Amorous Short Stories

STF Chapters 29-30

Chapter 29

Shen Qiu was slightly shortsighted, so in order to watch his sister’s bed scenes, he even wore his spectacles. The images of the movie reflected onto his spectacle lens, so others couldn’t see his present expression. However, the bulge between his legs betrayed his excitable mood. 

At the scene when Shen Xunyuan was m*sturbating, the breathing sounds in the cinema became increasingly heavier. Shen Qiu heard a man from the row in front of him comment, “Fuck! This babe’s b**bs are gigantic!” 

Shen Qiu felt an indescribable sense of excitement rising in his heart, even though he clearly knew it wasn’t right to feel like this. However, his perverted mind started recalling about that time when he drugged Shen Xunyuan. Her br*asts were really very soft… And it was so delicious when he took it in his mouth. He felt intoxicated just thinking about it. 

The organ between his legs started throbbing painfully. Shen Qiu moved his b*tt, trying to divert his attention from the pain. At this moment, he heard a few moans from a woman beside him. He cocked his head to the side and looked. A petite woman was sitting on a man’s legs. The man had reached one hand out and was roughly kneading her br*ast, while his other hand was sliding in and out of her miniskirt! 

Shen Qiu turned back, his heart pounding wildly. He wondered, was that man really thrusting his finger into the woman’s cl*t, or was he simply touching it? As he watched his sister’s m*sturbation scene, his mind was filled with thoughts about whether that woman beside him was being finger-f*cked. The undulations of Shen Qiu’s chest became increasingly quicker, as he desired a release. 

“Oh… oh… ohh… woooo…” It seemed like he wasn’t the only one who felt this way! Shen Qiu looked at the seat diagonally in front of him. That man had thrown his head back onto the headrest, his hands bobbing up and down without stopping. As a man, Shen Qiu surely knew that he was m*sturbating, but he didn’t think that people nowadays would be this bold, acting so indecently in public! 

The surroundings would affect one person immensely. Shen Qiu wasn’t excluded; he secretly pulled down his zipper and released his hard c*ck, then started rubbing it up and down…  

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The cinema was dimly lit, hence the girl couldn’t tell how embarrassed Shen Qiu was. Seeing that Shen Qiu was ignoring her, she assumed that he was unwilling. She felt resentful. What a waste. She had delivered herself to him, but he didn’t want it!

The girl got up to leave, but unexpectedly, a burning hot hand pulled her back! 

“I’ll do it…” Shen Qiu’s voice was already hoarse. 

Chapter 30

Under the faint lighting in the cinema, apart from the copulation sounds from the big screen, the couple beside Shen Qiu was also shamelessly moaning out loud. 

Shen Qiu pulled the girl so that she straddled him. She was wearing her school skirt, so the softest part between her legs fitted right above Shen Qiu’s erect organ. Coincidentally, this position was the exact same one as Shen Xunyuan and Mo Jinbei’s s*x scene in the film. 

Shen Qiu was getting impatient. He pulled up the girl’s top, revealing her bra. The girl was quite skinny, and her bra was probably only an A cup, but still, she couldn’t fill it up. However her skin was smooth like silk, and Shen Qiu couldn’t get enough of touching her. 

The girl was also getting horny. Her slim and fair arms circled around Shen Qiu’s neck, as she said softly, “Are my br*asts very small?” 

Shen Qiu freed the girl’s br*asts. Her n*pples were tiny, pink and very soft, giving him the illusion of a virgin. Shen Qiu was aroused, as his head leaned into her chest and quickly captured an entire mound into his mouth. 

“It’s very small… But I love it…” 

The girl’s right br*ast was covered entirely by Shen Qiu’s warm mouth. His tongue was like the most agile snake, slithering mischievously around her n*pple. The girl bit her lower lip, as she tried her best to contain the wanton noises within her. 

As Shen Qiu sucked the girl’s br*ast, he also placed one hand on her back. With a click, he undid her bra and released her two small mounds. Even though the girl’s chest was petite, her br*asts were taut, and the shape was ravishing. Shen Qiu tightened his grip over his body, wanting to draw her closer to him. 

The girl’s hand slowly moved down, and she held Shen Qiu’s c*ck. She murmured, “Your c*ck is so big. Quick, put it in.” 

Hearing this, Shen Qiu released the breast in his mouth. He didn’t remove the girl’s p*nties; he simply pulled it aside, revealing her p*ssy. 

Her p*nties were already soaked, so Shen Qiu didn’t have to perform any foreplay. Instead, he aimed his c*ck at her entrance, “Can I put it in now?” 

The girl felt Shen Qiu’s readiness. She agreed softly, and the next moment, Shen Qiu thrusted in; the couple’s groans could be heard as he plunged all the way in. 

After sticking it in, Shen Qiu didn’t move anymore. He quietly regulated his breathing, while the girl slowly wriggled her waist. When the girl’s c*nt wasn’t sucking him so tightly, he asked again, “Can I start moving now?” 


Shen Qiu started ramming slowly into her. The girl’s p*ssy was very tight, like the tip of a horn, tightly wrapping his desire. This was a youthful body, taut and extraordinarily alluring. 

Up and down, in and out. The girl’s br*asts also started bouncing from their movements. Even though they weren’t as alluring as big br*asts, they did look good on their own. Shen Qiu even had the illusion that he was r*ping an underaged girl. 

The strange thought stimulated Shen Qiu even more. His thrusting movements changed from slow to fast, while both his hands were roughly rubbing the girl’s tiny br*asts. As he grabbed her t*ts and pulled her n*pples, the girl couldn’t take it after a short while. She bit into Shen Qiu’s shoulder, her entire body trembling, as she squirted a large amount of s*xual fluids. 

The girl’s tunnel seemed to have countless more tiny mouths, seductively licking his rod. Shen Qiu couldn’t hold back any longer too. With a low grunt, he pushed up and pumped his s*men into the girl’s tight passage. 

After sating his appetite, Shen Qiu felt somewhat bewildered. He clearly loved his sister, so why did he have s*x with this girl? He looked up at the big screen; his sister was pressed down under the man, moaning feebly and seductively. Looking at the couple’s genitals, they really seemed to be having s*x. Shen Qiu’s heart felt somewhat suffocated and uneasy. A sudden worry rose in his heart: sooner or later, his sister would belong to other men. 

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