After I Agreed to Marry, I Can’t Divorce Anymore

Chapter 6.2: The Main House is Pressing Them About the Engagement

  However, the frequency of Lin Yuhe updating was not very high. No matter how many fans he was able to gain each time he had updated, even now, he had only approximately several hundred thousand fans.

  Occasionally, Lin Yuhe would also record some video clips and live streams, but he did not sign any contract with any particular social platform. As such, his revenue was mainly dependent on business orders. During his free time, he would usually write names for clients, such as publishing houses or web series. This way, there was not much work that was required for him to do, yet he was remunerated very well for his work. Leaving it to fate to take on business offers, it allowed Lin Yuhe to have loads of free time.

  Once they finished their lunch, the four of them stood up and got ready to return to the library. The moment they stepped out of the cafeteria, Lin Yuhe’s phone suddenly rang.

  Sweeping his eyes over the phone screen, he stopped dead in his tracks the moment he caught a glimpse of the incoming caller’s name.

  Shen Huixi, who had been walking next to him, sensed that something was wrong, so he turned his head and asked, “Hehe, what’s wrong?”


  Lin Yuhe shook his head and answered, “It’s nothing.”

  He hurriedly waved his hands. “You guys head over first. I am going to take a call.”

  After the other three left for the library, Lin Yuhe found a quiet spot and tapped on his phone to answer the call.

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  No matter how they would like to cover it up, it still did not change the filthy nature of this marriage agreement, as he would be selling his son to gain wealth.


  This was also the very fact that one had the most difficulty in facing, yet it was also the most bloody reality.

  Gradually, the phone call fell silent awkwardly, to the extent where it seemed to be able to clench imperceptibly on one’s heart.

  In the end, it was Lin Yuhe who broke the silence as he comforted his father. “Chairman Lu is a nice person.”

  “Yes, yes, that’s good.” Seeing Lin Yuhe was willing to answer, Father Lin heaved a sigh of relief. “What about you, Xiao He? What do you think?”

  Hearing his father adopt a cautious tone, Lin Yuhe shifted his gaze slowly and settled on some green bamboos growing amongst the parterre to the side.

  He spaced out, only seeing blurry yellows and greens in his vision. 

  He went on to whisper, “I also think that it is good.”

  “That is good, that is good……”

  It was only after he repeated it several times that Father Lin asked, “You will be engaged next month, right? I heard from your Aunt Xin that you are worried the engagement will clash with your midterm exams?”

  Pinching the bridge of his nose, Lin Yuhe answered, “Yes.”

  The days were becoming far too cold for his comfort, to the point where he began to feel discomfort in various places. He initially wanted to rub his hands to warm them up a little, but even his fingers were cold. Eventually, he could not figure out which part was colder than the other.

  Father Lin’s voice still continued to resonate through the phone call. “Regarding this matter, the main thing is that the Lu family is more superstitious, so they must pick an auspicious date and time. That is why it might not be easy to coordinate the schedules. Moreover, the eldest young master of the Lu family has just taken over the chairman position, so presently, he is very busy. You do know that, Xiao He, there is nothing we can do, other than to follow their plans……”


  “It is alright, dad.”

  Lin Yuhe lowered his head, causing his long fringe to hang lower on his face and cover his eyes.

  “I will just follow their arrangement.”

  “Yes, yes, that’s good.” Father Lin heaved yet another sigh. “As for your exams, if it is necessary, then just take a leave of absence. Since you have always attained such good results, I’m sure your teacher will definitely make an exception.”

  He continued to ask worriedly, “Does the university require parents to request a leave of absence from your teacher? When the time comes, how about I contact your teacher?” 

  “There is no need.” Lin Yuhe whispered, “Don’t worry, I can handle it myself.”

  Father Lin said repeatedly, “Alright, alright, dad trusts you.”

  He continued to say gratefully, “Dad knows that our Xiao He is very sensible since young.”

  Lin Yuhe remained silent.

  He grew up hearing this sentence, yet he was not sure whether this was actually a compliment or a shackle.

  “Oh yes,” Father Lin continued, “I believe the temperature in Yong’an had dropped these few days and the weather has been pretty cold. Is your trachea alright? You don’t feel any discomfort, right?”

  “I’m alright. Since I have already undergone surgery, I have been fine for a while now.” 


  Lin Yuhe continued, “You take care of yourself as well.”

  “Yes, yes.”

  It was only after warning him a few more times before Father Lin ended the call.

  As for Lin Yuhe, he stood still on the spot for a moment. Gradually, his exposed ears and fingers turned pale, as if blood disappeared from them. It had yet to reach the coldest time of the year as he still was not able to see his breaths in the cold, yet at the moment, it was already unbearable for him.

