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  • After Being Turned Into a Dog, I Conned My Way Into Freeloading At My Rival’s Place

    Extra 1: Wonderful Treasure (1)

    Translator: Mukyuu
    Editor: Mikyuu

    Lin Rong received an invitation from an outdoor variety show Wonderful Treasure to be the special guest for one episode. 

    This happened a little more than half a year after his proposal to Ning Yan and the hubbub on the internet had pretty much all died down. But in private, various invitations for work opportunities arrived in a flurry, like snowflakes in a snowstorm, never once dying down. 

    Lu Ming was happy but also couldn’t resist complaining. After all, the proposal that day almost gave him a heart attack—he had been given a warning beforehand, but it had been just ten minutes in advance. The guy had called but said nothing. After a minute of silence, just when Lu Ming thought the guy had accidentally dialed his number without realizing it, he heard the guy say, “Lu Bro, I have decided that I still want to propose to Yanyan today.” 

    “???” Lu Ming said, “Huh?” 


    The guy continued, “Right now I’m by the white piano on XX Commercial Street. Get Li to come by now and park the car next to the pedestrian walkway. After proposing, I’m taking Yanyan away.” 

    Lu Ming, “Huh???” 

    As for why he chose to propose at that spot, according to Lin Rong’s own recounting of the event after it happened, it was because he had promised to propose to Ning Yan but left things in suspense. He had actually designed the engagement ring on the sly all by himself, yet he hadn’t the faintest idea how to propose.

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    Lin Rong and Ning Yan had a lot of work to do for the first half of the year, so they didn’t have a lot of opportunities to meet up. But after this Wonderful Treasure recording, they should have a bit of rest and relaxation time. 


    Wonderful Treasure was a bit of an odd-duck in the variety show world. It was supposedly mission oriented, but because none of the 4 MCs were competitive, they did the missions slowly. The so-called missions were always strange as well. 

    For example, the only thing the production team revealed to the MCs and guests was that it would be “mermaid” themed. 

    Lin Rong arrived at the designated filming location the day before recording was due to start—it was on an island that was still in the process of developing their tourism business. 

    Before Lin Rong went to bed, Wei Zhounan came to say hi—this episode had two special guests and Wei Zhounan was the other one. 

    Ever since Lin Rong and Ning Yan had formally announced their marriage on Weibo, Wei Zhounan looked at Lin Rong strangely. Naturally, he was respectful since… the husband of his brother was also his brother!

    Wei Zhounan asked, “What is my bro doing these days? How come he has disappeared again?” 

    Lin Rong replied, “Yanyan is also recording a show.” 

    “Oh.” Wei Zhounan nodded and then said quietly, “Hey, brother, do you know what’s going to happen this episode? I heard that everyone is going to get a mermaid of their own. Please don’t let them all be girls.” 

    Lin Rong looked at him. 

    Wei Zhounan scratched his cheek and said, “If I get partnered with a girl for a couple missions, it’ll be awkward.” 

    But they wouldn’t find out until tomorrow anyway. After Wei Zhounan left, Lin Rong called Ning Yan and they chatted for a few minutes before going to sleep. 

    Before he hung up, Ning Yan sneakily said, “Do a good job tomorrow.” 


    The next morning, Lin Rong was woken up by the four permanent MCs and walked with Wei Zhounan, who was still yawning non-stop, onto the beach. 

    The director read this episode’s goal aloud: “Take care of your mermaid, and your ultimate goal is to find the ‘Mermaid’s Tear’ and become the owner of this island.” 

    For the first step, the directors passed out fishing rods to each of the six participants. The fishing rod wasn’t meant to be used for fishing but for making wishes. 

    The more experienced MCs poked fun at it, saying, “I have never had a more meaningless prop!” 

    The wishing pool was located beside a giant rock. The rock blocked the right half of their vision, but the crew said nothing. After all, the staff members couldn’t very well magic out a person for them, right? 

