Amorous Short Stories

TPE Chapters 39-40

* Content warning: Rape

Chapter 39

Jiang Si was completely embraced by Fengzhen! She stared at the colourful glow on the Qingque Tai, fearing that it would disappear in the next second. Hence, she didn’t even care if the man behind her was the Emperor, she simply struggled with all her might, and even started beating and kicking Fengzhen!

Yet, Fengzhen refused to budge, and kept her tightly in his embrace! Jiang Si felt as though she was going crazy. Right before her was her only hope to return! She was about to succeed! 

“Fengzhen! Let me go! Let me go!” Under her crazed struggles, she even forgot about the court rules, and started shouting out Fengzhen’s name loudly. 


When the guards who followed heard his name, all of them knelt down in unison and shouted loudly as they bowed, “Long live Your Majesty!” 

“Don’t even think about it!” Fengzhen was livid, and he didn’t even care about the kneeling guards. All he cared about was the woman in his arms, and he tightened his hold around her. 

Jiang Si struggled as though her life depended on it, but Fengzhen’s arms were like an iron cage that was imprisoning her. The colourful lights finally faded, the dark clouds dissipated, and the skies cleared. 

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Fengzhen’s heart was raging with fury. From the letter that he read, to the fear that Jiang Si was about to leave, and to her outrightly disdainful look, all of them were igniting the fire in his heart! 


“I’ll make you understand now, whose woman you are!” Jiang Si’s underwear was torn off, and her jade-like legs were revealed. 

“All of you! Kneel down properly! I’ll behead anyone who dares to look up!” Hearing Fengzhen’s furious voice bellowing through the area, all the guards and servants buried their heads down even lower, and some of the even more timid ones even closed their eyes in trepidation. 

Realising that Fengzhen was really going to rape her there and then, Jiang Si couldn’t be bothered with anything else. Since she couldn’t transmigrate back, she would die sooner or later! Hence, she bit Fengzhen’s shoulder. He loosened his grip due to the pain, and Jiang Si quickly propped herself up, wanting to escape! 

However, how could she outwit Fengzhen? He reached his hand out and removed his belt, then tied her ends together and pushed her completely under his body. 

Her p*ssy was dry, and Jiang Si was still struggling. Fengzhen was determined to teach her a lesson today, hence he didn’t care about her comfort, as he bucked his hips and pushed his thick and long dragon root all the way to the hilt. 

It was as though a tearing sound could be heard. Jiang Si was in so much pain that she was about to faint. Her entrance had been torn open by the sudden intruder, and her crimson blood flowed down her butt onto the Qingque Tai. 

Chapter 40

The tear in Jiang Si’s passage made it easier for Fengzhen to f*ck Jiang Si more violently. He pinched her tender b*tt cheeks, then drilled his thick and erect dragon root countlessly into the deepest part of her body. 

It was really painful… The searing pain was so bad that Jiang Si felt as though her body was about to be split into half. The most tender area between her legs was continuously pounded, and Jiang Si’s vision slowly faded. She couldn’t even see Fengzhen’s face properly anymore. All she felt as that the man above her was a monster that was torturing her to death. 

Then again… Death might not be a bad idea too. It was better than having to live with this wanton body that needed Fengzhen’s s*men as nourishment once every seven days. Living like this was really terrible. 

Fengzhen saw the woman’s dazed expression, and he drove into her once more. This time, her head hit the ground, and he finally heard her groan in pain. 

“Look at me! You’re my woman! Don’t you ever think of leaving!” Fengzhen’s eyes were bloodshot, and he thrust into her body relentlessly. He was furious! He was aggrieved! He had given Jiang Si his love, but all he got in return was her escape!


Jiang Si’s body was in tremendous pain now. However, the bitterness in her heart was a hundred times deeper. She was ready to die. And since she was going to die, she was going to release all her inhibitions, and say what she wanted! 

“I hate you! Fengzhen! I hate you!” I hate you!” Her family, her parents, all of them had become an inconceivable dream! 

Hearing Jiang Si’s hatred for him spill out of her mouth, Fengzhen’s fury increased. With one hand, he tore Jiang Si’s top apart and pushed a n*pple into his mouth and bit it hard. Whatever methods that he couldn’t bear to use on her previously, he used all of them now. 

His teeth bit down on her tender n*pple, then pulled them outwards. Jiang Si’s br*asts were soft, and immediately, the pulling hurt her body. The intense pain caused Jiang Si’s body to arch upwards, as painful cries sounded from her mouth. 

However, Fengzhen did not simply stop there. He grabbed her other bouncing br*ast and forcefully kneaded the tender flesh, then pinched the pitiful nub intermittently. 

And his lower body continued moving. With the crimson red blood as lubricant, his every thrust hit all the way into her body, almost breaking through her flower pot. 

However, Fengzhen’s anger still had not subsided. He wanted Jiang Si to bow down to him, he wanted her to promise never to leave him again! He wanted her to love him as much as he loved her! 

Fengzhen moved his hips and hands with equal ferocity, as he forced Jiang Si to look at him, “Say it! Say that you love me! And you’ll never leave me again!” 

Even though Jiang Si’s tears were blurring her vision, and even though her body was battered by his relentless pounding, she was already intent on dying. She managed to mumble incoherently, “Fengzhen… I… I never… Never liked… Don’t like you… At all… Not a… A single bit…” After knowing how Fengzhen felt about her, she had felt guilt, and even regret before this. But she didn’t feel any love for him. To her, transmigrating back was the only thing she looked forward to. And now that her only hope had been destroyed, there was nothing left to fear! Not even Fengzhen! 

Jiang Si’s words caused the blazing fury in Fengzhen’s words to grow, and his fury burst through his veins! At this moment, all he wanted to do was to tear this woman apart, then eat her up whole, so that she would completely be one with him, and never be able to leave him! 

Fengzhen bit Jiang Si’s tender and glowing shoulder. His teeth sank through her skin, and it was only when he felt the metallic taste of blood in his mouth that he noticed that the person under him was not reacting at all. 

He released his bite and looked up, then realised that Jiang Si had already fainted. “Si’er! Si’er!” 


A bad premonition struck Fengzhen’s heart. He hastily pulled out his dragon root, and when he saw the red spots on it, his horror grew. He used his robe to cover Jiang Si’s body, then shouted, “Get the Imperial Physician here! Now!”

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