After I Agreed to Marry, I Can’t Divorce Anymore

Chapter 7.2: “Didn’t you say you want to hug me?’’

  Lin Yuhe was actually very elated that Mr. Lu had chosen to come at this time. Even though he had always attained very good results since young and could be regarded as the ‘so-and-so’s child’ that parents would always mention to their children, he would still feel somewhat nervous before each exam. Relatively speaking, he would feel much more relaxed after taking his exams.

  If he were to do something Mr. Lu had arranged, he would definitely be able to perform better this time.

  Lin Yuhe had been waiting wholeheartedly for Lu Nan’s orders, yet the other said nothing.

  The man remained silent, and his expression was rather hard to read. 

  Did I say something wrong? Lin Yuhe was wondering when he heard the man state, “You have just finished your exams, so I thought to come over and look for you.”


  Hearing this, Lin Yuhe was rendered stunned.

  At first, it did not register, and he simply could not absorb what he had just heard, so he paused for two seconds before an unfathomable thought entered his mind. 

  Could it be that Mr. Lu……knew he would finish his exams today and came all the way here to celebrate? 

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  Silently, Lu Nan appreciated the sight before him for a moment, but he also had no intention of letting the other feel distressed for too long. Hence, he pulled a thin bank card from his pocket and handed it to Lin Yuhe.


  “Tonight, I still have two cooperation cases to discuss, so I will give you this card. If you were to show this card, you are able to skip the line. Why don’t you go have a good dinner with your classmates?”

  Lin Yuhe was even more surprised and began to shake his head hastily. “It’s alright. We can have dinner by ourselves.”

  Without saying anything else, Lu Nan simply placed the card into Lin Yuhe’s pocket.

  He even helped him to zip up his pocket.

  With that, Lin Yuhe could no longer continue to insist and could only say, “……Thank you.”

  After giving him the card, the man did not step back. The short distance between them caused Lin Yuhe’s nape to feel somewhat tense. The moment he lowered his head, he could see Mr. Lu’s fingertip moved gently to straighten the zipper pull charm of his pocket.


  Lin Yuhe had always assumed that Chairman Lu was someone who would not let others get close to him easily, yet little did he know that the other would do something like this so naturally…… Did Chairman Lu have OCD?

  Besides OCD, Lin Yuhe honestly could not think of any other reasons to explain Eldest Young Master Lu’s behavior.

  While being lost in his thoughts, Lin Yuhe heard the man’s deep voice in his ear.

  “Although I won’t be able to attend, I still want to be involved in your matters.”

  Hearing this, Lin Yuhe became slightly startled and immediately raised his eyes, meeting Lu Nan’s eyes.


  The man’s face was impassive, but his gaze was so intent, only having eyes for Lin Yuhe alone.

  “Is that alright?”

  Lin Yuhe’s throat tightened slightly as he opened his mouth. In the end, he was still unable to voice out his refusal.

  He then nodded his head slightly and instead made a sound of agreement.

  He came to realize that as soon as the cold Mr. Lu spoke such words, unexpectedly, no one was able to refuse him.

  Once the matter of the bank card was settled, the man finally stepped back a little, restoring a safe distance between the both of them.

  Lin Yuhe heaved a sigh of relief inwardly and thought Lu Nan was about to leave for work. So when he was about to bid farewell, he discovered that the other did not have any intentions of leaving, but instead, he cast a glance at Lin Yuhe’s roommates and asked, “These are your classmates?”

  Lin Yuhe nodded. “Yes, they are my roommates.”

  Lu Nan asked monotonously, “The one who was hugging you earlier as well?”

  Hugging me?

  Lin Yuhe blinked for a second before it dawned on him that this question was referring to Zhen Ling, who was resting on his back earlier.

  “Yes, that is correct. He is my……”


  Halfway through his sentence, Lin Yuhe also realized something was wrong. 

  Even though his roommates were all males, both Lin Yuhe and Chairman Lu were also of the same gender. In any case, it was still better to give a clear explanation.

  Hence, he explained, “It was because everyone had just finished their exams and were rather excited, so everyone would habitually find someone to hug……”

  Lu Nan repeated slowly, “A habit?”

  Lin Yuhe was not sure what the man had meant, so he touched the tip of his nose and answered, “Yes.”

