Chapter 3.4: Encounter

The bar opened, and the cast members went out one by one to the restaurant.

“Angel, can I have a word?”

As he was cleaning up and clearing the tabletops in the empty waiting room, he was approached from behind by the manager.



He turned around and saw a man he had never seen before standing next to the manager.

The man ran his hands through his long, silver hair and walked up to Angel.

He was tall and intimidating standing in front of him.

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“U- uhm…”


── “Once a month, he comes looking for an omega to bond with him.”

The words I was just told echoed in my head.

(No way…..)

But he didn’t think that he would be the one to receive the white-feathered arrow.

Ian stared at him and Angel froze, unable to move.

He dropped a soft kiss on his tightly pressed lips and his whole body shivered as Ian whispered into his ear.

“I like it. You’re my partner for the next lunatic night.”

Without any preparation, Angel was brought to the Tikaani house with nothing but the clothes on his back.

It was a mansion in a prime location in Eastschist.

After passing through a large gate and a long path with trees on both sides like a forest, they finally reached the entrance.

Greeted by a large group of servants, Angel entered the house.

“I’ve prepared a room for you. I’ll show you around. For now, get some rest.”


“Goodnight,” Ian said as he lightly kissed Angel on the temple and turned to walk up the stairs.

── “You’ll be my partner for the next lunatic night.”

(I don’t know what that was supposed to mean).

He couldn’t ask him in the car, but he had already come this far. His heart was filled with anxiety as he wondered what would happen to him now.

He was told they were looking for a guard, but he wondered if he would be liked as a guard.

If he doesn’t like him, he’ll be on the street again.

Plus── He hasn’t had a heat yet.

On average, about 15 years of age is when most omegas go into their first heat cycle.

And yet, Angel passed his 19th birthday and hadn’t shown any signs of it.

“── Angel?”

In the hallway, while he was being led to his room by the maid, a familiar voice called out from behind that made Angel’s shoulder’s twitch.



Ever since that time he felt like seeing him, but he knew he shouldn’t.

Even though he tries not to think about him, for some reason he can’t get him out of his mind. And── his smell.

But Angel was disgusted with himself for thinking about such things all of the time. It’s really shallow. This is the nature of the lowly omega blood, he thought.

“Why are you here?”

“I was brought here by Ian-sama. For……”

── it to be my turn.

Angel couldn’t help but clam up. He didn’t want to tell Amber about it.

But he was quick to figure it out.

“Perhaps, you’re a candidate?”

“W-well…. I’m not sure if that’s what this is about…. I don’t quite understand it either….”

Amber’s eyes darkened and cloud over, but the downcast Angel didn’t notice.

“Do you like my brother?”


“Eh, no…. But I do think he’s a nice guy.”

If he were to ask if he liked him or not, he’d probably say he “likes” him. But that’s not the same as romantic feelings.

Amber grabbed Angel’s shoulders firmly with both hands as he replied slowly.

“Do you have any idea what it means to become the chosen one?”

“W-what’s going on? Suddenly….. Let go of me, you’re hurting me….”

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