian took a healing pill from the bag, feeling a pleasant coolness spread throughout his body, quickly healing his wound.

He was bleeding profusely, a rather colorful sight.

“Thank you for teaching me all this,” Lin Yuetian said sincerely. “I want to repay you.”

Of course, the young man wasn’t this obedient from the start. During Lin Yuetian’s questioning and healing, he repeatedly tried to use his energy—what he called true qi—to ambush Lin Yuetian. However, Lin Yuetian was born in a world where everyone lived with their heads tied to their belts1people who are ready to face great danger or risk their lives, and he himself was a master of sneak attacks. Combined with his body’s immense strength, the young man’s repeated ambushes only resulted in his two wounds becoming six.

“No, no need…” The young man frantically waved his hands, eager to get rid of this calamity. “I’ve told you everything I know, please just leave!”


“A drop of water should be repaid with a spring2“滴水之恩,当涌泉相报” (dī shuǐ zhī ēn, dāng yǒng quán xiàng bào). It means that even a small act of kindness should be repaid with immense gratitude; gratitude is a virtue. You don’t have to say anything, I insist on repaying you,” Lin Yuetian said, his emotions growing more genuine. “By the way, I have to ask: do you have any money?”

The young man was delighted. He actually came from a good background and was considered a standout among the younger generation in Qingfeng Sect. Seeing that Lin Yuetian didn’t recognize spirit stones and had such high cultivation, he figured this senior must be an old monster who had just emerged from seclusion after thousands of years, unaware of the current world’s state. He worried that revealing his background might get him stabbed again, but now that Lin Yuetian asked, it seemed the senior feared he might have some powerful backing. So he immediately said, “My name is Chen Wenying. I’m from the Chen family, a cultivation clan in Nanshan. Although I’m from a side branch, I have great talent and have been under the tutelage of Shaofeng Xianjun, the number one cultivator in the world, for ten years. Both my family and sect value me highly. If you, senior, are willing to spare me, I can introduce you to Qingfeng Sect as the foremost guest elder!”

Fearing that the senior might truly be ignorant, he quickly added, “Oh, Qingfeng Sect is also the top sect in the world. Everything I said is true. If you don’t believe me, you can go to the immortal market six hundred miles east of the mountain and inquire. Everyone knows this…”

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Once this thought emerged, it was like a demon whispering insidiously in Chen Wenying’s mind, disturbing his peace. After much internal struggle, this promising young man finally spoke in a hoarse whisper, “I do have someone I want… to kill.”


With these words, he felt an inexplicable relief and continued, “My master, Shaofeng Xianjun, has a junior martial brother, my martial uncle, named Lushui Xianjun. He is the only son of the Qingfeng Sect’s Grand Elder and is now in the Unity stage. He is about to form a bond with my master, and I… I don’t want this to happen. I hope you can help me, senior!”

Shaofeng Xianjun’s fiancé… Lin Yuetian recalled the words of that man in ancient garb. It seemed that his predecessor had plotted against Lushui Xianjun, which led to Shaofeng Xianjun stabbing him. So, these two could indeed be considered his enemies. This business deal was worth undertaking.

Lin Yuetian asked, “How much can you pay?”

Chen Wenying quoted a price that could allow an ordinary cultivator to live lavishly for over a hundred years. Lin Yuetian was very satisfied, praising him for being generous. He then took out a recording stone from the bag, asking Chen Wenying to repeat the commission and the price for the record. Afterward, he used a cleansing spell to clean his clothes and slightly altered his appearance and stature. He then carried the pale-faced Chen Wenying and flew to the immortal market six hundred miles east to buy some items, confirming the purchasing power and prices Chen Wenying had mentioned. Satisfied, they then found an inn to sit and discuss.

“Very good…” Lin Yuetian said, pleased. “Now, let’s talk about the deposit.”

Chen Wenying was still a bit incredulous. “Senior… are you not joking?”

“Of course not. I never joke,” Lin Yuetian replied. “I am a very serious person.”

Chen Wenying gritted his teeth, thinking that if he missed this opportunity, who knew when he would find someone daring enough to target Lushui again. Besides, the bonding ceremony with his master was imminent… This could not happen! He could not allow it!

“Alright, the amount of spirit stones is substantial. Please allow me to contact my servant.” With Lin Yuetian’s permission, Chen Wenying took out a piece of paper from his sleeve, folded it into a crane, and whispered to it before blowing on it. The paper crane burst into a small flame and flew out the window, transforming into a white crane that disappeared into the clouds. It returned shortly after, carrying a small qiankun pouch3magical bag that looks small on the outside but can hold lots of things inside in its beak, which it dropped on the table before turning into ashes.

“Please inspect it, senior,” Chen Wenying said respectfully, presenting the bag.

Lin Yuetian took a quick glance and then suddenly flicked his finger, sending a stream of true qi into Chen Wenying’s body.

Chen Wenying was horrified. “What is this?”


“In a week’s time, I will bury the target’s head under the tree where we first met. By nightfall, you will bury the remaining payment there and take the head. When I have time, I will collect the money.” Lin Yuetian explained warmly, “The true qi I just used is a celestial spell. If there are any ambushes, or if I don’t find the remaining payment, or if any other accidents occur… I can snap my fingers, and your soul will be shattered, turned to dust.”

Chen Wenying’s face turned ashen. Lin Yuetian hadn’t expected that by simply thinking about it, he could recall such a useful celestial spell. He wondered what kind of person his predecessor was to possess such vast knowledge.

Seeing the client’s low spirits, Lin Yuetian comforted him, “Don’t worry, I always respect my clients and have a good reputation. It’s just that I’m new here, so I’m taking these precautions. Once the deal is done, I will remotely remove the spell from you. In the meantime, please spread the word about my business skills to your friends and family. I’ll give you a 15% discount on future jobs.”

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