A Professional Avenger

Chapter 1

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Completing Business in the Cultivation World

Lin Yuetian considered himself an exceptional person.

In the technologically advanced cyberpunk world he was born into, handsome men and beautiful women were commonplace, but he was still extraordinarily good-looking. He had a gentle, reasonable, down-to-earth, diligent, and kind personality, and was praised by clients for his dedication and professional skills. Anyone who saw him would call him a promising young talent—if it weren’t for his profession as an assassin, he might receive even more compliments.

Lin Yuetian was an assassin, and not just any assassin, but a gold medal assassin.

However, Lin Yuetian didn’t think of himself as a cold-blooded psychopath. In fact, he believed he was just an ordinary person, apart from being more excellent than most. He had no abnormal interests or hobbies, no grand ambitions to destroy the world; he simply wanted to earn a lot of money, achieve financial freedom, and enjoy life happily. To make money more comfortably, he preferred to earn it through his special skills, nothing more. It would be unreasonable to label him a psychopath just because his special skill happened to be assassination, right?


Lin Yuetian’s success as a gold medal assassin was due to his calm personality and ability to stay composed in critical situations. No matter what happened, he remained unflustered. So when he woke up to find himself in ancient attire, lying in a straw hut with a sword stuck in his abdomen, he maintained his calm demeanor.

He wasn’t alone in the hut. Another man, also dressed in ancient clothing, was talking non-stop, giving Lin Yuetian a headache. The man’s words flowed like a broken record: “…Shaofeng Xianjun1Lord Immortal has been more than kind to you, Lin Yuetian. It’s your own fault for being ungrateful. In the past, when Shaofeng Xianjun was indifferent to you, you pestered him incessantly. Now that he has found someone he cares for, you try to sabotage their relationship. If it weren’t for Shaofeng Xianjun’s  mercy and your quick escape, you wouldn’t have survived. I’ve told Shaofeng Xianjun that you’re dead. Since you’re lucky enough to keep your life, you should leave the mountain and become a rogue cultivator. If you cause trouble again, don’t blame the Qingfeng Sect for being ruthless…”

Lin Yuetian listened but didn’t really pay attention; his focus was on the sword in his abdomen. The blood had stained his white clothes red, and it hurt quite a bit. “Excuse me, can I interrupt you for a moment?”

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Apparently not. Lin Yuetian felt a bit disappointed. He preferred working within an organization. If there were no assassin organizations to join, he’d have to work freelance. He experimented with the power in his body until he got the hang of it, then asked, “What’s your combat level in this world?”


The man was taken aback, then angrily said, “Lin Yuetian! Don’t go too far! I may not be as strong as you, but I am the junior brother of Shaofeng Xianjun, the number one master in the world, with deep cultivation at the peak of the Nascent Soul stage! Even in the entire cultivation world, I am first-rate. You may be at the Tribulation stage, but in terms of appearance, background, and reputation, how can you compare to Shaofeng Xianjun and his beloved? I tell you, their dual cultivation ceremony is about to be held—”

The man didn’t get to finish.

Upon confirming that the man was a first-rate master, Lin Yuetian had already gathered his power, channeling it into the Zhanfeng sword. The blade trembled, gleaming coldly. Without a word, he swung the sword at the man’s neck! With a clear sword cry, the man, caught off guard, looked utterly incredulous as his head flew three inches into the air and then fell to the ground.

Lin Yuetian held the sword, silent.

Lin Yuetian: “Uh, didn’t you say you were a first-rate master…?”

The now beheaded man couldn’t answer, and Lin Yuetian, holding his abdomen wound and looking at his sword-wielding right hand, couldn’t help but marvel: “I’m pretty impressive.”

Lin Yuetian felt a bit frustrated. He wasn’t sure if the man had exaggerated his abilities or if Lin Yuetian was just extraordinarily powerful. He had only intended to test his own strength to gauge what level of business he could handle, but the man ended up being sliced in two with one strike. This had disrupted his plan to inquire about potential wealthy clients with grudges nearby.

But there was no point in dwelling on it now.

After reflecting on his rashness for a while, Lin Yuetian put down his sword and began to search the man’s body.

After some searching, he found a delicate cloth bag, only palm-sized. Trying to open it yielded no response. Finally, an idea struck him, and he infused the bag with his inner power, which finally opened it. The small bag defied scientific principles, containing a space the size of a bedroom with several scrolls, a pile of bottled pills, and many glittering stones inside.

Lacking the memories of this body’s previous owner, Lin Yuetian couldn’t recognize any of the items, so he simply kept the bag. He tried to recall what he knew about immortal cultivators, thinking that they should be able to fly, right? As soon as he thought of this, a spell appeared in his mind. He tried to recall other practical uses, and each time he could remember the corresponding spell.

“Although I don’t have memories, I can still recall my skills… that’ll do.” Lin Yuetian used a healing spell to stop the bleeding in his abdomen, then tried to activate his immortal powers, holding his sword and transforming into a streak of light that shot out of the hut.


Once outside, he saw a landscape of verdant mountains and swirling immortal energy, matching common imaginings of an immortal paradise. Lin Yuetian had no interest in the scenery. He flew up and down along the mountain paths, eyes wide open in search of other people. Unfortunately, many of the people he saw were in groups, making it inconvenient to act. So he continued searching.

After zooming around at high speed and nearly developing a form of visual overstrain from seeing so many trees, he finally spotted a solitary figure in a dense forest, punching and kicking an innocent tree.

Lin Yuetian gratefully thought, “Heaven helps those who persevere!”

He swiftly descended into the forest, landing in front of the person. This was a handsome young man with a jade ring and a long sword at his waist. Startled by Lin Yuetian’s sudden appearance, the man opened his mouth to speak, but before he could, Lin Yuetian swiftly delivered two sword strikes.

The young man, horrified, exclaimed, “Who are you?!”

Seeing the two gaping wounds bleeding on the man’s body and his face turning pale, Lin Yuetian reassured him, “Don’t be afraid, I’m not a bad person. I just have a few questions. Don’t scream, or I’ll make sure you can’t scream in your next life either.”

The young man’s attempt to scream seemed to get stuck in his throat, his face turning blue. Lin Yuetian took out the bag he had found earlier, opening it in front of the young man, and politely inquired, “Could you tell me which of these items are currency and which can heal injuries? Also, if possible, could you explain the purchasing power of your currency here?”

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