Amorous Short Stories

STF Chapter 1-2

Chapter 1

“Are you Shen Xunyuan?” A man who resembled an assistant asked a woman seated on a bench outside a meeting room. 

The lady in question had long and curly hair that reached all the way to her b*ttocks. Hearing this, she raised her head, her expression unimaginably alluring. At this moment, a trace of doubt was in her dark-coloured eyes, “That’s me. Is it my turn now?” 

Even her voice sounded as though it was laced with caramel. It was no wonder why she was Director Guo’s top pick for female lead for this er*tic movie. The male assistant couldn’t help but draw his gaze downwards, and when he saw Shen Xunyuan’s perky b*som, he suddenly looked forward to her successfully winning the role of the female lead for this movie. If that happened … he could outrightly stare at her naked body on set. 

“Go on in, it’s your turn now.” The male assistant told Shen Xunyuan, as he pushed the lecherous thoughts out of his head. 

Shen Xunyuan stood up, feeling somewhat nervous. After all, she had already paid a massive price in order to bag this role, including her v*rginity, which she previously gave to the film’s investor. 

She wanted to be popular … Desperately wanted it … 

Pushing the door of the meeting room open, there was only a long, semi-circle table in the gigantic meeting room. Shen Xunyuan took a quick look; there were nine judges seated there, and all of them were male. Aside from that, there was no tenth chair in the room, so it seemed they weren’t intending to let her sit. 

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“Continue. Today’s focus will be on the shape of your br*asts and the colour of your n*pples.” Director Guo was used to seeing beauties. Even though Shen Xunyuan only had her intimates on, he could still remain calm. 

Shen Xunyuan bit her lower lip, then reached to her back, and with a popping sound … her bra was unhooked. Two gigantic mounds struggled to burst out, and two pink n*pples at the tip exuded the charm of a young woman… 

Immediately, the sound of people swallowing hard could be heard; and it came from more than one person. Xu Chengye recalled the seductive looks of Shen Xunyuan in bed and her tight c*nt, and a large tent subconsciously appeared between his legs. 

He’ll definitely get her into bed later and f*ck her again! Otherwise, how could he extinguish this fire? 

Chapter 2

This was no time for her to feel shy. Shen Xunyuan removed her p*nties. Now, she was really stark n*ked. Even though she’d lost her v*rginity, it was the first time she was revealing her body in front of nine men, hence she was still quite nervous. 

At this moment, Director Guo got up from his seat and walked towards Shen Xunyuan. He scrutinized her carefully, as though he was examining a piece of art. He even covered her br*asts with hands and casually squeezed them, “Hmm, your figure’s quite good. The br*asts are big but not saggy; they’re perky and soft.” Following that, his hands wandered down, as he poked her navel, then finally slid down towards that mysterious and delicate blossom. “Widen your legs, let me look at the colour of your p*ssy.” 

Shen Xunyuan was already very nervous from Director Guo’s relentless inspection of her body. Now, hearing that he wanted to see her privates, she was stunned. “Is… is there a need to see that area too?” 

Director Guo pushed his spectacles back onto the bridge of his nose. “Even though it won’t be shot clearly during filming, your p*ssy will still appear on screen. After all, this this is a story about s*x, so the beauty of the female s*xual organ will stimulate the senses of audiences.” 

Shen Xunyuan clenched her teeth, thinking to herself, she had already progressed to this stage. She had thrown any sense of shame out of the window. Let them see all they want! Anyway, the movie was filmed for the audience. However… if she opened her legs, was Director Guo going to have to squat between them to see it?

Director Guo seemed to have realised the inconvenience. He pointed to the semi-circled long table. “Lie on that, so that the assistant director, producers and investors can also look at your body condition.” 

Shen Xunyuan didn’t hesitate as she nodded, walked over, and laid on the table. It was as though it was a nyotaimori [1], as she displayed her body before the group of men. 

Coincidentally, the position where Shen Xunyuan opened her legs facing Xu Chengye. Her skin was extremely fair, and in such close proximity, they could even make out the pale green veins under her porcelain skin. More could be said about the skin near her thighs; it was not only fair, it seemed as though they would melt if one licked them. 

And this feeling of ecstasy was something that Xu Chengye had recently tasted. His gaze darkened, and in front of this group of men, he reached his finger out towards Shen Xunyuan’s v*gina. Moving from her stomach down to her cl*toris, he quickly found the hollow spot, and with some strength, he thrusted the tip of his finger in! 

Shen Xunyuan was so shocked that she screamed. She lifted her body and stared at Xu Chengye, wondering if he would act recklessly. 

The other men in the meeting room also turned their eyes in his direction. Xu Chengye smiled nonchalantly, then withdrew his finger and wiped the fluid that stuck on his finger. Finally, he commented pretentiously, “Her figure is quite good, and she’s sensitive enough. Once I entered, she was wet.” 

Taking the lead from Xu Chengye’s bold move, the other judges also surrounded Shen Xunyuan and started to shamelessly examine her body. The assistant director even started sucking her n*pple, and the producer, not wanting to be left behind, grabbed Shen Xunyuan’s legs and started licking her p*ssy furiously. It was only when Shen Xunyuan convulsed uncontrollably that he released her. 

Witnessing the female lead candidate being licked to org*sm publicly, Director Guo finally spoke up. “That’s enough. Be more serious.” It was only then that the group finally stopped. 

Shen Xunyuan barely managed to get off the table, as her legs were still wobbly. However, what caught Director Guo’s eyes was the table behind Shen Xunyuan. Atop the table was a small puddle of ambiguous fluids. What a sensitive kid! She was the perfect fit for the salacious female lead in his movie! 

[1] Nyotaimori – a Japanese tradition of serving sushi or sashimi on the body of a n*ked woman

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