Amorous Short Stories

STF Chapters 11-12

Chapter 11

“When I ask you to start later, you’ll open the door and walk in, then think of ways to seduce your onscreen brother. As for how you should seduce him, I’ll leave it entirely to you. I’ll observe and make adjustments from there. Do you understand?” Director Guo held the script for this scene, and looked at it as he shared his ideas with Shen Xunyuan. 

Shen Xunyuan nodded. She had to seduce Mo Jinbei! She turned and glanced at the bed in the middle of the set. Mo Jinbei was clad in pajamas, leaning against the headboard and going through his script seriously. A large part of his muscular chest was showing, and he looked absolutely alluring. 

“Everyone, in your positions…” Following Director Guo’s command, everyone got ready. Shen Xunyuan was also in a nightdress, standing at the doorway. The cameras were within the room, and she would only be filmed after entering the room. Hence, her current expression was that of nervousness – she was going to seduce Mo Jinbei! 

“The Awakening of the Forbidden Flower, third sensual scene, action!” 

There was a knock on the door. Mo Jinbei put down the magazine in his hand and turned to the door. “Is that sister? Come in.” Only his sister and himself, as well as a few maids, lived in this mansion. However, the maids would never bother him at this time, hence it could only be his sweet younger sister. 

True enough, when the door opened, Shen Xunyuan stood shyly at the door and asked hesitantly, “Brother, it’s already so late, am I disturbing you?” 

“What are you saying? There’s no need to be so polite with me. However, it’s already so late now. Why are you looking for me?” Mo Jinbei’s expression and tone were well-measured, and he looked the role of a good brother who doted on his sister. 

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Mo Jinbei had already recovered from his distraction. He didn’t seem to understand what his sister meant; when he heard his sister was hurting, he immediately asked with concern, “Where do you feel unwell? Should we call Dr. Yang over now?” 

Shen Xunyuan could only point at her chest, “Brother… Don’t call Dr. Yang… My… My chest hurts…”

Chapter 12

Now, Mo Jinbei was stupefied. He unconsciously looked at Shen Xunyuan’s protruding chest. In the room, it seemed as if time had stopped, and only the sound of two people breathing could be heard. 

Shen Xunyuan was feeling nervous too. Mo Jinbei was staring at her chest. Even though she knew that they were acting, she still felt a reaction from within. Since she wasn’t wearing a bra, her naughty n*pples quickly became er*ct, pushing the thin layer of cloth on her chest further outwards.  

Shen Xunyuan was really feeling awkward. She looked down, feeling somewhat helpless. 

In Director Guo’s eyes, that was the right expression, hence he signalled through the microphone for Shen Xunyuan to continue acting. 

Mo Jinbei looked at the perky n*pples. Suddenly, he was anticipating the moment he would see Shen Xunyuan’s n*ked body a while later. He continued playing his role as the good brother, then showed an awkward expression as he coughed lightly, “This… Brother is a man… So I can’t really understand… But if you think that your chest hurts… It should be related to puberty… How about I get you a female doctor tomorrow?” 

Shen Xunyuan bit her lower lip and put on a stubborn look, “No! I don’t want others to touch my body!” 

“But you’re in pain, what should we do then?” Mo Jinbei quickly caught on to Shen Xunyuan’s lines. He still looked somewhat embarrassed, but there was an additional layer of concern in his gaze. 

Shen Xunyuan suddenly grabbed Mo Jinbei’s hand. His hand was warm and his fingers were long and slender. Shen Xunyuan felt somewhat excited, then said coyly, “Brother… Why don’t you take a look instead?” 

Mo Jinbei was so shocked by Shen Xunyuan’s words that he even forgot to pull his hand away. “How can I do that? You’re a girl. How can I touch your body?”

Shen Xunyuan’s gaze dimmed, and her tone was dull like an abandoned cat, “Brother said this before – we are the closest in this world. You even said that you’ll love me for life. But you can’t even fulfil a simple request for me now?” Mo Jinbei was tongue-tied from Shen Xunyuan’s words, and remained silent. 

Shen Xunyuan was the young mistress from an affluent family. Furthermore, her brother doted on her since she was young, so she always got what she wanted. Thus, she simply went ahead to grab Mo Jinbei’s hand and pressed it on her heaving chest!

The touch of the soft fullness in his hand against the knowledge that his was his sister’s chest – the conflicting emotions caused Mo Jinbei’s breathing to become heavier! However, he didn’t remove his hand. 

Mo Jinbei remained frozen, causing Shen Xunyuan to become anxious. She urged, “Brother… Hurry up and rub it for me…” 

It was only then that Mo Jinbei looked up at his sister’s face and said hoarsely, “Do you know what you are doing now?” 

Shen Xunyuan replied without any hesitation, “Of course I do. I want Brother to massage my chest for me. Brother, will you help me? My chest is really feeling swollen and painful!” 

Mo Jinbei still didn’t move. He was considering it, yet hesitating at the same time. The cameraman immediately focused on his face, capturing the conflicted look at this moment. 

Shen Xunyuan saw that her soft approach had failed, so she started to take a hard stance. She snorted, “If Brother refuses to help me, then I’ll find someone else to do it!” 

“I won’t allow it!” Mo Jinbei suddenly reacted violently, perfectly portraying the characteristics of a sister-con. 

The rims of Shen Xunyuan’s eyes immediately reddened from feeling aggrieved. Now, she didn’t say anything and simply stared pitifully at Mo Jinbei. 

Finally, Mo Jinbei relented. He widened his arms as though coaxing a child, his voice sounding helpless yet somewhat excited, “Come here.”

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