Amorous Short Stories

CC Chapters 31-32

Chapter 31

Xie Xun moved his hips continuously, pulling almost his entire shaft out before thrusting all the way into Song Ruwan again. His hands were not idle either; he used the side of his palm to trace the bottom of her br*asts, then pressed two fingers on them, as he flicked the pitifully trembling n*pples. 

“Wanwan, how do you like it?”

Song Ruwan laid on the bed, her entire body shaking in accordance to Xie Xun’s movements. Within her tiny passage, the tender walls were sucking and shrinking, while the pink lips were stretched to their max, and were wrapping the thick meat stick tightly. “… Brother Xun… I feel so good… Your c*ck is so big… So thick…” 

“As long as you like it, Wanwan… My meat stick can become bigger and thicker… Be good… Hug me tighter…” Xie Xun patted Song Ruwan’s tender b*tt as he continued pounding her fiercely. 


Song Ruwan only felt a strong heat burning within her from the friction that was coming from her legs. Xie Xun’s thick p*bic hair was also rubbing against her cl*t, causing it to be so red that it looked as though it was about to bleed, and it trembled against the rubbing of the hair. 

“Ahh… Brother Xun… Wanwan is about to come… I’m going to come from your f*cking… Ahh…” At this point, Song Ruwan only saw a white light flash past her eyes, causing her to unwittingly straighten her toes, as a long moan escaped from her pink lips. “Ahhh.. I came… Brother Xun…” 

Song Ruwan’s legs were wound tightly around Xie Xun’s strong hips, and her jade-like arms were hugging his back, as her fingernails dug deep into his flesh. Her hot and wet passage was pulling and sucking him, as a warm bust of love juices spilled out from her flower core, dripping directly onto the head that was still lodged deep within her body. 

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However, Xiao Chengyan grabbed Song Ruwan’s hand and asked anxiously, “Ruwan, are you going to look for Xie Xun?” 


Song Ruwan pulled her hand away, but did not deny it. 

“Why are you still looking for him? He’s about to get married to Princess Fushu already. Don’t you know that?” Xiao Chengyan felt as though his heart was on fire. He did not understand why Song Ruwan seemed to be obsessed with Xie Xun, to the point that she only had him in her eyes despite his infidelity! 

Chapter 32

“What did you say? They are getting married soon?!” Song Ruwan covered her mouth and retreated a few steps, as an unspeakable yet pained expression appeared on her face. 

“I heard that soon, the Empress Dowager would be decreeing their marriage. Ruwan, just give up. Xie Xun is not the man you should be with.” No matter how bad he felt inside, he still felt that he needed to tell her the truth. 

“No… That’s not possible… Xie Xun said that he would marry me… Besides…” He had also married her in the end in her previous lifetime, so she repeatedly told herself not to panic, and to trust Xie Xun. 

“Ruwan, don’t be silly. Right now, the Fannan troops are strong and powerful. If they declare war on us, many people will die, and the country would suffer. Since Fannan’s ruler is willing to bind the countries through marriage, there’s no reason for His Majesty to disagree. Not to mention that Princess Fushu has taken a liking for Xie Xun, even if she falls in love with the young Crown Prince, His Majesty will still agree to it.” 

Song Ruwan was a lady who lived a solitary life. Her father passed away early, so she did not know much about the world outside. All she knew was that she loved Xie Xun; that she hoped to marry him from a young age, and hoped that he would treat her wholeheartedly. 

“Impossible! Xie Xun had asked me to believe in him! Unless I see it for myself, otherwise I will never give up!” Song Ruwan’s fingers had dug deep into her palms, as though she had all of her energy to say this. 

“Ruwan… Why do you have to put yourself through this…” Before Xiao Chengyan could finish speaking, a couple walked over from the other end of the corridor. The man was dashing and elegant, and there was a small smile on his face. The woman was bright and beautiful, and she was looking lovingly at the man as they chatted. 

Song Ruwan felt as though she had been struck by thunder when she saw this. It was as though the words that she had just said were fiery slaps on her face, covering her entire face with bruises. She had witnessed this scene too many times in her past lifetime that she felt as though she had returned to the past. 

Xiao Chengyan looked at Song Ruwan’s ashen face and held her hand, looking extremely worried. “Ruwan… Don’t be upset… You… You still have me…” 


However, Song Ruwan could not hear anything. All she could see was Xie Xun and Fushu walking side by side, getting closer and closer to her, to the point that she could see the animosity in Fushu’s eyes, as well as Xie Xun’s coldness. 

Right at this moment, so long as Xie Xun stopped and spoke to her, she would have the strength to continue holding on. However, Xie Xun did not even take a look at her, and simply brushed past her without even blinking. 

Song Ruwan’s eyes were instantly filled with tears. She turned her head back in disbelief, as she looked at Xie Xun’s figure moving further and further away from her. It was only a while back that they were still very close, promising themselves to each other. So how did it change so quickly? 

“Ruwan, stop looking. It’s not worth it for Xie Xun!” Xiao Chengyan forcibly pulled Song Ruwan over, then looked down and spoke to her. 

“Xiao Chengyan…” Song Ruwan’s tears fell out uncontrollably, dripping onto the stone by the side of her foot, creating a damp spot on it. 

“?” Xiao Chengyan felt terribly upset seeing her cry, so much so that he really wanted to pull her into his embrace right now, then care for her and keep her from any harm. 

Unexpectedly, Song Ruwan pushed his hand away, her expression depressed as she said, “Leave me alone… I need some time by myself…” 

In the end, Song Chengyan still released his hand, however, he said, “Ruwan, remember this. No matter what, I’ll be by your side. So long as you are willing to look back, I’ll be there.” 

Song Ruwan looked dazedly at Xiao Chengyan, but she was unable to say a single word.

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