After Being Turned Into a Dog, I Conned My Way Into Freeloading At My Rival’s Place

Chapter 8: Dunked

Translator: Mukyuu
Editor: Mikyuu

Under any other circumstances, Ning Yan would have started barking when he became angry. 

But this time he was too shocked and too angry. All he could do was stare with his puppy eyes and pant very loudly, to the point where the two vet technicians thought something was wrong. When the male vet technician pulled out the needle and pressed down at the site with a cotton ball, he used his other hand to pat the puppy’s head and ask questioningly, “What’s wrong? Why are you panting so hard?”

Both of Ning Yan’s puppy eyes were busy sending out death glares to Lin Rong and Gu Shi. Gu Shi laughed drily and said, “What, you understood us? Don’t want to be a eunuch?” 

Ning Yan thought, Why don’t you become one first?!


The other man standing to the side said expressionlessly, “All the other dogs become one.”

Ning Yan: Ahhhhhhhh I’mma kill you!!!!

After pressing on Ning Yan’s paw for several moments, the male vet technician figured the puncture site had probably stopped bleeding. He didn’t throw away the cotton ball and instead wrapped medical tape around it to keep it in place for a bit longer. 

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Lkdt Zyd: …

Tl’p blyae kv, bl’p blyae kv yzz!

Not only do you want Yanyan’s balls, but you want to trick Yanyan too!!


Gu Shi then reassured Ning Yan soothingly, “It’s just a nap. About twenty minutes. Don’t be afraid.” 

Ning Yan’s anger stopped him in his tracks and he suddenly lowered his head to glare at Gu Shi’s lower body. 

If it’s that easy, wanna do it together? 

All of a sudden, Gu Shi felt a chill around his crotch. 


As they returned home from the vaccinations, Lin Rong placed the puppy back on the ground. The puppy immediately rushed off. 

Lin Rong finished changing his shoes into slippers and walked into the living room, only to see the white puppy tucking himself into the corner by the windows, just like how he had reacted to the butt squeezing. 

The puppy’s entire body was hidden behind the sofa and only half of his face peeked out to watch Lin Rong cautiously. 

Lin Rong, “…”

He took out the keys and put them down. Then he said calmly, “You’ll definitely get neutered.” 

Ning Yan barked angrily. 

Lin Rong, “So are you angry because you got shots or because you understood the part about neutering?” 


Ning Yan let out a series of barks. 

Lin Rong: “Can’t understand you.”

Ning Yan ground his canines. 

Can’t understand me?

He streaked out so fast that he looked like a white blur. When he got to the man, he launched himself up in the air, opened his jaws, and aimed for the spot right between the man’s legs. 

Lin Rong jumped, took a step back, and reached out a hand to block the puppy’s jaws. When he realized what happened, his face darkened and he lifted the puppy up from the ground to spank him!

Ning Yan howled!

That jerk is spanking him again!!!

Lin Rong said angrily, “I won’t have random sex with men, can you promise not to randomly mount female dogs?” 

Ning Yan’s anger boiled over!

You female dog! You’re the female dog!!

Lin Rong! You jerk! Just you wait!!!


The protest fell on deaf ears and the dog and human settled into a period of giving each other the silent treatment. 

Lin Rong ignored him with a stony expression, finally walking into the practice room that he hadn’t touched in the past few days and shutting the door. 

Ning Yan settled himself by the window for a long sulk. 

The more he thought about what happened, the more saddened he became. 

If he hadn’t stepped out that day, if he hadn’t gone to the park, could he have avoided becoming a puppy?

Have his parents or his cousin realized he is missing? Are they looking? 

Even though Ning Yan didn’t have the opportunity to get close to Lin Rong’s phone, which meant he couldn’t contact his family, he believed that his mom and dad and Ning Yue would definitely meet again. 

But maybe by then he’ll have become a dog eunuch

In Ning Yan’s sorrow, he lifted his head and howled at the skies. 

It was a long and drawn-out howl. 

He still has new songs to write! He can’t sing anymore! 

The jerk can go into the room to produce music and he is stuck as a dog!


Ning Yan continued howling. 

But the howls began to rise and fall in pitch and gain a specific rhythm…

The little girl watering her flowers downstairs had a moment of confusion. Is the dog upstairs singing? How come that tune sounds so remarkably like her little prince Yanyan’s song??

The practice room was specially designed to be sound-proof. Lin Rong sat on a spinning chair, held onto his guitar, and lightly strummed its strings. Once in a while, he would scribble something on a piece of paper. His black hair fell forward into his eyes. 

But he was a bit distracted today. 

He wrote for a bit and then glanced at his phone, only realizing then that half an hour had passed. Lin Rong thought for a moment and put his things down. He walked towards the door. 

He sneakily cracked it open and peered out with his fathomless eyes. 

The moment his eyes caught sight of the puppy shaking his head, the… melodic… dog howls also reached his ears. 

Lin Rong, “…”

The puppy’s voice sounded heartbroken, but the melody was cheerful and so, as the song went on, the puppy’s tail started to wag despite him being depressed mere moments before.

