After I Agreed to Marry, I Can’t Divorce Anymore

Chapter 2.1: Mr. Lu is Here, So Let’s Meet

  In spite of the fact that this was not the first time this topic was raised, but it still did not allow one to be able to face it calmly.

  Moreover, no matter how surprised Lin Yuhe’s classmates would be, this piece of news would also cause as many hearts of young women to darken. As for Lin Yuhe himself, he was only 21 years old this year and had yet to even reach the age of marriage.

  What’s more, his partner in this marriage was a guy. 

  Even though same-sex marriages had already been legalized for many years, it was still very difficult to change the deep-rooted public opinion. When it came to problems relating to the son’s inheritance, the situation would then become more complicated. Also, in current society, same-sex couples still remain a minority.

  Therefore, in this sort of situation, any young man would have ants in their pants when they came to face this kind of news.


  However, Lin Yuhe did not seem to have any drastic response.

  He merely sat quietly at the table, reacting the same way as when Stepmother asked him what he wanted to have for dinner earlier.

  Stepmother was very satisfied with Lin Yuhe’s tactfulness.

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  Stepmother tapped on her tablet gently, and a complicated Chinese Astrology Chart appeared on the screen. With a glance, he could see the chart was densely packed with words and symbols that were difficult to decipher.


  “Although there is an age difference of ten years, it was fortunate that both your Bazi1 八字: It refers to the birthdate characters used in fortune-telling. are compatible with each other. So, they have already agreed to this marriage.”

  For Stepmother to speak of this sort of complicated matter, where a university student had to marry a guy, who was ten years older than him, without any emotional foundation, it seemed rather similar to Lin Yinhe’s luck.

  This, in fact, was more absurd than the marriage itself.

  Looking at the steaming cup of coffee before him, Lin Yuhe calmly gave a sign of acknowledgment.

  The coffee had a very thick mouthfeel, giving off an aromatic scent with pronounced bitterness to it. Whilst speaking, Stepmother had already finished half her cup of coffee, while Lin Yuhe did not even touch his.

  He never did like the bitter taste.

  Stepmother did not seem to care about Lin Yuhe’s lukewarm attitude. The only thing she was unsatisfied with Lin Yuhe was his face that seemed to resemble his biological mother. But now that this face of his had become an excellent bargaining chip in negotiations with the Lu family, she had nothing else to criticize Lin Yuhe.

  “Since Eldest Young Master Lu usually works in Shanghai and is always so busy, he probably would not travel to Yong’an before the wedding.”

  As she spoke, Stepmother pulled out some background information on Lu Nan’s company.

  “However, he will send someone to arrange it. When that time comes, someone will contact you, so just listen to them.” 

  Lin Yuhe nodded his head. With regards to his partner in marriage, who was too busy to see him before the wedding, he had no objections whatsoever.

  Stepmother glanced at him and pretended to mention inadvertently, “Previously, we have incurred a lot of expenses from your illness. Since Eldest Young Master Lu had invested in laboratories and medical technologies, it would be of help to you.”


  Lin Yuhe remained silent, as there was a slight tickle at the back of his throat.

  Even though the room’s temperature was suitable and the cold wind had been completely cut off, he still wanted to cough again.

  Lin Yuhe had hereditary asthma, so in the past, they had spent loads of money to treat his illness. When he was eighteen, he had undergone major surgery. By this point, the Lin family’s assets were insufficient to sustain Lin Yuhe’s medical treatment, and his stepmother, Wu Xin, had to step up and contribute a portion of it. 

  That was why when it came to his marriage with Eldest Young Master Lu, Lin Yuhe had no right to protest.

  Wu Xin did not go any further than necessary and had put across everything mildly, so it would not make her seem narrow-minded again. Easing her voice, she continued, “This time, besides work, I am also here to discuss the wedding with Eldest Young Master Lu’s people. Hence, I will be staying in Yong’an for a few days. If there is anything that you need, you can come and look for me.”

  Naturally, Lin Yuhe knew that this was only pleasantries, so he replied politely, “I will. Thank you, Aunt.”

  Wu Xin was very satisfied with his attitude and continued, “Regarding the wedding, the Lu family has been urging us rather persistently, so the wedding ceremony will be held before the end of the year. The first step of the plan will be to get engaged at the beginning of next month, then hold the wedding a month later. Once the date has been set, I will update you again.”

  Hearing this, Lin Yuhe finally revealed an expression on his face.

  “The beginning of next month…… I will be having my midterm exams.” He hesitated for a moment before continuing, “If it is possible, could the midterm exam period be avoided? It is because there will be quite a lot of subjects, so if I were to sit for the makeup exam, it would be rather troublesome.”

  This was the first request that Lin Yuhe put forward today, but when Wu Xin heard it, it seemed as if she had just heard a small child asking a childish question, so much so that she could not help laughing. “……Midterm exam?”

  “We are talking about a big social event of you marrying someone from the Lu family, yet here you are talking about some midterm exam……”

  Wu Xin shook her head, but in the end, she did not finish her sentence as if she did not want to bicker with Lin Yuhe. Then, she waved her hand and stated, “I will bring this up to them, but how the arrangements will ultimately be planned would still depend on the auspicious date that the Lu family had selected, as well as Eldest Young Master Lu’s itinerary.”


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