Amorous Short Stories

STF Chapters 9-10

Chapter 9

The second er*tic scene was focused on Shen Xunyuan. After the female lead had spied on her brother having s*x with another woman, she couldn’t sleep the entire night, and even started mast*rbating. 

After that night, there would be a complete change in the female lead’s feelings towards her brother. She would desire for her brother to treat her the same way as he treated that woman. 

Shen Xunyuan changed into a nightgown, and wore a white pair of p*nties beneath it. Following Director Guo’s request, she didn’t wear a bra. She laid down on the bed. The lighting engineer adjusted the lights, and the make-up artist touched up her make-up, then everyone left the area. 

Only Director Guo remained by the bedside. He looked at Shen Xunyuan and asked, “Have you mast*rbated before?” 

Shen Xunyuan felt somewhat embarrassed about the question, but when she heard Director Guo’s businesslike tone, she could only be honest, “… I have.” 

Director Guo nodded. Under the lights, he exuded the air of a knowledgeable man, calming people down. “Just do as you usually would. One thing though, you’ll need to incorporate some of a young lady’s conflicted emotions and shame, and display the dual sentiments of the body’s desire towards s*x and the guilt that comes with it.” 

Shen Xunyuan was somewhat clear about the scene Director Guo wanted. “Alright, Director Guo, I’ll try my best.” 

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The cameraman swept the lens across Shen Xunyuan’s v*gina, then pulled the lens towards the side of her legs. 

From the corner of her eyes, Shen Xunyuan saw that the cameraman had already pulled the camera away from between her legs, hence she pulled down her underwear. However, she didn’t take it off entirely; she simply pulled it to her knees. 

On screen, her b*tt was white and soft, and when she removed her p*nties, the tender flesh on her b*tt seemed to have jiggled slightly. 

Shen Xunyuan’s expression was that of curiosity and bashfulness. Bit by bit, her hand reached between her legs. She tried feeling around, but perhaps she hadn’t found the right spot, so she still looked rather curious. 

It was only when she touched her cl*toris, “Ahhh..” Shen Xunyuan appeared somewhat alarmed. Yet, she also felt a trace of pleasure, hence she continued to lightly rub and twirl that spot. It was even more pleasurable than rubbing her chest. Her legs clamped her hand tightly, as she started to writhe uncontrollably on the bed. 

Chapter 10

Shen Xunyuan continued to moan softly, and her slim and fair legs rubbed each other continuously. Her eyes were unfocused, and her mouth opened and closed; it seemed as though an unripe fruit was emitting a hint of maturity. 

Director Guo observed Shen Xunyuan’s performance through the screen. “This actress is not bad.” Indeed, for a rookie to take on such a large production, and her first scene was a mast*rbation scene, it would be fortunate if she didn’t have stage fright. Yet, Shen Xunyuan wasn’t nervous at all, and when he asked her to begin, she immediately immersed into the role. 

The assistant director looked at the mast*rbating Shen Xunyuan and felt an uncontrollable urge. He thought about her pink p*ssy and sensitive body back then. If only the camera lens could tilt slightly and point towards the area between her legs. 

At this moment, the room was only filled with stifled breaths and Shen Xunyuan’s uneven moans. As Shen Xunyuan’s body twisted about continually, her left strap had completely slipped, revealing the perky and snowy white left br*ast. Her skin was extremely fair, and the br*ast that had never seen the sun was even more alluringly white. The n*pple at the peak was a pale pink shade, filled with the air of a young lady. Her ar*ola was also a small circle around her n*pple that appeared extremely cute. 

The cameraman carried the camera and filmed upwards from the side of Shen Xunyuan’s legs, and ended at her chest. In the frame, the snowy mound was shaking lightly, and the pink n*pple at the peak was standing hard, swaying slightly together with the movements of the br*ast, dazzling the cameraman. 

At this moment, the lighting engineer had also focused the lighting onto Shen Xunyuan’s chest. As a man, he almost had the urge to pounce upon Shen Xunyuan to lick it. Shen Xunyuan’s br*asts were big and fair, and as he fantasized about it, the s*x organ between his legs subconsciously swelled. However, he didn’t want to hide; there was nothing embarrassing about this. He believed that all the men in the studio were hard too. 

Shen Xunyuan continued to mast*rbate. She blocked out her own thoughts and completely imagined herself as the lead actress. She was feeling confused and ashamed, but she was also enjoying the appeal of s*x. “Brother! Brother!” The moment she called out for her brother, she arched her slim waist, her body convulsed endlessly, and even her toes tightened. 

She had really clim*xed. 

The scene wasn’t completed. Shen Xunyuan continued to immerse herself into the world of the female lead. Her gaze was hazy, and her chest continued undulating. Then, she slowly withdrew her hand from her leg; it was some clear liquid on it. She didn’t know what it was, and even brought it to her nose and she took a sniff, looking entirely like an innocent young girl. 

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door! Shen Xunyuan jumped up in fright. She forgot about the unknown liquid on her finger, and quickly pulled her blanket up tightly to cover her n*ked body. 

At that moment, the male lead Mo Jinbei walked in. He smiled at her adoringly, “Why aren’t you asleep yet?” 

Shen Xunyuan wrapped herself tightly under the blanket, worried that her brother might notice something. She didn’t even dare to meet her brother’s eyes. “I… I’m going to sleep soon…” 

Mo Jinbei sat down by Shen Xunyuan’s bedside and observed her face. “You look flushed; are you having a fever?” As he said that, he even reached out to feel Shen Xunyuan’s forehead. 

Shen Xunyuan didn’t dare to remove her hand from the blanket. She could only turn her head somewhat frantically. “Brother… You should leave… I’m sleepy…” 

Her forehead wasn’t hot, so she could just be warm under the blankets. Mo Jinbei didn’t think that his sister would masturbate, hence he simply nagged her for a bit, then kissed his sister’s forehead as he usually did and bade her goodnight. 

After Mo Jinbei left, Shen Xunyuan heaved a long sigh of relief. She put her hand on the spot where Mo Jinbei had just kissed, and she softly called for her brother with a hint of sweetness and shyness.

“Cut!” Director Guo didn’t expect that Shen Xunyuan could complete the scene in one take. He said encouragingly, “Xunyuan, you did well today!” 

Shen Xunyuan adjusted her nightdress under the blanket before sitting up. Her face was still red as she said, “Thanks, Director Guo.” 

“Alright… Tomorrow, we’ll be filming the scene where the female lead seduces the male lead… I hope that you can perform as well as you did today.” 

As Shen Xunyuan recalled Mo Jinbei’s handsome face, her heart started racing erratically. 

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