At the song’s emotional climax, Lin Rong swore he heard someone calling out from the outside, “Great singing!”—though he couldn’t tell whether the sound came from upstairs or downstairs. 

Lin Rong, “…”

He shut the door and put his back against it, a look of utter confusion on his face. 

Ning Yan sang for a while until he felt his throat hurt. He coughed delicately and then stayed quiet. 

… He is still pissed!

He turned around angrily and glared at the shut-off practice room. 

How come he has to be the only one frustrated? Not fair! 

Ning Yan stood up and walked towards the coffee table, a resolute look on his face. 

Lin Rong strummed his guitar for a bit longer on the chair, but his attention wasn’t on it. Every melody he plucked ended up being a part from one of his favorite songs by Yanyan…. Which also happened to be the part that the puppy might have been singing. 

Lin Rong stared down at his guitar and emotions kept flashing on his face. 

A few moments later, he again put down the guitar, picked up his glass, and opened the door with an unperturbed expression. 

It was quiet now, no more dogs barking. 

Lin Rong swept his gaze, very casually, over the room and felt something was off around the coffee table. He walked over to check it out and … 

Paper napkins were scattered on the living room floor. And whether intentionally or accidentally, they connected head-to-tail to form a warped image. 

A long, suspicious-looking column. 

At the base of it was what appeared to be scissors. 

A very classic representation of “neutering.”

Lin Rong felt his pants tighten and he lost his breath for a second. 

The puppy had just put down the last paper napkin necessary to complete this masterpiece. He turned around, saw the man, and opened his mouth into a sinister smile. 

Lin Rong stood there, squeezing the glass and taking deep breaths. 

Now what? You feel threatened?

Ning Yan felt the thrill of revenge coursing through him. In order to stop his butt from suffering again, he rapidly ducked behind the sofa and only stuck out his head so he could continue glowering at the man. 

He waited for the man to throw a fit. He wanted to see what this guy would do after receiving his “neuter warning.” But, unexpectedly, the man just looked at him, set down his glass expressionlessly, and began picking up the napkins from the floor. 

“…” Ning Yan had questions. 

He isn’t angry?

Isn’t going to spank him? 

The man did look very calm and he hadn’t said a word. 

Ning Yan felt resentful. 

What the…

He glared at the man still picking up napkins from the floor and ran out resentfully. He passed by the man. 

The man glanced at him and still remained quiet. 

Ning Yan felt something lodged in his chest. He crossed the living room and headed towards the bathroom. 

When he saw the bathroom, he remembered that he needed to go. He had wanted to use the bathroom the entire way back but he had completely forgotten about it while he was in a foul mood. 

Now he was even more upset but he didn’t feel like acting up. Since the toilet was right there, Ning Yan walked in dejectedly and looked at the tall toilet. 

…Is he gonna get himself up there?

But he doesn’t want to talk to the jerk, and he doesn’t want his help either. 

Ning Yan let his thoughts wander and, when he came to, gritted his teeth stubbornly, backed off a few steps, and then launched himself—he got up there!

As soon as he landed, he spread out his four legs. When his legs stabilized at first, Ning Yan rejoiced. But in the next second, his two front paws slid until they fell into the toilet bowl!

Lin Rong hadn’t quite finished picking up the paper napkins when he heard an anguished howl coming from the bathroom. He immediately tossed the paper napkins aside and rushed in to see that the little white puppy had tumbled into the toilet and was splashing about in a panic.

Lin Rong stood there shocked. “Sese?”

He bent down and reached out a hand to fish the little white dog out. 

He had just done chores this morning, including cleaning the toilet. It was clean with just some regular water left inside, so when the puppy fell in, the fur on his belly and his feet naturally became wet. 

Ning Yan was in a state of shock and shivered. After he recovered, he wailed and then whined nonstop. 

Lin Rong hurriedly took out clean towels and wiped Ning Yan’s belly and paws. When they were clean, he held Ning Yan in a different position and walked out of the bathroom. As he walked, he soothed the puppy, “Don’t worry, don’t worry. Everything’s fine. You’re out, you’re out.” 

Ning Yan continued whining. 

Jerk, asshole, now he knows to say nice things!

Lin Rong’s heart ached and he continued, “Good Sese, don’t cry.”

Ning Yan started howling. 

He fell into the toilet, he fell into the toilet!

The puppy whimpered sadly until he was hiccuping. He was usually so proud and confident, and now he just looked pitiful. 

Lin Rong carried him over to the sofa, sat down, and gently stroked the puppy’s head back and forth while he continued saying, “Good Sese, no more crying okay?” 

But Ning Yan wasn’t so easily comforted. Ning Yan wanted to curl up in a ball of shame! 

Tears welled up in the puppy eyes and he kept shivering. Lin Rong’s heart ached at the sight and he never stopped speaking gently to the puppy. 

He didn’t know what to say, so he kept repeating the same phrases over and over again. 

Good Sese, don’t cry, don’t be afraid, it’s all okay now. 

But he was very patient. Lin Rong held the puppy and repeated those words over and over for a good half-hour. 

