After I Agreed to Marry, I Can’t Divorce Anymore

Chapter 5.1: Thin Lips Sucking his Finger

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  Lin Yuhe did not notice the man’s eyes, focusing on his every move. He had always been rather slow when it came to things like love and was not sensitive towards his own feelings, let alone picking up on others’ thoughts.

  He had been so engrossed in entering the lift. As they headed downstairs, he habitually opened his mouth slightly to alleviate the pain in his eardrums from the rapid change in altitude.

  Everything went smoothly as usual, without mishap.


  It was not until Lin Yuhe reached the hall on the ground floor and was about to bid farewell to Mr. Lu that he surprisingly discovered the man had actually boarded the same car as he did.

  Instead, Fang Musen, who had been waiting for both of them downstairs, closed the door after them and consciously got into another car that was behind them, leaving the two in the same car.

  Lin Yuhe was somewhat surprised.

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  So much obedience that it evoked an itch in people’s hearts.


  The chauffeur was driving the car steadily, as silence fell upon the car.

  Lin Yuhe’s phone suddenly vibrated lightly, and its screen lit up.

  [Wu Xin: How was the dinner?]

  Lin Yuhe’s eyes swept across the screen, not intending to reply to the message.

  But soon after, his phone began to vibrate incessantly.

  [Wu Xin: Please remember to listen to Mr. Lu.]

  [Wu Xin: Regardless of being in front of him or others, you have to be mindful of your words.]

  [Wu Xin: It is best if you were to state your stand and attitude towards the wedding clearly to Mr. Lu, and make sure to tell him that you would certainly not cause him any trouble.]

  Silence still hung thick in the car, so the continuous vibrations of his phone were somewhat jarring.

  Lin Yuhe pursed his lips and stretched his hand over to lock his phone.

  It seemed like there was a high possibility that his phone was going to continue ringing like this, so Lin Yuhe was contemplating whether to keep his phone on silent mode. 

  Suddenly, he heard Lu Nan ask, “What happened to your mouth?”



  Confused, Lin Yuhe reached his hand out to touch his lips before realizing what happened.

  “Oh, my lips get dry very easily, and it is slightly chapped now.”

  Lin Yuhe’s lips were always dry all the time. Also, the autumn and winter seasons in Yong’an were notoriously dry, so these days the peeling of his dry lips was getting more and more serious.

  No wonder he felt a little pain when he pursed his lips earlier.

  Lin Yuhe was already so used to this that he did not think much about it, but the moment the man heard it, his brows drew together.


  He reached his hand out unhurriedly, giving the other sufficient time to react.

  So, before his hand could reach its destination, Lin Yuhe had already leaned his head away to avoid it.

  His moving away to avoid his hand was entirely a subconscious reflex. It was until a slightly rough and warm finger pad exerted some force to rub the side of his face that he realized something was wrong.

  He turned his head towards Lu Nan again and apologized, feeling somewhat embarrassed. 

  “I’m sorry……”


  It was rather dimly lit in the car, so Lin Yuhe was not able to see the man’s expression clearly and could only rely on his senses to guess. It seemed like Mr. Lu was yet again looking at him.

  Using that pair of black eyes that were so dark and mysterious, yet also so wilful and brimming with light.

  In the end, the man remained silent. As Lin Yuhe was nervously pondering whether the other was angry, his lower jaw abruptly tightened.

  His chin was taken by a force that was gentle yet unable to be defied easily, turning his head forcefully towards Lu Nan’s direction. 

  Even though Lu Nan looked very cold, his hands were really hot. When Lin Yuhe’s chin was seized, the feeling was still slightly warm. As soon as Lu Nan’s long finger pressed onto the edge of his lips, he honestly felt as if he had been scalded.


  Lin Yuhe wanted to say something, but the moment his lips moved, the man used his finger pad to rub even harder.

  Be that as it may, he was still the one who initiated.

  Lin Yuhe stiffened, stopping all movements. He then attempted to ease his emotions, but no matter how one looked at it, there was no way for the situation to take a turn for the better——his upper lip was in contact with the man’s fingertip, while his lower lip was rubbing against the finger pad. Because of Lin Yuhe’s atrocious timing of stiffening up, it practically looked like he was sucking on the man’s fingertip. 

  His phone had yet again vibrated several more times, but Lin Yuhe was already entirely distracted. That slightly calloused warm finger had managed to capture his undivided attention, causing his blood to surge. Not only that, but those constantly cold ears of his were also, at last, warming up. 

  It was not until the force exerted on his upper lip had disappeared that Lin Yuhe was finally able to breathe again.

  The force on his chin had also loosened, but the warm sensation still remained on his skin, numbing his lower jaw slightly.


  The finger, which was pressing on his lips earlier, reached over and unfolded before Lin Yuhe’s eyes.

  Using the flickering lights that were shining into the car from the outside, Lin Yuhe could see that the dry finger pad was stained with some traces of dark-colored wetness.

  The man pointed out flatly, “It is bleeding.”

  That was from Lin Yuhe’s lips.

  Apparently, his lips were so dry that they started to bleed.

  It was only then that Lin Yuhe came to his senses, “……Ah, yes, it has become far too dry.”

  Touching the tip of his nose, he continued, “It will be alright after drinking some water when I return to the dorm.”

  After a moment’s silence, Lu Nan advised, “Drink more hot water.”

  Lin Yuhe nodded and agreed earnestly, “I will.”

  This was also how he often comforted others. 

  Lin Yuhe pondered for a while after seeing how the other’s hand was still stained with his blood. Taking out a pack of tissue from his pocket, he pulled out a piece and passed it to him.

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