Amorous Short Stories

CC Chapters 15-16

Chapter 15

The next day, the Duke of Ningguo’s residence sent an invitation from Xie Baoling. Song Ruwan took the invitation and obtained her mother’s approval, then set off for the manor in a horse carriage. Her face was flushed throughout the journey. 

After entering the manor, she sat on a soft palanquin, and allowed the housekeeper to bring her to where Xie Xun was staying, Cang Lan Courtyard.

At this moment, Xie Xun was practising his calligraphy. Song Ruwan didn’t want to interrupt him, as she observed his handsome profile from the side. His jade-like fingers were holding on to a brush, writing in a majestic manner. When he finally stopped, he asked, “Do you want to drink some fruit tea?” 

It was only then that Song Ruwan smiled sweetly, “Mm.” She did not like the mild bitterness in other teas, and only liked sweets from a young age. And it turned out that Xie Xun remembered her preferences! 


Very quickly, Xie Xun’s personal attendant served them with a pot of fruit tea, then withdrew respectfully from the area. Xie Xue took the teapot and poured a cup for Song Ruwan, before asking, “Try it. See if it’s sweet.” 

Song Ruwan sat down on the wooden chair that Xie Xun had just sat on, then took the cup and sipped the tea. “Mmm, it’s very sweet.” 

“Let me try it.” 

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Xie Xun covered her br*asts with his hands, his fingers grabbing the entire b**b while he pushed her n*pples upwards, then pinched the tips before slowly releasing them…


Then, he slowly released the two tender mounds of flesh, and they began shaking a little from the impact, causing the meat stick between his legs to harden instantaneously. He grabbed and released her br*asts a few times, then stopped. 

Song Ruwan leaned back into the wooden chair and closed her eyes tightly. Every time Xie Xun pulled her n*pples, her body would tense up, and gentle moans would escape her lips uncontrollably. 

When Xie Xun saw her reaction, he latched his mouth instead on one tender mound, as he used two fingers to press on the n*pple and flick it in rhythmic movements. Song Ruwan’s pitiful nubs trembled from his movements, then became harder and swollen, eventually turning into an erotic peachy colour. 

Chapter 16

“Mmm… Mmmm…” Song Ruwan was slumped onto the wooden chair, her brows slightly knitted. She couldn’t stop moaning, as Xie Xun toyed and pinched the two nubs in differing amounts of strength. She simply lay comfortably and wriggled her body, like a most alluring demoness. 

Xie Xun’s breathing got heavier, as he stared at Song Ruwan’s jade-like body without blinking. Then, he lowered his head and carefully put one tiny nub into his mouth, his tongue bumping against the peachy little tip, then moved down towards her ar*ola as he licked around it and sucked it intermittently. 

Song Ruwan’s eyes were half-closed, and her mouth was slightly gaping as she moaned weakly. Her entire body was flushed red, and when Xie Xun saw this, he quickly opened his mouth wider and took the entire b**b in, sucking the tender flesh and nibbling it lightly. Her br*asts were very sweet, tender and even perky, and it felt as though he was eating a ball of milk. 

“Wanwan, we haven’t met for a few days, but your br*asts seems to have grown bigger. And it’s sweet and nice to eat..” 

Song Ruwan’s face was crimson, as she looked at Xie Xun burying his head in her chest. He was passionately biting her br*ast, and even used his tongue to flick the tip so that it would swell even more and become more alluring. In the end, he didn’t seem satisfied from just eating one, so he pushed both her br*asts together, then took the two tips into his mouth at the same time. It was only after he sucked at it for some time that he finally released her. 

“Wanwan, does it feel good when I suck your br*asts?” Xie Xun stood up, his figure towering over Song Ruwan’s trembling body. 

At this angle, Song Ruwan’s eye-level was at Xie Xun’s legs, and she could see a large tent forming between his legs. She knew that he was aroused, so she turned her head and said shyly, “It feels good… Brother Xun’s mouth is so warm… And you almost melted my little br*asts…”

“Since you like it, then I’ll suck more from now on. I heard that woman’s br*asts have to be sucked often. Once a man loves them more, they’ll become increasingly l*wd, and increasingly bigger. Xie Xun talked dirty to her as he removed his pants, revealing the thick and long meat stick. 


Song Ruwan’s legs were spread apart on the handles, and her cute little passage was already glistening with love fluids. Her flower lips were slightly open, as though it was shyly waiting for Xie Xun to pick the flower within. 

Xie Xun held his shaft, and its head was already burning hot as it slid up and down the wet folds. By the time it was wet enough, it stopped at her entrance, as he pushed himself forward, and thrust into Song Ruwan’s passage. 

He pushed her b*tt upwards, raising it high, then stood as he burrowed downwards. The passage was filled with her spring water, which made it easier for his c*ck to squeeze into her passage. However, halfway in, he once again could feel how narrow it was inside. He pushed harder, causing Song Ruwan to shriek in pain, and she wriggled her body uncomfortably in the chair. 

He couldn’t help but comment, “It’s really tight inside…” He had clearly taken her v*rginity away, yet her body was still as tight as a v*rgin’s body. 

Song Ruwan’s fair skin was trapped under the chair, as the most tender entrance between her legs was being pounded by Xie Xun’s gigantic meat stick. Her lithe and petite body was shaking continuously, and her br*asts jiggled from the rough movements. Even the tender nubs were shaking along, causing the temperature in the room to rise up a few degrees. 

Xie Xun’s breaths quickened, as he pumped his muscular hips and in one move, shoved the entire thick c*ck into the deepest part of Song Ruwan’s p*ssy. In that instant, a protrusion appeared on her flat and fair stomach, causing the man to gulp in excitement.

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