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  • After She Died

    Chapter 2-3


    Your daughter did not commit suicide.

    She has bruises on her body that you once saw in secret. You suspect that your daughter was being bullied at school.

    You want to find an explanation from the school, but the headmaster tries to put you off with money. Twenty thousand yuan is a huge amount of money for you, but it can’t be exchanged for your daughter’s life. You wrote a banner in red paint and knelt at the school gate all day. Passers-by laughed at you, calling you foolish and said that you are stupid. Later, someone gave you the idea to get the media, to get the radio. As long as it is exposed, as long as it makes a big fuss, they would be afraid.

    Well-wishers helped you post on Weibo, public opinion began to amplify and more and more people knew about it. The Education Department started to take an interest in the matter and soon contacted you to say that they would start an investigation. You cry tears of joy, thinking that you have seen the light and that you can finally give your daughter justice.


    A day passed.

    Two days passed.

    A week passed.

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    Mbkp kp vbl elye lde, usw byhl vs cl vblal qsa uswa eywtbvla.


    Skdt akdt-

    The crisp ringing of your mobile phone suddenly sounds from an unknown corner and your footsteps come to a screeching halt as the unstoppable ringing hooks you to turn your head and look. A pale silvery-white light refracts from beneath the piles of garbage, blooming with strange colours in the darkness of the night. An unspeakable magic force seduces you towards that place. When you return to your senses, you have already picked up your mobile phone. 


    A very old mobile phone.

    No fancy exterior, delicate borders or any brand logo. It is plain and ordinary.

    The screen lights up.

    There is only one APP logo on it —


    You hesitate for a few seconds and finally tap on it.

    A surprising sight emerged in front of your eyes. On the completely black screen, there is a display box with a reminder in blinding scarlet colour that said:

    [The time will go back to January 1, 2019, and you will have the opportunity to reset your daughter’s life.

    Do you want to enable the time rewind?



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