Amorous Short Stories

CC Chapters 27-28

Chapter 27

After Xie Xun left, Song Ruwan would stay at home most of the time. Xiao Chengyan had sent someone to invite her out a few times, but she rejected all of his invitations. She had thought about it, perhaps after some time, Xiao Chengyan’s feelings for her would slowly fade. She really could not bear to see him upset in the future, so it was better for her to treat him more harshly now. 

She also wrote letters to Xie Xun frequently. Initially, Xie Xun would reply to every single one of them, telling her about what was happening in the mountains, as well as say sweet nothings to her. However, for some reason, the number of letters had been reducing recently, causing her to feel increasingly uneasy. 

This day, Song Ruwan became dreaded staying in her room, because her mind was running wild all the time. Hence, she went over to Song Qizhen’s yard. But strangely, the maids who were supposed to be around were absent. Just when she was about to knock on the door, she heard some suppressed moans from the inside. 

She was at a loss. How would she not know what the people in the room were doing? She quietly turned around, wanting to leave discreetly, but when she passed by the window, she saw a naked couple through a small opening in the window. 


The man’s back was extremely muscular, with lines that were smooth and full of power. His skin was bronze, and his large hands had pulled Song Qizhen’s legs apart, as he buried his head between them and was licking the core. 

Song Ruwan’s heart pounded rapidly. She knew that it was not right to peep, but her legs just refused to move, and she stood on the spot staring at the naked couple, as a flush crept up her face. 

“Mu Yun… Stop licking… Just come in quickly… I want you…” Song Qizhen was completely naked. Her legs were wide open as she sat on the bed. Her elbows were supporting her body, and her full bosom hung on her chest, causing one’s desire to grow at the sight of her. 

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Chapter 28


Mu Yun violently thrust his c*ck into Song Qizhen’s body from behind. Panting heavily, he put his tongue out to lick her white and tender earlobes. Song Qizhen lay on the bed, feeling her body going limp. Her b*tt was lifted high by Mu Yun, and the pink and tender cave was violated by his big c*ck.

He looked at the beauty under him, who was lying weakly from his actions. He smiled charmingly, and stuck his tongue into her earhole, licking and provoking her non-stop, making her feel ticklish and delighted.

“Brother Mu… Don’t… It’s so ticklish…”

“What’s ticklish? The area on the top, or the little mouth on the bottom, huh?” After finishing speaking, Mu Yun slammed into Song Qizhen’s small womb directly. The huge gl*ns, which was the size of a baby’s fist, filled the uterus. 

“Brother Mu… You are too big… I feel so bloated…” Song Qizhen looked down at her lower abdomen, only to see a long strip protruding from the flat and soft belly, which was pumping in and out of her body rapidly.

“Be good… The bigger your Brother Mu’s c*ck is… The more comfortable you will be…” Mu Yun heard Song Qizhen’s charming voice, and his lower body moved even more vigorously, “Oh… Zhen’er… you are so hot and tight… Suck me more… My d*ck feels so good…”

Because of Mu Yun’s vigorous thrusting, the slapping of their bodies could be heard. Every time Mu Yun pulled out completely, the huge rod would be wet and glistening, and the liquid slowly flowed along the area where their bodies were joined. As it trickled down slowly, a seductive musk wafted out of the window, making Song Ruwan’s heart throb as she stood there.

Song Ruwan went back to her room clutching her chest. When she was sitting in the chair, she realised that the area between her legs was damp. She blushed, hid behind the screen in her room, took off her pants, and wiped herself clean with a wet handkerchief.

Ever since she peeked at Song Qizhen and Mu Yun, Song Ruwan avoided visiting Song Qizhen for a long time, because she was embarrassed, and because she was afraid of bumping into them having s*x again. 

One day, Song Qizhen came to Song Ruwan’s place, and she brought some snacks from outside. She smiled and asked Song Ruwan to taste it.

The two sat and chatted for a while, before Song Qizhen asked casually: “Ruwan, the prince from the Xie family has been in Shanxi for so long, so how’s your relationship going? Does he often write to you?”

Hearing this, a trace of worry appeared on Song Ruwan’s face. “When he first went to Shanxi, he often wrote letters to me, but then they have become fewer, and he hasn’t replied recently. Perhaps he’s just busy. Anyway, he’s coming back in a month’s time, so it will all be fine then.” 


Hearing this, Song Qizhen clenched her fists, remembering the rumours she had heard outside recently. She felt that it was unfair for her cousin, and she secretly scolded Xie Xun for being an a**hole! She suppressed the anger in her heart, and asked tactfully: “How far have you gone with that Prince Xie?”

Song Ruwan blushed with embarrassment, and said, “Sister, what nonsense are you talking about?!”

When Song Qizhen saw Song Ruwan’s shy appearance, her heart sank. “You… You gave yourself to him?”

At this moment, even Song Ruwan’s fair ears turned red. She thought that Song Qizhen had treated her so well in two lifetimes, she would not tell on her even if she shared the secret, so she nodded, “…I am already his. I hope you’ll keep it a secret for me.”

That bastard Xie Xun really took Ruwan’s v*rginity! Poor Ruwan was still waiting for him wholeheartedly, but he was having fun with another woman outside! Song Qizhen’s anger grew, and she slammed her hand down on the table!

“This Xie Xun is really hateful! He ruined your innocence, yet is still involved with Princess Fushu! When he comes back from Shanxi, I will teach him a lesson!”

After hearing Song Qizhen’s words, Song Ruwan’s mind went blank, and her ears were buzzing. After that, she could no longer hear Song Qizhen’s insults towards Xie Xun. She just felt cold all over; Could this be fate? Did Xie Xun still fall in love with Fushu?

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