Around the Kingdom of Kistler

The Villainess Daughter and Company Set-Off


“So, I’ll go with the crown prince. Anastasia, you go with the librarian, the sorceress, and the maidservant there.”


“As expected, we didn’t have a carriage that could hold this many people, so we’ll be taking two trips. I’m going to discuss various confidential matters with the crown prince, so Anastasia should take it easy.”

The next day, I went to the place where the carriage was prepped at the specified time, where an unfamiliar woman, my brother, and Max-san were. The first thing that my brother did was to look at William-sama, who came with me. I couldn’t help but feel that William-sama’s expression wasn’t good. However, to be honest, I appreciated his suggestion. I was sure that I wouldn’t feel comfortable sharing a carriage with William-sama. Since we would be spending some time together, I would like to be away from him at least for this time.


“Duke Strauss… I am…”

“It won’t be a problem. In the first place, the fact that His Royal Highness the Crown Prince is coming with us has thrown a wrench in our plans. Also, in case you’re wondering, Lloyd will ride with us.”


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“Obb, ulp.”

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As the carriage started to drive away, the sorceress, Sylvia-san, introduced herself as such. Her voice was cheerful, but what she said was quite harsh. If you couldn’t say your family name in this world, it meant that your family has disowned you. Some people didn’t have a family name, to begin with, but Sylvia was definitely the former.


“…I had no idea that the sorcerer that was accompanying us would be Sylvia.”

“Long time no see, master. You’ve aged again, haven’t you?”

“Sylvia is still as outspoken as ever, isn’t she? Well, I’m very grateful that you can say whatever you think.”

With a smiling face, Max-san chatted to Sylvia-san. According to the information I had gotten beforehand, Max-san was Sylvia-san’s former teacher, and she hasn’t seen him for the past two years. Sylvia’s a very skilled sorcerer recognized by the royal family, so she must be busy with something.

(…When you think about it, I don’t know how we managed to get Sylphia to be our escort.)

Let’s obediently praise William-sama for only that. Well, when the crown prince and the crown princess went out, they needed quite a few escorts. According to Nina, Sylvia-san seemed to possess the strength of about twenty knights from the royal family alone… To be clear, she was quite a monster since they were already the elite with extraordinary fighting abilities.

“…To be honest, I didn’t expect to see my master again like this… I’m not sure if I’ve sorted my mind out or not…”

As I was thinking about this, I suddenly heard Sylvia-san’s troubled voice in my ear. When I quickly looked at Sylvia-san, she had a slightly awkward look… Was there something here, I wonder?

(But I just met her today, so it’s not a matter that I should get involved in. I guess I’ll just have to wait and see.)

But, I thought better of it and took a slow breath. For the time being, it was safe to assume that something was going on between Sylvia-san and Max-san, right? There was no information that they were not on good terms. Rather, I was getting the feeling that they were on especially good terms.

“…I’m sorry, master.”

The meaning of these words, which were muttered in such a small voice that they seemed to disappear, was something I couldn’t predict at all now.


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