Amorous Short Stories

CC Chapters 33-34

Chapter 33

Song Ruwan begged her mother, and eventually returned to the small house in her previous lifetime. Walking into the familiar fields and seeing the sea of golden crops, she felt depressed. She had never expected this. Even though she was living her life all over, she still escaped to this place. 

With regard to her future with Xie Xun, she no longer could see one clearly, nor could she feel it anymore. After one lifetime, she really didn’t know if she could still continue waiting for him, like she did in her previous lifetime. Would she marry him only when the war with Fannan began and he split up with Fushu? She really didn’t know the answer. 

Right at this moment, a majestic-looking horse raced over to her, creating winds of dust along its path. Song Ruwan stood by the side of the road and lowered her head slightly, wanting to wait for it to pass. Unexpectedly, the tall and muscular horse stopped right in front of her. She noticed that the horse was black, and had white hoofs; it was the Zhuiyun Horse! 

Song Ruwan looked up immediately, and true enough, the person who was riding the horse was Xie Xun! All she saw, however, was that he was looking down coldly at her, as his hands gripped the reins tightly, as though he was suppressing his anger. 


“Why haven’t you been responding to my invitations over the past few days? Hmm?” 

Xie Xun had indeed asked Song Jiayu to pass messages to her a few times, but she simply didn’t know how to face him. Should she congratulate him in person, for his impending marriage? Or pretend that she was clueless about everything, and then quietly wait for him to marry her in the end? She really didn’t understand the reason behind her rebirth. She had already become his woman, and given his character, he would definitely take responsibility, and now have any ties with other women. Yet, he was still entangled with Fushu. Could this be fate, and she was never able to escape from it? 

Hence, she replied in a dull voice, “You’re already getting married soon, so why do you still want to see me?” 

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Looking at how sad Song Ruwan was, the anger in Xie Xun’s heart instantly vanished. He consoled her helplessly, “I’ve already told you before, there’s only you in my heart. About that matter with Fushu, that’s just the Empress Dowager and His Majesty’s one-sided wish. I won’t marry her. The only person I want to marry is you, so can you just believe me?” 


Song Ruwan was stunned to hear this. If that was the case… Could she take it as, in her past life, Xie Xun was also unwilling to marry Fushu… And he had done so only because of the Empress Dowager and His Majesty?

“But you clearly saw me during my cousin’s wedding, so why did you ignore me?” 

Chapter 34

Thinking about the scene that day, Xie Xun became furious. “When did you start getting along so well with Xiao Chengyan? He even held your hand in front of my presence!” 

“No way!” Song Ruwan immediately denied it. Back then, she was shocked and angry, so she did not know whether Xiao Chengyan had held her hand. What she only saw was Xie Xun and Fushu talking and laughing along the way! “Fushu and you were the ones getting along well that day!” 

Xie Xun was truly angered by the woman standing before him. It was no wonder that there was a saying, that only despicable people and women are hard to raise. That way, he had met Fushu at the entrance of the manor, and she had insisted on walking with him. Along the way, no matter what she said, he would only smile and not reply to her. Yet, how did he become a cheater in the eyes of Song Ruwan?! 

Xie Xun closed his eyes, and his chest rose and fell strongly. When he opened his eyes, he decided to just seal Song Ruwan’s tiny mouth, preventing her from saying anything else that might anger him! 

“Woo… Woo… What are you doing?” Song Ruwan hit Xie Xun’s muscular chest, and when she felt a warm palm covering one of her br*asts, she bit Xie Xun. “Xie Xun! You’re shameless!” 

Xie Xun felt a sharp pain, so he released Song Ruwan’s lips and licked his own lips. Immediately, the taste of blood spread into his mouth, and his gaze darkened. “You dare to bite me?” 

Song Ruwan has always been subservient in front of Xie Xun all this time, and regardless of whether it was the previous lifetime or this lifetime, she had never gone against Xie Xun’s wishes. It wasn’t that she didn’t dare to, but she was willing to follow his lead. But today, she was no longer willing. 

“Let me go!” As Song Ruwan spoke, she struggled. She didn’t care that she was still in the river, all she wanted to do was to free herself from Xie Xun’s embrace. 

It was impossible for Xie Xun to truly harm her, so he could only carry her to shore before anything else happened. The moment they were up on the shore, Song Ruwan buried her head into her knees and began sobbing sadly. 


Xie Xun was in an awkward position, not knowing whether he should stand or sit. The fury in his heart had long dissipated, and all he could see was Song Ruwan crying her heart out. “Wanwan? Please don’t cry. Why don’t… Why don’t you hit me to vent your anger?” 

It was only then that Song Ruwan felt a little bit better. Amidst her sobs, she asked, “Xie Xun, is there really nothing between Fushu and you?”

Xie Xun put his hand up and swore immediately, “If I, Xie Xun, have said anything that is false, I’ll be torn apart by horses, and will never be able to reincarnate! Now… Can you believe me already?” 

Song Ruwan instantly panicked, and quickly covered Xie Xun’s mouth, worried that he might say something more terrifying. “I won’t allow you to say such things! No!” Even if there came a day when Xie Xun really let her down, she would only lick her wounds in solitude, but never would she wish anything untoward to happen to Xie Xun. 

Xie Xun pulled Song Ruwan’s hand down, and placed it into his palm. As he kissed her, he said, “Wanwan, you have to believe in me. My heart and my body belong to you, and you alone.” 

Song Ruwan’s face gradually became flushed, and in the end, she leaned into Xie Xun’s embrace, allowing him to remove her clothes. 

Xie Xun made Song Ruwan lean back into his body, then used his hands to spread her legs open, and placed her between his bent legs, revealing the pink, soft folds between her legs. Then, he used a hand to cover the top, as he pinched the tiny little bead and rubbed it, till his fingers were covered with viscous l*wd fluids. 

“Be good… Wanwan… I want to kiss you…” Xie Xun lowered his head, then used a finger to lift Song Ruwan’s chin up. Then, he got her to turn around a little, and stuck his lips to hers, before licking and sucking her plump lips passionately. 

Song Ruwan was so aroused by Xie Xun’s movements that she squirmed in Xie Xun’s arms. She couldn’t control herself and moaned repeatedly, and her hand unwittingly grabbed Xie Xun’s thighs.

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