Chapter 2.2: Encounter

The eastern metropolis, Eastschist, is home to a diverse mix of ethnic groups from all over the world.

Downtown Eastschist is said to be the most dangerous area.

At night, the streets are filled with prostitutes, drug addicts, extortion, fights, r*pes, murders, and other routine incidents.

It’s a city that never sleeps, with sirens wailing all around until dawn. The crime rate is especially high on nights with a full moon.

And…. People don’t know that in Eastschist, which is said to be a melting pot of races, there are some “non-humans” mixed in.


“You idiot! Where the hell are you looking?”

On such a dangerous night on the street, Angel Blanc was walking in a dazed and depressed manner and bumped into a big man who seemed to have a bad temper.

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“…. Gb…. Fsaau.”

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Mbld, okvb y pkdtzl osae, “Fsaau,” bl tayccle Gdtlz’p pzldela oakpv fwpv yp bl vakle vs vwad sd bkp bllz zlyhl, bszekdt bkx cynj, yp kq bl bye ds kdvldvksd vs zlv bkx ts.

“Eykv y xkdwvl. Mbyv’p yzz usw tsv vs pyu qsa cwxrkdt kdvs xl?”

“Didn’t I…. apologize to you?”


“You know… didn’t they teach you to use honorifics with your superiors?”2Angel used the word “ore” which is an informal way to say “I.”

The man closed the distance between them, pulling Angel’s wrist into his grasp.

“You’re an omega, right?”

As if to confirm the faint sweet smell, the man put his nose close to Angel’s neck and sniffed him like a dog.

As the man said, Angel is a male omega.

In addition to the two genders of male and female, there are three other genders in this world: alpha, beta, and omega.

The most common is beta, which accounts for more than 70% of the total population. Their physical characteristics and behavior are common, and they lead a very normal life.

Alphas are considered to be born superior to both betas and omega in every way. Even though the majority of important people in society are alpha, they still only make up about 20% of the population.

Even smaller in number than the alpha are the omegas, which account for less than 10% of the total population.

Male omegas, in particular, are rare and are the only males of the three sexes that can bear children.

However, when the estrus cycle comes, they are unable to do anything else during that period, and their tendency to emit pheromones that affect those around them make them low in the social hierarchy. If a child is found to be an omega by the test3Sex identifier test. Characters in this lore find out their secondary gender during puberty stage. given on their tenth birthday, they are often shunned by their parents and sent to an institution.


Angel was one such omega.

At the age of nineteen, omegas must leave the facility and find work to survive. However, it is difficult to find a place that will hire omegas without relatives.

Most of them will find themselves in brothels and other places.

Among them, many omegas sell their bodies and are in high demand by customers who only want to breed.

── “You’re an omega, right?”

When the man said that to him, Angel looked disgusted for a moment. But, he immediately smiled, hiding his feelings deep inside so that they wouldn’t be noticed.

“That’s right….”

“Do you always stand around here?”

“Not….. always.”

This was the first time he had ever wandered around this place. He tried to stand strong and say “not always,” but of course he had never sold his body before.

But it’s been a week since he left the facility. He hasn’t been eating well. His throat was parched, and his hunger had long since passed its limit.


So, his mind was already made up that this was the only way to survive. However, this was his first attempt at selling his body, and he didn’t even know how to entice customers to come. He had just been walking back and forth in the same place.

“You’re buying me?”

He looked up at the man in a deliberately abrasive, but flirtatious manner.

This was the best Angel could do right now.

The man twisted Angel’s thin arm.

“Ow–! Let go of me!”

“Shut up! Who are you to refuse me? This is where I sell.”


Did he have to get permission to sell himself? Angel, who had been in an institution all of his life, had no way of knowing that.

“Everyone knows that this is the area of the Mantegna family, right? If you want to do business here, you’re going to have to pay a certain amount of money.”

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