Amorous Short Stories

LBP Chapters 13-14

Chapter 13

The emptiness could immediately be felt; Ji Huayao moaned bashfully, then looked at Jing Lie with a quivering gaze, “Don’t pull out… Alright?” 

How could Jing Lie still hesitate after hearing what she said? He straightened his back, then pushed forward, sliding his thick meat stick into the beautiful woman’s honey cave, causing her to gasp.

Jing Lie reached out to cover her small br*asts, then rubbed them as he panted softly in her ear. “Is your little cave feeling very hungry? As soon as my big meat stick entered, your little cave was caught in a panic and kept sucking me, hm?”

Ji Huayao enjoyed the pleasure of being filled. The seductive flesh in her cave sucked the hard shaft as if on instinct, and she buried her head in her pillow shyly.


Seeing Ji Huayao’s shy look, Jing Lie’s desire became even more intense. He started to move his hips quickly and vigorously, repeatedly filling the tunnel that was writhing. Unexpectedly, it only took a few strokes for Ji Huayao to reach her peak.

At this moment, the tender flesh within her c*nt was still sucking his c*ck frantically. The night was still young, so Jing Lie let the floodgates open, pouring his s*men into the narrow passage.

Ji Huayao’s legs were weak, and she was powerless. She originally thought that their lovemaking was over. Unexpectedly, Jing Lie thrust in again, and pushed the thick and white s*men into her womb! His hard c*ck pushed her entrance, which had been f*cked so much that it couldn’t close, stretch all the way to its limit. Ji Huayao was trembling, as she cried coquettishly again and again, “Jing Lie… I don’t want it anymore… It’s too deep… I can’t take it…”

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Ubyrvla 14 

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His hot s*men once again spilled into her narrow womb. However, it was a long night. Jing Lie rolled her over and made her lie prone on the bed. From behind, he entered her again. The sound of their bodies slapping, the squishy sounds from their intercourse, the man’s panting, and the woman’s pleas made the palace maids, who were on duty outside, blush. 


After the wedding, the Emperor seemed to only favour the Empress. Apart from his Imperial Study, he would only go to the Empress’ palace. Even the petition sent by the MInistry of Rites, asking for the Emperor to expand his harem, was rejected by the Emperor himself. As expected, all the other candidates who still remained in the palace were sent back to their homes.

When Ji Huayao found out about this, she was very shocked. No woman wanted to share her husband with another woman, even if he was the Emperor. On the other hand, it was also because Jing Lie was the Emperor that it was even more shocking that he chose to do this for her. 

Ji Huayao finally admitted to herself that she was moved by him, a man who was completely devoted to her. She waited in the palace, feeling a little nervous, yet also a little frustrated. All she knew was that she wanted to see Jing Lie immediately.

Unexpectedly, the only message she got was from an eunuch, who said that the Emperor had something to do, so he asked her not to wait and to rest early. If it was in the past, Ji Huayao would have agreed without hesitation and wouldn’t have asked another word. But it was different now, so she asked, “What is it? It’s already so late. Why does the Emperor have to deal with it immediately?”

Yinbao hesitated for a moment before stuttering, “The Prince of Qi has stationed troops outside of the city, and said that he wanted to see the Empress Dowager.”

Wasn’t the Prince of Qi Jing Yu? The Empress Dowager had 50,000 elite soldiers and the support of the Northern Country behind her. Ji Huayao asked hastily, “Then, did His Majesty allow the Empress Dowager to leave the city?”

Yinbao shook his head. “Right now, the Imperial Guards are fighting the Prince of Qi.”

Ji Huayao pondered for a moment and walked towards the Imperial Study. When she reached, she saw Jing Lie looking indifferent, as though the 50,000 elite soldiers outside the city didn’t exist. Ji Huayao said, “Your Majesty, let the Empress Dowager go.”

Jing Lie smiled and his gaze was calm. “I won’t let anyone who harmed you off. Leave this matter to me. Don’t worry.”

How could Ji Huayao not worry? She didn’t want the two sides to be at war, nor did she want Jing Lie to be put in a spot. Hence, she continued to say, “The matter’s over. Let the Empress Dowager go. I really don’t care.”

However, regardless of what Ji Huayao said to persuade him, Jing Lie seemed to have made up his mind, and he didn’t budge. For the next few days, Ji Huayao was worried. She was only relieved when she heard that the Prince of Qi was captured.


At this point, two months had passed, and Jing Lie looked a bit skinnier. Ji Huayao’s heart ached for Jing Lie, so she personally prepared a meal for him. Jing Lie looked at the table of exquisite dishes and said, “Yaoyao, I’m really happy.”

“As long as you like it, I’ll make it for you often in the future.” Ji Huayao smiled.

Looking at the beauty’s smile, Jing Lie only felt that everything was worth it.

It was late at night, so Jing Lie naturally hugged Ji Huayao in her bed, and they made passionate love under the flickering candlelight. Ji Huayao was lying n*ked under Jing Lie. When he entered her body, he asked her, “Yaoyao… Why don’t you give birth to a child for me?”

The honey hole between her legs was occupied by Jing Lie. She could only reply shyly, “Mm…”

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