Amorous Short Stories

TPE Chapters 41-42

Chapter 41

Outside the screen, the Imperial Physician was perspiring profusely as he listened to the palace maid describe Jiang Si’s condition. There was tearing at the private parts, a deep bite mark on her shoulder, and bruises all over her body. He quickly wrote down a prescription, then went to prepare the medicine. 

On the bed, Fengzhen was holding Jiang Si tightly in his arms, his usually cold eyes filled with remorse. How could he have hurt her so badly? 

And the palace maid who had described Jiang Si’s condition was kneeling on the ground, her entire body shaking with fear. All that appeared in her mind was the battered look on Her Majesty’s jade-like skin when she pulled the blanket off her. Her entire body was covered with marks, especially her perky br*asts, which were covered in blue and black, and her n*pples were so badly injured that they were as swollen as peanuts. There were also visible finger marks on her waist, clearly a sign that His Majesty had been grabbing that part for a long time. 

If the wounds on her skin seemed terrifying, the tears between Jiang Si’s legs were even more horrific. Her p*ssy was extremely swollen, and her l*bia was bloody and flipped out. Her passage was still gaping open, and she was still bleeding from the inside. 


The palace maid shuddered at the thought of it. It was no wonder Her Majesty had fainted in pain. The experience must have been torturous. 

After that, Fengzhen wiped Jiang Si’s body personally and even applied medicine for her before sleeping in the same bed as her. In the middle of the night, he noticed that Jiang Si was not sleeping well, and when he touched her forehead, it was burning hot! He immediately summoned the imperial physician, and by the time that they had diagnosed her condition and fed her some medicine, it was almost daylight. 

Jiang Si was unconscious and feverish for three whole days. During this entire period, Fengzhen stayed by her side and took care of her personally. Because of this, he had even lost a lot of weight, and he looked so tired and sickly that he no longer had the regal air of a king. 

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“Her Majesty… She’s suffering from Qi blockage… And one of the areas blocked was her heart meridian…”


Her heart meridian was blocked? Didn’t that mean that she had lost her mind? 

When the palace maids heard this, all of them were astonished. And if they could understand what the physicians were saying, naturally, Fengzhen could too. He seemed as though he had suffered a massive shock, and looked at Jiang Si, who had fallen asleep after taking some calming medicine, in disbelief. 

“Treat her! No matter what methods you use, you have to cure her!” 

But… The blockage of a heart meridian could not be treated using any miraculous medicine. It depended on whether the person could eventually recover her own state of mind. Yet, the man before them was their ruler, and no matter how impossible the matter was, they could not tell him so.

Chapter 42

In the next month or so, everyone in Hanzhang Palace was feeling nervous about their fates. After all, Her Majesty… They didn’t even know if they could address Jiang Si as Her Majesty! Was she still the queen? After the decree was passed, Jiang Si met with an accident during her prayers, and the crowning ceremony had yet to take place. At the same time, the Empress Dowager had taken the lead, described Jiang Si’s predicament as the will of heaven, and refused to recognise her as the queen. 


Fengzhen held a bowl and coaxed Jiang Si, who was still looking nervously at him. “Si’er… Come over and eat something…” After the trauma Jiang Si suffered, she became like a three year-old girl. She didn’t know how to eat her meals properly, and only knew how to play around Hanzhang Palace. 

After the events that had taken place at the Qingque Tai, Jiang Si no longer said another word. She looked at the gentle-sounding Fengzhen, then slapped the bowl out of his hand and wanted to run out to play. 

Fengzhen grabbed her and pulled her into his embrace, “Be good, you can only go out and play after you eat.” However, Jiang Si was not aware of Fengzhen’s identity, and would simply throw tantrums whenever she liked. There were even times when she would raise her hand and beat anyone who tried to stop her. On many occasions, Fengzhen appeared in the Imperial Court with wounds on his face, causing the ministers to feel apprehensive and worried. 

“Mmm… Mmmm.. Mmm..” When Jiang Si saw that her ploy had failed, she instinctively turned back and tried to hit Fengzhen! However, Fengzhen was already experienced in dealing with her, so he grabbed her hand quickly and tried to persuade her, “Be good. After you finish eating your food, I can bring you to feed the koi in the pond. Do you want that?” 

Jiang Si loved the colourful koi in the ponds, and she seemed to have understood what Fengzhen said, so she finally quietened down. 


Fengzhen sighed and instructed the palace maids to send a new portion of food over to her. Then, he fed Jiang Si, mouthful by mouthful. The same situation would replay in the palace every day. 

After eating and playing with the koi, Jiang Si finally felt tired, and she curled up in bed like a lazy kitten. When Fengzhen saw this, he shook her, trying to wake her up, “Take a bath before you sleep.” 

Jiang Si was sleepy, so she groaned and turned around, her back facing Fengzhen. Fengzhen could only sigh helplessly, carry her up, then bring her to the bathroom. 

In the bathtub, two bodies were naked under the warm water. Fengzhen had put Jiang Si on his lap, and was trying to wipe her body. Her skin was really tender, hence no matter how gentle Fengzhen was, her skin would still be red after he wiped it. 

Fengzhen’s heart ached when he saw this, so he put the bath towel down and tried to clean her body with his palms. When his hands slid across the two mounds on her chest, his breathing became heavier. However, he still tried to control himself, and rubbed the areas around her br*asts, before slowly moving towards the pink nubs in the middle of the two mounds. 

The areolas on her br*asts were like flower petals surrounding the tiny nibs in the centre. Fengzhen cleaned both the nibs meticulously, using his fingers to rub and clean them. By the time he finished cleaning up the two mounds, his entire body was tense. 

He took a deep breath, then spread open Jiang Si’s slender legs, as he prepared to help her wash her private area. 

Right at this moment, Jiang Si’s honey cave was tightly closed, and the flower petals were also stuck closely together. Fengzhen cleaned the petals for a while, before opening them up and rubbing his finger around the entrance of her p*ssy. 

By the time he finished cleaning Jiang Si, he was already covered in sweat, and his chest was heaving profusely. He looked down at his er*ct c*ck, which was positioned right between her legs, because Jiang Si was sitting on his lap with her legs spread apart. 

Her fair skin contrasted against his bulging purplish-red dragon root, like the contrast between purity and evil. Fengzhen looked at Jiang Si, who was still sound asleep, and recalled what the Imperial Physician had said. Before the poison of the Yuanyang Pill had been fully purged, he had to inject his s*men into her body once every seven days. He counted the last time that he did it, realised that it was time for another “injection” again. 

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