    The first one up to make a wish was the only girl among the MCs. She walked over, while holding the fishing rod, closed her eyes, and chanted. After a while, she heard the others shouting from behind her. When she opened her eyes, a shiny figure was swimming towards her from the other side of the rock—it was one of the hottest starlets! 

    The starlet wore a top in the shape of seashells and her bottom half was adorned in a bling-bling swimsuit that mimicked a mermaid tail. When she swam over from the ocean, she was as beautiful as a real mermaid. 

    The other people started to make a ruckus and demanded, “Let me be next!” 

    “No, it should be me! I want to go find my mermaid!” 

    “Let me, let me!” 

    The starlet got on shore and took off her swimming cap and goggles. The two girls hugged in greeting and left the men to argue over who should be the next to go. 

    Suddenly, an older MC said, “Oh fine, then we’ll let Little Lin go up first!” 


    The other people blinked and immediately someone yelled back, “You’re being mean! Little Lin just got his marriage certificate not that long ago!” 

    “Hey, as if you aren’t married either. Your son is old enough to do chores and you still want to look at mermaids?” 

    They progressed to an all-out verbal sparring, but in the end, it was still Lin Rong who stepped up second to make a wish. 

    Lin Rong hesitated but walked over. 

    As he stood by the shore, he thought of something and glanced at the director. 

    The director surreptitiously ducked his head. 

    Something flashed in Lin Rong’s eyes, and he subsequently picked up his fishing rod and quietly repeated the embarrassing lines the filming crew had given him, “Mermaid, mermaid, please appear.” 

    In the next instant, the sound of waves reached his ears. He looked up and saw a figure swim over from the other side of the rock. 

    There was still the familiar bling-bling shell-shaped swimsuit top and the mermaid tail. Lin Rong saw those first and stiffened slightly. He was a little forlorn but then he suddenly saw the person’s features… 

    The person had clean-cut short hair and though the figure was slender, there was a thin layer of evenly distributed muscles. Besides, the chest… was as flat as a chest could be. 

    The person met Lin Rong’s gaze from behind swim goggles and appeared to be slightly embarrassed by this as well. The figure ducked into the ocean and resurfaced to inhale after two seconds, then pretended to glance around. 

    Lin Rong paused and then scanned the person’s swimwear up and down in surprise. When he realized what was happening, he put a hand to his lips and slowly started to smile. 


    “Damn, that’s a guy?”

    “Who, who, who?”

    The nearsighted people behind him stared open-eyed in curiosity. 

    Wei Zhounan was already shouting in excitement, “Damn, that’s my brother! That’s my brother!” 

    Ning Yan swam onto the shore and took off his swim goggles. The man stepped into the water and helped him up… Ning Yan self-consciously loosely covered the shells on his chest. Just as he was about to say something to help his image, he heard the sound of the cameraman trying to hold back his laughter. 

    Ning Yan jerked and then turned around to glare at him in exasperation. “Your show made me put this on!” 

    The cameraman, “… Pfft.” 

    Ning Yan jumped up and was about to say something when he was suddenly picked up and carried bridal style. 

    The others behind them started shrieking and even Ning Yan was startled. He hurriedly hooked an arm around the man’s neck and whispered, “We’re recording!” 

    “Everyone knows we’re already married.” Lin Rong tapped Ning Yan’s forehead with his and his eyes darkened. “Yanyan, when you said you were recording a show, you meant this one?” 

    Ning Yan’s eyes darted back and forth. 

    “Very cute.” Lin Rong lowered his eyes and scanned the two things in front of Ning Yan’s chest. He chuckled quietly. 

    Ning Yang… Ning Yan hurriedly covered up his chest but the corners of his mouth lifted into a proud smile as he hmph-ed. 

    By the time they got closer, the others couldn’t take it anymore. 

    Some covered their eyes and the others complained teasingly.

    “This is so mean of the show staff. Are you two here to make fun of the single people?!” 

