After I Agreed to Marry, I Can’t Divorce Anymore

Chapter 3.1: An Undisturbed Date

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  On the highest floor of the Union Medical College Hospital in Yong’an, ten top scholars specialized in the industry were currently conducting professional consultation. Seated impressively at the head of the table, the man was the top leader, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, as well as the principal director of the Union Medical College Hospital.

  In the ICU ward that was dozens of meters away, complicated apparatus were plugged in to continuously carry out meticulous real-time monitoring. Medical personnel dressed in snow-white uniforms were bustling in and out, yet they were not making much sound. 

  The atmosphere was on the brink of becoming stagnant and only the ticking sound of the apparatus could be heard.


  Like a warning, as well as a countdown timer.

  Outside the ICU ward, the exclusive area for caregivers was filled with elites dressed in suits. Several senior executives, who were usually unwilling to even have their names listed together, were actually standing together. Not only that, but it was also rare for the atmosphere to be so peaceful and quiet.

  As a nurse rushed out of the ward, several senior executives came forward one after another when they saw her, vying for a chance to enquire about Chairman Liu’s condition.

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  Liu Gaoyi had no sons, and his relatives had never participated in the management of the Group. He had always regarded a successor as a crucial matter that must be kept a secret, so even after being hospitalized from a sudden episode of Cerebral Venous Sinus Thrombosis1 血栓住: It is an uncommon but potentially life-threatening condition where blood clots formed in the brain’s venous sinuses. this time, he still did not carry out any movements concerning the equity shares.


  Watching Liu Gaoyi’s health getting worse day by day, all the stakeholders were burning with anxiety. However, until the very last moment, no one would know what might become of this overwhelmingly rich and extravagant gift. 

  This marked the beginning of a torturous wait for them. On the surface, they had to maintain a genial smile, put aside their disagreements, and extend greetings with their old rivals whom they would usually fight and draw blood.

  Hidden under the amiable facade laid a surging undercurrent, which was even more frigid and acrid than the odor of disinfectant in the ward.

  It was finally afternoon, and it had not been easy for any of them as they waited for the visiting hours to draw closer. Mrs. Liu, who had been sitting silently on a bench against the wall, suddenly got to her feet and headed downstairs.

  Silently, everyone fixed their eyes on her as she made her way downstairs, attempting to guess what she wanted to do.

  Although the ICU only allocated two fifteen minutes time slots each day, that was due to the possibility of an emergency occurring at any time. Even if it was outside the visiting hours, all family members were required to stay outside the ward.

  Liu Gaoyi had no children, so the only family members, who had been watching over at the hospital, were his little sister and his wife. His little sister was an honest and sincere farmer who lived in a village, but she was also slow of speech and knew nothing about Tai Ping. Hence, if the senior executives wished to get their hands on more information, they could only extract it from Mrs. Liu.

  However, Mrs. Liu was born into a literary family and was a woman of noble and lofty character. Even if the senior executives had resorted to all sorts of methods, both implicitly and explicitly, to approach Mrs. Liu, she had still turned them away each time. Thus, in the end, they had all returned in failure.

  The only thing they could rejoice about was the fact that Mrs. Liu treated everyone equally and would keep silent with regard to all the probing and inquiries. Hence, no one would be able to take advantage.

  This minute mental balance, however, was smashed to bits when Mrs. Liu returned——

  No one had expected that Mrs. Liu had actually gone downstairs to pick up someone personally. 

  As soon as that aloof man appeared, the expressions of all the senior executives present changed.


  Why would Lu Nan be here?

  In the past two days, he had been acting as a substitute CEO and took many actions in Tai Ping. Was it possible that he still wanted to meddle in the issue of the shares as well? But, if these matters were in accordance with age and seniority, no matter what, it would be impossible for him to be qualified…… 

  Their hearts were full of doubts, but just when they were about to inquire, the visiting hours had already begun.

  The senior executives watched helplessly as Mrs. Liu brought Lu Nan into the ICU ward.

  The visiting rights, which they entitled after waiting such a long time, had all been snatched away by Lu Nan.

  It was very quiet in the ICU ward and the furnishings were also quite exquisite. If it were not for those apparatus with long and jumbled up tubes, the ward could even be considered as warm and cozy.

  On the blue hospital bed, there laid a grey-haired elderly man resting with his eyes closed. Even if the creases along his forehead were so pronounced and he had an oxygen mask on his face, he still was not able to hide his dignified demeanor.

  Mrs. Liu stepped forward and called him softly.

  The elderly man opened his eyes slowly, looking very calm. It was until he saw Lu Nan beside the bed that he revealed some emotions.


  The moment the word left his mouth, he could not stop coughing, causing him to have trouble breathing. 

  He coughed, “You are finally here……”


  Through the oxygen mask, the sounds of his heavy breathing sounded like it was modified. Moreover, the tone of his voice also seemed as if it had also undergone modification. Mixing in his coughs, it, all the more, became unclear.

  Unyieldingly, the elderly man persisted in saying, “About the equity transfer agreement, I have already prepared it. You go find a lawyer and sign the document directly……”

  His utterance was interrupted by uncontrollable coughing; nearly every word came out in a gasp. Lu Nan whispered, “You should rest for a while.” 

  However, the elderly man insisted on continuing. With much difficulty, he even raised his hand to pull his oxygen mask down, so that his voice would be clearer.

  “From now on…… I will leave Tai Ping to you. This is originally something Big Brother Lu left you anyways……”

  At the mention of Lu Hongji, Liu Gaoyi’s eyes were rimmed with red, and the creases around his eyes gradually became wet with tears.

  “At that time, I could not even recognize many words, and it was he who gave me my name…… Gaoyi, Gaoyi, I must not let my big brother down……”  

  His arm began to tremble slightly. He grabbed Lu Nan’s forearm with his leathery hand that had numerous folds and creases which coiled themselves out like electrical wiring. It was as if he was entrusting his last thought to an itinerant monk.

  “Did you know, Little Falcon? You are the same as your father, as both of you are born to do this. Uncle Liu trusts you……”

  The elderly man had difficulty breathing, so it was even more difficult for him to say so much. Even if it was so, his tone still remained strong just like before, but instead, he became all the more steadfast. 

  “Tai Ping is yours…… It can only be yours.”

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