Amorous Short Stories

STF Chapters 21-22

Chapter 21

The moment Shen Xunyuan felt her p*ssy being filled up, she widened her obsidian eyes and stared in shock at Mo Jinbei, who had already started moving!

Instinctively, Shen Xunyuan started struggling; Mo… Mo Jinbei was pounding her! There were so many people on set, wouldn’t all of them have seen it?!

At this moment, Mo Jinbei was already overcome by lust. He used his body to stop Shen Xunyuan from struggling, and kissed her to stop her from calling out to halt the filming. At the same time, his strong waist was like a pile driver piercing through her repeatedly. Every time he entered, he would hit the deepest point of Shen Xunyuan’s tunnel! 

Shen Xunyuan was trapped under Mo Jinbei, unable to move, and could only allow him to infiltrate her body continuously. She thought to herself silently, Director Guo… Why isn’t he shouting “cut” yet?

Contrary to Shen Xunyuan’s thoughts, Director Guo actually said, “This position is very good, Xunyuan, cooperate with Jinbei.” 

Her body was still being pounded, the soft flesh inside her p*ssy was intermingling and joining with Mo Jinbei’s c*ck. Shen Xunyuan was in a dilemma now – was she really going to do it with Mo Jinbei, in front of so many people? 

Without waiting for the outcome of Shen Xunyuan’s contemplation, Mo Jinbei continued his vigorous movements. Using the filming as an excuse, he even intentionally said, “My good sister… Do you feel good with Brother f*cking you?” 

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Mo Jinbei was also at his limit, but at this moment, his c*ck was tightly sucked in by Shen Xunyuan’s passage, as it contracted uncontrollably. He was caught off guard, and before he could withdraw from her p*ssy, he shot out. 

Shen Xunyuan was lying down on the study table when she suddenly felt something warm in her c*nt! Could it be that he had shot inside?!

Chapter 22

At this time, Shen Xunyuan couldn’t care about anything else. Mo Jinbei didn’t wear a c*ndom; that was a grave matter that would implicate a life [1]! She hastily sat up while Mo Jinbei took a step back. With a plop, his c*ck that hadn’t entirely become limp slid out from her entrance. 

Without any obstruction, the thick white s*men flowed out slowly from her pussy, sticking onto Shen Xunyuan’s tender, white thighs. Since the desired scene was filmed, Director Guo signalled for the crew to pack up. Everyone else then left the room, leaving Shen Xunyuan and Mo Jinbei alone. 

“You… You actually shot inside me!” Shen Xunyuan was so angry that she couldn’t even speak properly. These few days were her dangerous period [2], what if she got knocked up?!

Mo Jinbei looked at Shen Xunyuan’s pink entrance, where his s*men was still spilling out, and for a moment, he felt awkward. He quickly pulled out a few pieces of paper napkins and said apologetically, “I’m sorry. I didn’t manage to control myself just now, you’re just too tight inside. I’ll help you get cleaned up first, then I’ll go buy contraceptive pills for you later.” 

Shen Xunyuan was someone who preferred persuasion over coercion. She was initially seething mad, but once Mo Jinbei apologised, the anger in her extinguished by half. She took the napkins from Mo Jinbei, then looked down to clean their fluids that were between her legs. Her flower lips were f*cked swollen. As Shen Xunyuan wiped it clean, she silently took in a few deep breaths. 

Mo Jinbei observed Shen Xunyuan as she cleaned the fluids between her legs. Her hair was very long, almost covering her b*ttocks. Right now, she was seated on the desk, and her black tresses covered her entire back. Her skin was extremely fair and her figure was titillating. Even though she was seated, there was no sign of flabbiness on her stomach. And what made it the hardest for people to turn their eyes away was the two gigantic mounds on her chest. They were jiggling slightly, seemingly enticing anyone to lean in and suck them. 

Shen Xunyuan had wiped herself clean, but Mo Jinbei remained rooted where he was. Shen Xunyuan called out to him, “Aren’t you packing up?” 

It was only then that Mo Jinbei stepped out of his daze. He thought for a moment before saying, “Give me a while, I’ll send you home.” 

Once Shen Xunyuan thought about how isolated this set was, and how difficult it was to call a cab, she agreed. 


Mo Jinbei got his assistant to leave first, while he personally sent Shen Xunyuan home. Along the way, he had even made a detour at a vending machine. After he got back into the car, he handed the contraceptive pills and a bottle of water to Shen Xunyuan and said, “I’m really sorry about what happened today.” 

Shen Xunyuan silently ate the medicine. No matter what, she couldn’t reply to say things like “It’s alright.” 

Throughout the journey, the car was silent. Occasionally, Mo Jinbei would start a conversation, while Shen Xunyuan would reply indifferently. 

Finally, they arrived at Shen Xunyuan’s home. Mo Jinbei looked at Shen Xunyuan, who had already opened the door, and asked tentatively, “Do you need a lift to the set tomorrow morning?” 

Shen Xunyuan was stunned for a moment, then shook her head immediately after, “No, that’ll be too troublesome.” 

“It’s not troublesome. It only takes half an hour to drive from my house to yours.” Mo Jinbei didn’t know why, but he simply wanted to give her a lift.

Shen Xunyuan was still thinking that the thirty minutes journey was already a lot of trouble and was about to reject Mo Jinbei when he directly said, “Alright, don’t decline it. I’ll call you when I reach here tomorrow morning.” 

Shen Xunyuan didn’t know what to do, so she could only agree. Before Shen Xunyuan entered her apartment, she looked at her watch. It was already after 1AM, Shen Lang should probably be sleeping. Hence, she tiptoed into the house and entered her room. 

Unbeknownst to her, at this moment, her brother was in the next room, m*sturbating with her panties. 

[1] Literally costing a life because she could have been impregnated by him. But in other times, this term also means a fatal matter. 

[2] Dangerous period – Refers to a woman’s the ovulation or fertile period. 

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