Amorous Short Stories

STF Chapter 33

The black sports car sped under the neon lights. Mo Jinbei didn’t speak, and Shen Xunyuan felt apprehensive. However, as she thought about it from another perspective, what was there to be scared about? He was the one pursuing her, and not the other way around! After feeling a little braver, Shen Xunyuan asked, “Where are we going?” 

“I’m taking you to the beach to watch the sunrise.” 

“Why?” What were they doing, driving to the beach in the middle of the night?

“Because I want to woo you, and I want to make you happy.” Mo Jinbei was still looking ahead, but his voice was very gentle. 

Shen Xunyuan was speechless from his declaration. It wasn’t that she didn’t like him. However, there was a vast distance between the two of them, giving her a lot of pressure. But Mo Jinbei was really, really good, and right now, she was more inclined not to let him go!

“Actually, it’s not like we can’t get attached.” 

Screech! It was the sound of the emergency brakes. Mo Jinbei cocked his head to the side and stared at Shen Xunyuan. Finally, he asked, “What did you say? Can you repeat that once more?” 

“I said, it’s not like we can’t get together, but there’s a condition to it.” Shen Xunyuan didn’t want to run from the matter anymore. She had a premonition: if she didn’t hold on to Mo Jinbei now, she would definitely regret it in future! 

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“Then you… Make it quick… Don’t let others see it…” Shen Xunyuan was blushing as she replied softly. 

“Alright… I’ll be quick…” Mo Jinbei removed Shen Xunyuan’s p*nties, then released his c*ck. He rubbed her lower body; she was already very wet. Hence, he got her to sit on his legs, his engorged tip aimed at her slightly protruding cl*t, “I’m going to put it in now… Bear with it…” 

“Ohh… Ohhh… Ohhh…” Mo Jinbei’s d*ck was thick and long. He slowly entered Shen Xunyuan’s p*ssy, filling her up bit by bit. After seven or eight seconds, Mo Jinbei finally managed to sink all the way in. 

“I’m going to start moving… Wrap your legs across my waist…” Shen Xunyuan obediently coiled her legs over Mo Jinbei’s strong hips, accepting his increasingly faster thrusts. Sweet moans erupted from her throat continuously. Perhaps it was because car s*x was too thrilling, after pounding for about a few hundred times, Shen Xunyuan felt her cl*max approaching. She bit into Mo Jinbei’s shoulder, whimpering a few times before she came. 

Mo Jinbei was exhilarated tonight. He didn’t want to hold himself back anymore. He intensely pumped into her body dozens of times, and when he hit the walls of her womb, he shot his scorching s*men and filled up her entire womb! 

“Xunyuan… I love you…” 

Shen Xunyuan was out of energy, but she felt very satisfied. She lay in Mo Jinbei’s chest and replied, “Jinbei… I love you too…” 

Author’s note: 

Just a preview, the second story will be “The Confession of the Flower Lips”. 

In the Peach Blossom Valley, the peach blossom flowers have bloomed. The flowers fill the surroundings, creating a breathtaking sight. A handsome youth about the age of twelve or thirteen undoes his bottom, then spurts out thick, white s*men on a gigantic and translucent Panyue flower. After he’s done, he says to that blurry petite figure in the flower core, “Wifey… I really want to have our wedding night together….” 

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