  After stretching his slightly stiff body, Lin Yuhe moved towards the bamboo amongst the parterre, reaching out his hand to touch them.

  As soon as his fingertip touched it, the bamboo rind, much unlike the texture from his distant memories, felt cold and rough. 

  Perhaps the species might be different, Lin Yuhe wondered randomly, but in his heart, he knew very well that the real difference was those carefree and happy years in the mountains.

  Once it was gone, it would never return again.

  Another gust of cold wind blew, causing Lin Yuhe to muffle his coughs by covering his mouth. He quickly drew a long breath to suppress the itch in his throat. By the time he lowered his hand, his knuckle was already smeared with some bloodstains.

  His lips were so dry that they had cracked again.

  He thought.

  This winter was truly exceptionally cold.



  Tai Ping Tower.

  As soon as a business cooperation meeting concluded, a handsome and aloof man walked swiftly out of the meeting venue, heading towards the lift.

  The man was tall and had long legs, so he was walking at a very fast pace, so much so that the two assistants at his side nearly had to trot in order to catch up with him.

  They were already in such a rush that they had even made the most of this short journey, whereby the trotting assistants had to report to the man about the significant aspects of the next meeting. 

  The man’s schedule was clearly far too tight, as the next meeting, which required the chairman to attend personally, had already begun. Fortunately, a five-minute introduction had been added to the meeting as a buffer, so they would still be able to make it in time.

  However, it was in this sort of tense situation where there would always be someone appearing suddenly to block them in their path.

  “Chairman Lu.”

  It was his assistant, Fang Musen, who had stopped Lu Nan right in front of the lift.

  As his assistant, Fang Musen knew better than anyone else of how tight the time was currently, yet he had no other choice than to hastily stop the man.

  With the presence of others, Fang Musen did not provide an explanation but instead held out an envelope with a ‘He’ word beautifully written in a corner in his hand.

  Lu Nan scanned the envelope impassively and instructed, “Inform the host to extend the opening by three minutes.”

  “Yes, sir,” both assistants responded respectfully. One assistant raced to the lift, while the other remained where he was, awaiting Lu Nan.

  Fang Musen had long since located a small conference room. Upon seeing this, he immediately directed Lu Nan towards the room.

  It was only after locking the door that he informed, “The main house is pressing about settling the engagement date.”

  As he spoke, he drew a piece of thin paper from within the envelope and handed it over to Lu Nan with two hands.

  But that piece of paper did not contain any contents related to the engagement.

  Fang Musen informed, “This is Young Master Lin’s class schedule.”

  Once Lu Nan took the class schedule, Fang Musen promptly began to report to him of the main component.

  “Young Master Lin’s midterm exams are held from the first Monday to Wednesday of November. Subsequently, he is required to undergo practicals in a hospital on Thursday and Friday. His performance for the practicals will then be accounted for in his grades.”

  Fang Musen continued, “As for the weekends, Young Master Lin has to go for his double degree course’s lessons. On Saturdays, four 2-hour lessons will be held throughout the entire day, and the teacher will be taking attendance. Whereas for Sundays, three 2-hour lessons will be held, but the teacher will neither take attendance nor set up classroom tests.”

  While Fang Musen was reporting, Lu Nan lowered his eyes to skim over the contents of the class schedule.

  After he finished, Fang Musen hesitated for a moment before retrieving a red piece of paper decorated with elaborate gold plated leaves.

  “Additionally, Chairman Lu, this is the fortune-telling that the main house had sent over. It contains the auspicious times and dates that the Feng Shui master had calculated, and they want you to choose one of them for the engagement.” 

  Lu Nan took no heed of that piece of red paper and continued to look at the class schedule in his hand.

  Being tactful, Fang Musen did not mention it again and rapidly put away the red paper. Soon after, he lowered his hands and waited for Lu Nan’s instructions.

  “Set it on a Sunday.”

  Soon, Lu Nan had set a date for the engagement.

  “Apply for a visitor entry pass from Peking University in advance. On Sunday morning, go pick him up at his dormitory.”

  “Yes, sir,” Fang Musen answered respectfully.

  Just as he was about to take the class schedule from Lu Nan’s hand, he unexpectedly realized that the other had no intention of returning it at all.

  Folding the thin paper that contained Lin Yuhe’s information into a satisfactory size, Lu Nan simply kept that piece of class schedule in his front chest pocket.

  It was only after he had kept the class schedule well that he walked out of the conference room in quick steps and left the place with his waiting assistant. 

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