Amorous Short Stories

STF Chapters 13-14

Chapter 13

Shen Xunyuan mumbled in agreement, then obediently sat into Mo Jinbei’s embrace. Her b*tt was on Mo Jinbei’s thigh, and the contact between the tender flesh and the solid muscles felt extremely comfortable. Shen Xunyuan couldn’t help but remark, “Brother… Your body is so hard!” 

Though it was unclear what Mo Jinbei was thinking about, he coughed once, then rested his hands on Shen Xunyuan’s chest. Her chest was extremely soft, unlike implanted br*asts, which he didn’t feel anything when he touched those. Although they were still filming, Mo Jinbei really was aroused, and he increased the speed of his kneading. 

“If I rub it like this… Do you still feel pain?” 

Shen Xunyuan’s face was already flushed. Her tiny mouth opened and closed, fully portraying the image of someone inexperienced in s*x, “Oohh… Ahhh… Brother… Your touch is so comforting…” 

At this point, Mo Jinbei also couldn’t contain himself as he took Shen Xunyuan’s ear into his mouth, his tongue lightly licking it, then sucking it. His hands moved faster, kneading Shen Xunyuan’s br*asts into all sorts of shapes. 

The cameraman zoomed in and focused on Shen Xunyuan’s ravaged chest. All that could be seen was the snowy white mound under the thin fabric, rubbed into all kinds of l*wd shapes by Mo Jinbei’s slender fingers. Some parts of her br*asts were also spilling out of her neckline. There were even times where her pink ar*olas could be seen. 

When this movie is released, all the male audiences watching this scene would probably be screaming internally, Remove her dress! Show us her n*pples!

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The couple in bed let out comfortable sighs in unison!

The cameraman zoomed in again, and the entire image was the entanglement of the lip and n*pple. Mo Jinbei was like a breastfeeding child, sucking Shen Xunyuan’s n*pple with all his might. Amidst the action, his tongue appeared intermittently, continuously making small circles around her ar*ola. 

Shen Xunyuan also looked as though she was overcome by l*st. She hugged Mo Jinbei’s head, her fingers running through his hair, and continued to rub against him, “Brother… Suck it harder… Suck my entire br*ast in…” 

Immediately, Mo Jinbei started eating out her br*ast in large mouthfuls, and the fair mound was quickly covered in saliva. 

[1] Liu Xiahui refers to ancient politician Zhan Huo, who was said to be a man of impeccable virtue, and had on one occasion held a lady in his lap without debasing his moral character.

Chapter 14

The sloshing sounds of br*ast-sucking filled the entire room. They were clearly biological siblings, but at this moment, they were n*ked and entangled with each other. 

Mo Jinbei seemed to have used up all his self-control before he finally released his sister’s attractive chest. Now, he wasn’t only looking at her with a pampering gaze that he usually had. There was also a look of desire of a man towards a woman. “Did you feel good from my licking?”

Shen Xunyuan was already wet below. At this time, she didn’t need to act anymore. She nodded in accordance with the genuine reaction from her body. “It was so good… Brother’s tongue was so smooth and soft… I’m so happy…” 

Mo Jinbei’s hand slid down Shen Xunyuan’s voluptuous curves, eventually covering the area between her legs. His index finger lightly probed her tiny core, his bewitching voice saying, “Do you want to feel even better?” 

Shen Xunyuan’s p*nties were already soaked. She thought to herself, Mo Jinbei should have felt it too. As embarrassment crept up in her mind, she almost couldn’t continue the scene anymore. 

As expected of a Best Actor, Mo Jinbei’s professionalism was top-notch. He sensed Shen Xunyuan’s hesitation, so he moved his finger again, and said in his bewitching voice again, “Brother can make you feel even better… Do you want to try it?” 

Shen Xunyuan immediately adjusted her emotions, then read out her lines. “How will Brother make me feel even better?” 

Mo Jinbei’s lips curved up sexily, and he whispered close to Shen Xunyuan’s ears, “Close your eyes first…” 

Shen Xunyuan closed her eyes obediently, her expression filled with expectations. 

Mo Jinbei lay Shen Xunyuan down onto the bed, then bent her legs and removed her wet p*nties. The cameraman followed Mo Jinbei’s actions all the way. Shen Xunyuan’s b*tt was taut and perky, and her legs were long and slender. The panties were slid off her legs, and eventually thrown off the bed. 

“My good sister… Open your legs wider… Brother will make you feel good…” 

“Brother… What are you going to do to me…” Shen Xunyuan squeezed her eyes shut, as she murmured lightly.

“Doing something that will make you feel good…” Looking at Shen Xunyuan’s legs slowly widening, Mo Jinbei finally buried his head in, and started to lick her c*nt. 

The cameraman raised the camera to the ceiling, and started filming from the top. In the frame, Shen Xunyuan’s supple body lay flat, and she was trembling slightly. Her expression made everyone believe that she was already immersed in lust with her brother. 

Mo Jinbei’s head was buried between Shen Xunyuan’s legs, his head just covering Shen Xunyuan’s private part. In order to make the scene more realistic, right now, he was really using his tongue to lick Shen Xunyuan’s core bit by bit. 

Shen Xunyuan grabbed the bedsheets under her, tightening then loosening, loosening and then tightening again. She thought to herself, Before filming, we agreed that it was only going to be a pretense. Why did he really do it? Oh my, Mo Jinbei’s tongue was so active, she was going to c*m! 

“Oohhh… Woooo… Ohhh…” Shen Xunyuan’s moans became increasingly louder, and the convulsions of her body became more frequent. Beneath her b*tt, the bedsheets were soaked with her bodily fluids. 

Mo Jinbei’s tongue glided up and down the tender seams, and he drank quite a bit of Shen Xunyuan’s s*xual fluids. However, she was too leaky, and he didn’t manage to drink it all, so some of it started flowing down her cr*tch. 

His hand slowly moved up from Shen Xunyuan’s b*tt, and quickly grabbed her ample chest. Licking on one end, and rubbing on the other. Shen Xunyuan couldn’t take it anymore; fortunately, she remembered that she was still filming, hence she screamed, “Brother! I feel suffocated!” Then, she allowed her body to writhe, as a large dose of liquid gushed out from her lower body. 

“Cut!” Director Guo saw how Shen Xunyuan was still panting on the bed and said encouragingly, “Xunyuan acted quite well in this scene! The cl*max looked realistic!” 

Hearing this, Mo Jinbei looked up. It wasn’t clear if he was smiling, but his face was filled with translucent fluids. When everyone saw it, they were stunned. So, it wasn’t that Shen Xunyuan’s acting was good, but Mo Jinbei’s skills here! See, it only took a short while, but he made her c*m!

Shen Xunyuan secretly glanced at Mo Jinbei, feeling so embarrassed that she didn’t dare to face him. 

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