  He weighed his words before he continued to say, “It was just that we are particularly happy since our exams have ended……”

  As he spoke, he carefully observed the man’s expression. However, it was just that Mr. Lu’s face was always impassive, so he was not able to pick up on anything.

  However, judging from Mr. Lu’s tone, the man did not seem to be too angry.

  Lu Nan merely asked, “Are you happy?”

  Lin Yuhe answered honestly, “I am very happy.”

  Without saying anything more, Lu Nan unfolded his originally crossed arms and naturally lowered them. 

  Unsure of his actions, Lin Yuhe watched the other in silence, without making any movement. 


  After waiting patiently for a moment, Lu Nan noticed that he still did not respond, so he asked, “Isn’t this a habit?”

  However, Lin Yuhe did not get that. “……What?”

  Just as before, Lu Nan was very patient, as he explained bit by bit, “Earlier, you mentioned that once exams are over, everyone is happy, so they will habitually find someone to hug.”

  Looking at Lin Yuhe, he asked, “Aren’t you happy as well?”

  Upon hearing his question, Lin Yuhe was rendered speechless.

  This time, he finally understood, but he began to be deeply skeptical about whether he had heard it right. 

  As a matter of fact, long before meeting Lu Nan, his stepmother gave him a presentation of Lu Nan. Hence, Lin Yuhe had once thought this man was deadpan, taciturn, and disdained to speak with others. As such, he reckoned that it would be difficult to get along with him.

  But he never expected that in the end, what he found most onerous was actually whenever the other spoke to him.

  It was just that things had already developed up to this point, and what the man had repeated was exactly the same as what he had stated earlier, so there was no way for Lin Yuhe to dispute. Hence, he could only brace himself to carry out his words and went forward to hug the other.

  Due to his inexperience, he was in discomposure, which led to his unsteady gait, but he somehow managed to walk straight into Lu Nan’s embrace.

  Lin Yuhe came into contact with an unexpectedly warm embrace. As he pulled closer, a faint waft of Agarwood drifted into Lin Yuhe’s nostrils. It was a scent that brought about the most familiarity and comfort to Lin Yuhe.

  Before he could decipher which brand this extraordinarily pleasant male fragrance belonged to, someone wrapped his arms around Lin Yuhe’s back gently then tightened them around Lin Yuhe’s waist. Even though it was not forceful, for some reason, it evoked a sense of security.

  Warm yet safe.

  This hug turned out much better than what Lin Yuhe had envisioned in his panic.

  Be that as it may, once the hug ended, Lin Yuhe hurriedly withdrew from the embrace. Soon after, he said somewhat breathlessly, “Then, I won’t hold up any more of Mr.…… Big Brother’s time. Work hard, and be careful on your way back!”

  In contrast, Lu Nan was much calmer as he helped Lin Yuhe straighten his collar. 

  His warm fingers inadvertently touched Lin Yuhe’s bare and exposed skin. Since Lin Yuhe was ticklish, he instinctively flinched, but the man’s knuckles rubbed even harder.

  His body could not help but stiffen as he held his breath. Fortunately, Lu Nan was quick to retract his fingers and said faintly, “Go ahead and you be careful too.”

  Lin Yuhe obediently waved goodbye to him. Once the man left, he became somewhat relieved.

  In search of his roommates, he turned back and found that they remained in the same spot, looking curiously at him.

  Watching Lu Nan’s departing back, Zhen Ling seemingly felt some lingering fear deep within his heart. “Hehe, who is that?”

  The skin on the side of Lin Yuhe’s neck, which had just been rubbed by someone, was still somewhat itchy. It was only after he let out a slow breath of relief that he explained, “He is my brother and was here to pass me something.”

  He was vague about the man, as he had no intention of explaining to them about Lu Nan’s identity.

  Hearing this, the look on Shen Huixi’s face hardened slightly as he looked up at the direction Lu Nan left and remained silent.

  Lin Yuhe did not notice Shen Huixi’s reaction, as he wanted to put this behind him as soon as possible. He coughed lightly and asked, “Since he gave me a discount card, it is on me tonight. Have you all decided on where to eat?”

  Zhen Ling and Zhu Bo exchanged a look but did not answer.

  Somewhat confused, Lin Yuhe questioned, “What’s wrong?”

  “Hehe……” Zhen Ling started, and broke off.

  Lin Yuhe continued to ask, “What is it?”

  Pointing to his face, Zhen Ling pointed out, “Your face is so red.”

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