After I Agreed to Marry, I Can’t Divorce Anymore

Chapter 5.2: Thin Lips Sucking his Finger

  When it came to that intimate form of address, he was still somewhat unaccustomed to it.

  “Big Brother…… Use this to wipe.”

  He also felt that Lu Nan appeared to be rather unfamiliar with this form of address as well. As soon as the man heard him, he obviously paused for a moment before reaching for the tissue.

  With the tissue in his hand, Lu Nan did not use it to wipe the bloodstain on his finger, but instead, he asked, “Will it hurt if I use the tissue to wipe?”

  Lin Yuhe could not understand him. “What?”


  Why would it hurt to wipe your hands?

  Before Lin Yuhe could respond, the man’s deep voice had already drawn closer.

  “I will be gentle.”

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  Lin Yuhe was remorseful as he felt he had troubled the other, so he did not give him another glance and shifted to sit properly again.


  More than ten minutes later, the car was finally approaching a familiar school gate.

  The close contact within the confined space still made Lin Yuhe somewhat nervous, especially when Mr. Lu looked so cold and fierce. Even though tonight he gave Lin Yuhe the impression that he seemed much easier to get along with than he had expected, Lin Yuhe was still secretly relieved after alighting the car.

  The car had stopped at the school gate. Since the school opening period was over, the university currently did not permit outsiders to drive their cars into the campus. Initially, Lin Yuhe planned to say goodbye before alighting the car, then walked back to the dorm on his own. However, Lu Nan opened the car door and got off as well.


  The moment Lin Yuhe wanted to speak, the cold night wind blew, and he could not help but shiver. His voice was choked back into his throat by coughs, causing some discomfort in his windpipe.

  “Cough, cough, cough……”

  He clenched his fist and covered his lips. When he was about to raise his collar to block the wind, he suddenly felt warmth around his neck.

  A dark-colored cashmere scarf wrapped around his neck.

  Lin Yuhe raised his head slightly, startled. The man lowered his eyes while wrapping the scarf around him, causing them to draw closer to the point where they could hear each other’s breathing clearly.

  Lu Nan’s hands were very stable. His slender, long fingers unconsciously brushed against Lin Yuhe’s slightly cold lower jaw, tickling him in the process. Lin Yuhe could not help pulling back.

  Lu Nan bent his fingers and pressed them against his white and slender throat. 

  With a very deep yet authoritative voice, he said, “Don’t move.”


  Unknowingly, Lin Yuhe swallowed and obediently stopped moving.

  Once Lu Nan was done, the thick, soft cashmere scarf was wrapped tightly around Lin Yuhe’s slender bare neck, blocking off the cold biting night wind.

  The scarf was very warm, and Lu Nan’s fingers were also very hot. This dual heat source protected Lin Yuhe’s skin that was afraid of the cold, making him unable to resist coveting for more warmth. 

  However, Lin Yuhe was very clear-headed. Once the scarf was tied properly, he quickly thanked him in a gentle voice. 

  “Thank you.”

  Lu Nan pursed his thin lips slightly. After a while, he finally responded, “You’re welcome.”

  He has had an aloof face for such a long time that even if he did not hear the two words ‘Big Brother’ after Lin Yuhe’s thanks, he did not reveal his regrets.

  Yet, Lin Yuhe did not know about the other’s regret. As the night was very cold, he took a breath carefully before saying, “My dorm is actually very close to where we are right now, so I can just head back myself.”

  Lu Nan’s voice remained flat, but he remained noncommittal. “I will send you back.”

  Lin Yuhe also did not continue to insist, only thinking to himself: I did not expect that although Chairman Lu looked so cold, he would unexpectedly be so dedicated when it came to acting as his lover. 

  Both of them walked into the campus together. As a matter of fact, the boys’ dormitory was indeed very near the school gate, as it was only a few hundred meters away.

  Before they reached the dorm, Lin Yuhe heard someone calling him.


  “Senior! Senior Lin!”

  Lin Yuhe turned his head and found that two girls were calling him. He was a little surprised, but he still stopped walking. 

  His memory had always been good, so at his second glance, he could recall that she was someone whom he had met at a students’ union event.

  After the girl called out to Lin Yuhe excitedly, she was rather startled to find that there was someone beside him. The moment she could see Lu Nan’s face clearly, she was rendered speechless with fear by his aura.

  Finally, the girl next to her stealthily pushed her arm so the girl could snap out of it. With much difficulty, she tilted her head to avoid Lu Nan and thanked Lin Yuhe.

  “Senior, thank you for helping us bring the registration forms the other time.” 

  Lin Yuhe had forgotten all about this. Hearing the other mention it, he then faintly recalled some vague impressions of it.

  He replied, “It was nothing. Don’t mention it.”

  The girl disagreed, “No, we should thank you. Previously, we wanted to thank you, but Senior said you are afraid of the cold and do not drink cold drinks at night, so we could not treat you. Today, our cooking society had an event, so I brought some midnight snacks for you. It is still warm, and you will feel warmer after eating it.”

  In her hand, she held a pink Thermos insulated food jar that appeared to be very exquisite. Any perspicacious person could tell at a glance that this was not just from a cooking society event and loads of effort had definitely been invested in this midnight snack.

  If Zhen Ling were here, he would have probably made fun of how Lin Yuhe could not get the point. But today, it was not Zhen Ling, who was with him, but instead, it was Lu Nan. With an impassive face, he silently listened to the conversation between the girl and Lin Yuhe. However, the more he acted this way, the more those, who knew him well, would feel fearful. 

  Unfortunately, Lin Yuhe knew nothing about the hidden danger in the current atmosphere, as he only felt that the environment just became slightly colder. He even thought that it was due to the cold wind that was blowing at that moment.


  “You are too courteous, Junior.” Lin Yuhe continued, “But I have had dinner already. Also, this was originally a small matter, so there was no need to put yourself through this much trouble.” 

  The girl felt somewhat disappointed, as her expression began to dull. 

  After all that was said and done, the girl was thin-skinned. Since the other had already rejected her, she also found it embarrassing to offer it to him by force again.

  What’s more, Lin Yuhe was currently not alone as well.

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