Amorous Short Stories

CC Chapters 37-38

Chapter 37

Time flashed past very quickly. Xie Xun had already gone to the Shanxi camp for more than half a year. During that period of time, Song Ruwan stayed home most of the time and barely left her home. Princess Fushu had invited her for gatherings at her manor a few times, but she never accepted the invitations, citing bad health. 

But one day, the empress dowager’s edict was relayed from the palace, decreeing that Xie Xun and Fushu would be married! After Song Ruwan heard that news, she felt giddy, and she almost blacked out! How did this happen? It wasn’t like this in her previous lifetime! Xie Xun had married her! The empress dowager had never bestowed a marriage! 

What exactly happened?! Why did the empress dowager issue such a decree?! 


The empress dowager’s decree also reached Shanxi. Xie Xun stood there in a daze, but he didn’t kneel down to receive the decree, and the eunuch who was announcing the decree didn’t know what to do. It was only when the Marquis of Ningguo forced Xie Xun to kneel down that the matter was eventually resolved. 

Eventually, only Xie Xun and his father were alone. Xie Xun held the edict in his hands so tightly that his veins were popping out, looking extremely angry. “The last time when I went to the palace, I’d already made it clear that I will never marry Fushu! The empress dowager had also acknowledged it, but in the end, she still made such an edict!” 

The Duke of Ningguo knew Xie Xun’s intentions, and he was rather satisfied with the second young lady of the Song family as well. Besides, her father was his good friend, and if he didn’t pass away early, the Marquis’ family wouldn’t be in the situation right now, and there was no way her family would be looked down upon. 

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“Cousin… I… I believe that Xie Xun… That he won’t let me down!” 


Surprise flashed across Song Qizhen’s face. She never expected that Song Ruwan would have so much faith in Xie Xun. She was even afraid that the couple might drift apart because of this matter, and Song Ruwan would then be the one on the losing end. But now that she saw how quickly Song Ruwan could calm down and choose to trust Xie Xun, she could tell that the couple was deeply in love. 

“Ruwan, so long as you believe Xie Xun, I’ll also believe that he won’t let you down. I heard from Mu Yun that Xie Xun would be returning to the capital soon. When he’s back, I’ll ask Mu Yun to send him an invite. You should ask him anything you want face to face; don’t let any misunderstandings happen.” 

Hearing the word “misunderstandings”, for some unknown reason, there was a clang in Song Ruwan’s heart, as though there was a dull, hard knock on it. 

Chapter 38

Under Song Qizhen’s cover, Song Ruwan successfully arrived at Fuzhai Inn. When she reached the entrance of a room on the third floor, she knocked on the door with shaking hands, and the first person she saw was the man whom she had been dreaming and thinking about all day and night. 

“Xie Xun…” The longing and worries that Song Ruwan had been feeling for so many days made her feel somewhat aggrieved. 

Now, Xie Xun had grown even taller, and his broad shoulders seemed reliable enough to shelter them from all storms. He walked up to her quickly, then pulled her into his embrace. “Wanwan, you’ve suffered.” 

Song Ruwan hugged Xie Xun’s waist tightly, and her eyes were red. “Brother Xun, so long as you have me alone in your heart, I won’t feel upset.” 

Xie Xun grabbed Song Ruwan’s hands and placed them on his left chest, as he said to her with a resolute gaze, “Wanwan, I only have you. There’s just you, and you alone.” 

All the pressure that had accumulated all these days instantly dissipated, and Song Ruwan buried her head in Xie Xun’s chest as she sobbed quietly. “I know it! I know that you won’t let me down, Brother Xun.” 

“Silly girl. I can’t wait to pamper you, so how could I ever let you down?” Xie Xun lowered his head, then kissed Song Ruwan’s forehead. 

“Then… Will you marry Fushu?” After all, the empress dowager had issued her edict. 


“Wanwan, don’t worry. I will never marry Fushu. The only person I want to marry is you.” Xie Xun looked at Song Ruwan, his gaze filled with tenderness. 

Song Ruwan opened her mouth unwittingly. She really wanted to ask him whether he loved her so resolutely in her previous lifetime as well. However, she immediately threw this idea away. Why should she doubt a man who did so much for her? In her previous lifetime, she didn’t trust him enough, but in this lifetime, she would trust him with all her heart! 

“Brother Xun, I’ll believe everything you say.” After saying that, Song Ruwan tip-toed, then kissed Xie Xun’s thin lips. 

Xie Xun was stunned by this sudden gaze. He could feel that the kiss was filled with love and trust, and this made him very… very happy. He tightened his arms around Song Ruwan’s waist and pulled her closer, then responded to her passionately, as his warm palms began gliding around Song Ruwan’s tender body. 

“Brother Xun, let’s not do it here. Let’s go to the bed, alright?” Song Ruwan was panting coquettishly, as she pressed on the hand that was kneading her br*ast through that thin layer of cloth, and said with her face flushed. 

Xie Xun was forced to stop his attack. He carried Song Ruwan in one swift motion, then walked toward the inner chambers. The moment they got onto the bed, Song Ruwan’s clothes were pulled apart by Xie Xun. The image that appeared before him was Song Ruwan’s fair and slender legs shaking and moving, and the pink, mesmerising hole that was hidden between her legs. Her full, fair bosom had already turned red from his previous kneading, and perched right at the tips shyly were the two nubs that were pink, tender, and attractive. 

Xie Xun lowered his head and buried himself between that two enchanting mounds, before he sucked the two tender n*pples, licked the flesh around it, before sighing in satisfaction. “Wanwan’s br*asts are so soft, and your tiny n*pples are tender and sweet, and they are much bigger than before, as though they are filled with milk. I wonder if there’ll really be milk if I suck it hard enough?” 

Song Ruwan’s gigantic b**bs were then unrestrainedly bitten and sucked by Xie Xun whenever he put them into his mouth. He was just like a little kid suckling her tiny n*pple, and after a short while, a sense of euphoria grew in Song Ruwan’s heart. 

“Ahhh… Brother Xun… You’re sucking me so hard, it’s so ticklish…” Song Ruwan’s tiny hand rubbed Xie Xun’s back, feeling extremely aro*sed.

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