His voice sounded cold and deep and when he spoke to you gently, it felt like he was soothing your mind. 

This was the first time that Ning Yan had heard Lin Rong talk like this. On one hand, he still felt upset. But on the other hand, his ears tingled while the sensation reached his brain and spread out from his spine until his entire body felt the same. 

Gradually, though he was still making quiet whimpering sounds, his ears had somehow relaxed against his head. 

Once Lin Rong saw this, he knew everything would be okay. He breathed a sigh of relief and said, “Didn’t you use to call me when you needed to use the restroom? Why did you try and jump today? Just because you’re angry?”

Ning Yan whined. 

He is angry!

Lin Rong’s gaze was complicated.

Though the puppy has calmed under his coaxing, he was still listless. This was the most lifeless he’d been ever since Lin Rong brought him home. 

Lin Rong sighed and lowered his voice to gently say, “Sese, how much do you understand? Are you really this upset because of the neutering?”

Ning Yan didn’t want to talk and remained uninterested. 

The man kept stroking him and kept saying with that deep voice, “Sometimes I feel like you’re not a dog.”

Ning Yan froze.

His heart pounded and he was afraid to lift his head. 

Luckily, he heard the man quickly murmur afterwards, “But what else could you be but a dog? You can’t be a little demon, can you?” 

Ning Yan shook his ears. 

I’m not just a little demon, I’m the guy on all these posters who got turned into a little demon. 

He thought with satisfaction and continued fussing. 

Except that now, Lin Rong thought the sound was more coquettish than upset. 

Lin Rong smiled with his eyes, scratched under the puppy’s chin, and continued in a soothing tone, “Still upset?” 

Ning Yan felt awkward and refused to lift his head. He struggled up and sniffed at himself. Urgh, he feels bad, he wants a bath.

As if Lin Rong guessed what he was thinking, he sighed and said, “You just had your shots. You can take a bath in a week.” 

Ning Yan: despair.jpg. 

He turned around and looked accusingly at the man. 

It’s all because of this guy. If this guy hadn’t mentioned neutering, nothing would have happened today!

Lin Rong gazed into his eyes for two seconds and finally relented. “I’m sorry, I won’t mention neutering again, okay?” 

Ning Yan blinked and then: “!!”

He opened his eyes widely and looked more energetic. His turned around, ears perking up and eyes glinting. 

Does this mean he’ll give up on the neuter? 

The white puppy looked hopeful and Lin Rong coughed lightly. He avoided that passionate gaze and said, vaguely, “If you want to use the bathroom, I’ll bring you over again. Don’t do this again and behave, okay?” 

Ning Yan followed Lin Rong’s gaze suspiciously. No, right now he just wants to hear the man’s answer!

But he didn’t get an answer. The man’s gaze shifted to the left and right, and he stroked Ning Yan a few more times before bringing the puppy back to the toilet. He said, “… I’ll go on Taobao1淘宝 (Taobao) is a Chinese e-commerce site, akin to eBay or Amazon Marketplace. and buy you a toilet seat in a bit.” 

But Ning Yan was traumatized and his legs folded under him as soon as his four legs touched the seat of the toilet.

Now what? To pee or not pee, that’s a dilemma. Ning Yan was flustered. 

In the next second, the man exerted some effort and hoisted Ning Yan up so that he was right above the toilet. 

Ning Yan had no idea what was going on, but he heard the man say in his calm voice, “Shhhh….”2The sound Chinese parents make when trying to get their children to pee.

Ning Yan: “….”

The man continued, “C’mon Sese, shhhh…”

Ning Yan: “…”


In the end, under Lin Rong’s coaxing, he… solved the problem. 

When his feet were back on solid ground, Ning Yan forgot all about the neutering question. He tucked in his tail and shame coursed through his body. 

He heard a quiet laugh from the man and became even more ashamed. His heart thundered in his chest and he ran off into the living room. 

Lin Rong followed after the puppy, laughter and enjoyment filling his eyes. 

Back in the living room, he continued picking up the napkins scattered on the ground. 

Ning Yan hid shyly for a bit and snuck glances at the man cleaning up the mess. He hesitated but decided to walk out. 

When Lin Rong raised his head, he saw the puppy holding a napkin stiffly. Lin Rong smiled. 

Upon seeing the man’s smile, Ning Yan snorted in his mind but begrudgingly picked up the other napkins. 

The man ruffled the fur on his head and remembered what he had heard the first time he stepped out of the practice room. He couldn’t resist but ask, “Sese, have you heard Yanyan’s songs before?” 

Ning Yan picked up a napkin with his mouth and wagged his tail. 

The original singer is right here!


Ning Yue stood in front of an apartment door and put down his phone. 

The phone was still turned off and it had been six days. 

Ning Yan frowned and rang the doorbell. Still no response. Clearly there was nobody in the apartment, or maybe something had happened and the person couldn’t hear. 

But since he and Ning Zhuangrong hadn’t “felt” anything, Ning Yan should be fine physically. 

Ning Yue thought for a moment and then turned around to leave. 

Looks like they’ll have to do “something” to find that guy. 


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