    “Ohhhh, he carried him over the entire way. Carried him over the entire way!” 

    “Wait, even male mermaids have to wear this outfit?!” 

    Wei Zhounan was happy at the sight of Ning Yan coming to film this show behind their backs, but his face twisted into a complicated expression when he saw how his bro was carried over bridal style. He wanted to say something but didn’t know where to start. 

    Ning Yan knew him too well. With a single glance he said, “Then don’t try to complain.” 

    Wei Zhounan pouted, “… Oh fine.” 

    But Ning Yan’s appearance meant that male mermaids were a possibility. The other permanent MCs started trying to make each other go up—even though Ning Yan was a guy, his beauty was against nature’s rules and the outfit didn’t look too strange on him. In fact, it was even a tiny bit pretty? 

    But it was hard to say what the next one would look like. What if the person was a muscular bodybuilder? 

    Wei Zhounan thought it’d be impossible. If a muscular bodybuilder was told he’d have to wear this kind of shell bra plus fishtail outfit, he’d probably walk off in a huff. Who amongst the muscular individuals in the entertainment industry could bear to cooperate in such a play? 

    It had to be a young guy like him. As long as it wasn’t a girl he wouldn’t feel awkward!

    So he confidently declared, “Then I’ll go next.” 

    The other three permanent MCs hurriedly agreed, “Go, go. Zhounan, you help us get more hints!” 

    Wei Zhounan took a step forwards and then suddenly thought of something. He stopped and turned around to look at Ning Yan, asking expectantly, “Bro, there won’t be any problems right?” 

    Ning Yan shook his head, winked, and answered, “Don’t worry. Go ahead.” 

    Immediately, Wei Zhounan felt a confidence boost. “Then I’m going!” 

    With that, he walked towards the beach, taking giant strides.  

    Lin Rong turned around and looked at the young man next to him. 

    Ning Yan stuck out his tongue at him. 

    Lin Rong immediately laughed in response and pinched Ning Yan’s cheeks. 

    The others watched from the side and, though they pretended to go along with the show in order to make it fun, they were all secretly shocked. 

    Lin Rong’s impression of being a cool guy wasn’t just something the average person felt. In fact, even those in the entertainment industry had thought so. 

    Everyone also believed that Ning Yan was the sophisticated, elegant, and proper one. 

    But ever since their relationship had become public knowledge, the two of them never stopped updating what others knew about them. 

    … Even if the audience saw how strong the relationship was between them from that proposal, they would never have guessed how clingy the two were with each other in private. 


    The other MCs started anticipating the audience’s reaction after this episode aired. 

    On the other hand, Wei Zhounan was caught completely off guard. 

    He turned around to look helplessly at his bro and his entire face conveyed how shocked he was.

    His bro laughed so hard that he slapped his thigh! 

    In front of Wei Zhounan, the “muscle man” said in a deep voice, “Give me a hand, Little Wei.” 

    Wei Zhounan… after Wei Zhounan sorted himself out, he reached out a trembling hand and hoisted the famous TV actor up. He asked cautiously, “You… why are you here…?” 

    The TV actor was handsome in a manly way. His bronze 1.9 meter tall body with sexy pecs was stuffed inside a shell bra and fishtail suit. After he stood up, he placed a single hand on Wei Zhounan’s shoulder and patted him. 

    Immediately, Wei Zhounan looked like a blushing bride in the TV actor’s embrace. He was even more surprised. 

    The TV actor let out a low chuckle, his entire chest vibrating as he answered, “I thought it was fun, so I came.” 

    Nearby, Ning Yan moved closer to Lin Rong and whispered in his ear, “I thought it was strange too but it was too much fun. Our senior is definitely daring!” 

    Lin Rong whispered back into Ning Yan’s ear, “In order to give me a surprise, Yanyan is also daring.” 

    Ning Yan glared at him. 

    Lin Rong pressed a kiss against Ning Yan’s cheek. 

    Oy vey. 

    The cameraman became jealous. 

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