Amorous Short Stories

CC Chapters 35-36

Chapter 35

Xie Xun’s warm tongue wrapped around Song Yanwan’s small tongue, vigorously sucking the honey in her mouth and twirling himself in her mouth. His fingers released her cl*t, and he probed towards her sensitive point. Moisturised by the l*wd water, Xie Xun’s fingers easily entered Song Ruwan’s tender hole, and he used his fingers to thrust back and forth. Then, two fingers, three fingers…

Song Ruwan’s upper mouth was blocked by Xie Xun’s big tongue, and her lower mouth was prodded by his three fingers. Her eyes gradually blurred, and silky fluid flowed down the corners of her mouth and slid towards her neck.

Xie Xun kissed Song Ruwan for a long time, then let go of her lips, pulled his tongue out of her mouth, and then turned to fondle her delicate earlobes. Her body trembled, and her ears turned red immediately. He took one of her earlobes into his mouth and mumbled, “My baby’s ears are very sensitive.”

A large stream of clear l*wd fluid suddenly gushed out of Song Ruwan’s c*nt. Xie Xun laughed softly, as the movements of his hands gradually became rougher. When his fingertips entered the depths of her passage, they would always scrape against the wall of her hot and humid hole. Inadvertently, Xie Xun pressed a small bump. Song Yanwan screamed in an instant, her whole body arched, and her nails dug deep into the muscles of Xie Xun’s thigh!


Xie Xun was panting heavily, and he looked deeply at Song Ruwan, “Did I touch your sensitive spot, huh?”

Song Yanwan twisted her body coquettishly. She clenched her lower lip and was embarrassed to answer Xie Xun, but the tender flesh in her passage kept shrinking, which meant that she was about to cl*max.

The three fingers in her p*ssy were suddenly pulled out, and what replaced it was Xie Xun’s thick and long c*ck! It penetrated deeply into the depths of her p*ssy, firmly against the inner wall of her ut*rus!

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Song Ruwan trembled uncontrollably, and hugged Xie Xun’s neck even more tightly. Her legs also tightened around Xie Xun’s lean waist, and the tender c*nt between her legs were also tightly biting onto his rapidly moving giant meat stick. “Brother Xun… I can’t do this anymore… I’m going to fall…” 


Xie Xun carried Song Ruwan properly, then walked briskly towards a tree nearby and caged her by the tree. His hips were still pumping extremely violently, and Song Ruwan felt as though she was going to be pierced through by him. 

Then, Xie Xun growled, and his entire body stilled abruptly, causing his well defined muscles to appear. At this moment, he was only a dangerous panther which had pressed his female partner under him, as the hot s*men shot out of his gl*ns. Song Ruwan’s body was pressed against Xie Xun’s muscular body under the rough tree, and the honey cave between her legs was still being penetrated by him, so all she could do was to cry as she took in the spurts of s*men, till her entire womb was full. 

Song Ruwan no longer had any strength in her body as she lay in Xie Xun’s embrace. Her entire weight was in Xie Xun’s hands. The latter lowered his head and nibbled her lips lightly a few times. Right now, he looked satisfied, as he asked, “Did that feel good? Hmm?” 

Song Ruwan’s entire face was flushed, and she nodded her head bashfully. “Brother Xun made me feel really good.” 

“We’ve already done these things, and you’re still calling me ‘Brother Xun’? Why don’t you call me ‘Hubby’ in advance? Let me hear you say it.

Even though Song Ruwan was embarrassed, she had called him that countless times in her precious time, so she said softly, “Hubby…” 

Xie Xun was truly overjoyed. He lowered his head and captured her lips once more, and kissed her for quite a long time before he released her. Then, he placed her down on the gown and helped her put on her clothes, before putting her on horseback and sending her back to the manor. 

That night, the couple lay together in bed. Xie Xun hugged Song Ruwan as his palms fell on her chest and kneaded the perky mounds occasionally. “Wanwan… Let’s not quarrel anymore in the future… We should talk things out if anything happens… Don’t hide it inside…” 

Song Ruwan leaned against Xie Xun’s muscular chest. As she listened to his strong and dull heartbeat, a sense of peace fell unwittingly upon her. “Mm… In the future, I’ll tell you… Whenever I am troubled by anything…” 

Xie Xun kissed Song Ruwan’s smooth forehead, and looked at her lovingly as he said, “Also… You must believe me.” 

When Song Ruwan recalled the vicious oath that Xie Xun made, her entire heart felt uneasy. Even if Xie Xun were to betray her in the future, she wouldn’t want him to die an ugly death. 

“In the future, I’ll believe everything you say. But… Don’t even make such oaths again. I’ll be scared.” 


“Don’t be. I won’t ever do anything to betray you, so it won’t come true.” Xie Xun looked at how anxious Song Ruwan looked and was amused. “Right, I still have something to tell you. I’ll have to go to the Xishan Camp for a period of time after this. When I return, you’ll be of age. At that time, I’ll immediately go to your family and propose our marriage. Just be good and wait for me at home, alright?” 

At Xie Xun’s mention of their future plans, Song Ruwan’s heart was filled with happiness. “Mm, I’ll wait for you at home obediently.” 

“My Wanwan is most obedient. Aso, Fushu is someone whose intentions are deep. Just be careful, and try not to have any interactions with her.” 

When Song Ruwan heard how Xie Xun perceived Fushu, apart from feeling at ease, she was also feeling doubtful. What actually happened between the two of them in her previous lifetime? Could it be that Xie Xun never fell in love with Fushu before? Was he forced by circumstances back then?

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