After Being Turned Into a Dog, I Conned My Way Into Freeloading At My Rival’s Place

Chapter 7: Little Yanyan In Danger

Chapter 7: Little Yanyan In Danger

Editor/Translator Note: Please be advised that this chapter contains inappropriate puppy training methods. This is a work of fiction; if you need to train your puppy, please consult your vet or a dog trainer. We do not condone physically spanking your puppy. 

Translator: Mukyuu
Editor: Mikyuu

Ning Yan recovered his wits upon being scared and hurriedly raised his head to look at the man. 

And then he froze.


He stood upright with one paw on the cell phone. He froze in that position. 

Lin Rong and Ning Yan stared at each other in silence. 

The atmosphere in the living room became weird. 

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And repeatedly slammed it down on the phone forcefully!


Ning Yan’s eyes glinted like a child who’d found a new favorite game, and his paws moved so fast they were but shadows. His tongue lolled out and he looked crazed and obsessed!

Lin Rong, “…”

He looked like he swallowed a fly. After steadying himself, he walked over with a long face and lifted the puppy, who was still frantically pawing at the phone, by the scruff of his neck. 

The puppy’s paws waved in the air and he even panted, looking exactly like someone who wanted to keep playing with the phone. 

The man raised his palm and, with a smack, landed a hit on the puppy’s butt so hard the flesh wobbled. 

The puppy stiffened and looked up in shock. “Woof?” 

Lin Rong said coldly, “If you misbehave, you’re going to get spanked.” 

And then he landed three more hits until the puppy shook and started barking in anger. 

When the puppy landed on the ground again, he angrily lifted his hind leg and kicked Lin Rong’s feet. Then he dashed off to the foyer. 

By the coffee table, Lin Rong bent down without a word and picked up his phone. 

Thanks to the puppy’s furious tapping, his phone was in the middle of writing a text to Ning Zhuangrong. In fact, the message was filled with a string of random characters like “gaknegasnkgi.” If he had let the puppy continue, this nonsensical message would have been sent out. 

Lin Rong deleted the message, quit the app, and then locked the screen. He tucked the phone back in his pocket and then walked back to the bathroom. 


When he passed by the foyer, he glared coldly at the puppy. 

The puppy’s eyes looked around furtively and then glared at him. 

“…” Lin Rong walked into the bathroom without an expression. He didn’t feel like paying attention to the little guy right now. 

Once the man went back to the bathroom, Ning Yan breathed a sigh of relief. 

At least he managed to pull that one off. 

He had let the excitement go to his head. He knew Lin Rong was in the bathroom and could come out at any time. But once he saw his dad’s name, he just couldn’t resist. Argh!

But at least his pretenses have paid off and the man shouldn’t spend more time thinking about this. 

He finished congratulating himself and then hissed under his breath before turning around in a huff. 

The guy had pinched his butt yesterday and now he was hitting him! What a fickle man! 

Don’t ever think about pinching his butt again!


This attempt at using the phone did make Ning Yan realize that his control over his paws had improved greatly. 


He was pretty confident that if he had one more chance, just one more chance, he’d be able to send out the message!

—But of course, he got no more chances. 

Disregarding the fact that Lin Rong, like the rest of the human population, usually carried his phone on his person, Ning Yan’s previous attempt had spooked him, so Lin Rong became more cautious. In the following days, he never once let his precious phone out of his sight, as if he was terrified of Ning Yan abusing it again. 

Ning Yan was angry. He could resist at first, but then he couldn’t hold back anymore. His desire for the phone became more apparent and he would frequently run around Lin Rong’s feet while staring intensely at the phone in his pocket. 

Every time Lin Rong lowered his head to find the puppy and his puppy gaze, he would silently touch his pocket to make sure his phone was still there. Then he would sigh in relief and continue whatever it was he was doing. 

Five days quickly passed since Ning Yan had come home with Lin Rong. 

Maybe Ning Yan behaved well, but certain activities had now been moved up in the schedule. 

Firstly, Ning Yan was finally allowed to take a bath! 

Of course Lin Rong had to help Ning Yan wash up. 

After Ning Yan turned into a dog, his fur was thick and heavy. And since he had rolled around on the ground, though Ling Rong helped wipe him off, he was close to finding it intolerable!

So when he heard Lin Rong announce it was bathing time, Ning Yan’s eyes lit up immediately. 

As soon as Lin Rong walked towards the bathroom, Ning Yan followed along eagerly. He didn’t need the man to remind him or to corral him, but instead took quick tapping steps in the same direction. He was so obedient that even Lin Rong marveled at it.


A quick rubdown with water and some pet shampoo, and Ning Yan very quickly became a sud-covered puppy.

He squatted on the floor of the bathroom and sat still as the man serviced him. His head was raised high in the air to make it convenient for the pervert to rub him thoroughly. He closed his eyes in pleasure, opened his mouth, and let out a contented sigh. 

Lin Rong glanced at the puppy and, though his face remained expressionless, he rubbed the puppy’s head vigorously. 

Ning Yan practically melted into a puddle throughout the bath and blow-drying session, letting Lin Rong do whatever he wished. 

Afterwards, he dashed around the house excitedly and enjoyed the sensation of air flowing through his clean fur. It was as if he had been reborn. He was so excited that when he bumped into Lin Rong walking around in the living room, he acted instinctively and launched himself at the man! 

There was a moment of surprise in his eyes, but Lin Rong bent down and scooped up the puppy. 

Though he had been the one to place himself in the man’s hands, Ning Yan blinked a couple of times and tilted his head. He was probably still dazed by all the excitement. 

The man held him by the armpits and squeezed his paws a few times. The corners of his mouth turned upwards and he chided quietly, “You little fool.” 

The day after the bath, Lin Rong took Ning Yan to see the vet. 

Throughout the last few days, Gu Shi has received many consultation phone calls from his friend and knew that Lin Rong had gone through some rough patches with the puppy. He was pretty curious about exactly what kind of dog the puppy was. 

Now that he’d finally seen the real thing, he smiled in exasperation after examining the puppy. 

As the puppy was placed on the examination table, he scrunched up his neck and looked around cautiously, as if disgusted with the entire place. 

“Hey, what’s there to dislike about this place? They’re all dogs like you.” Gu Shi ruffled the puppy’s head and, in return, received an unhappy look from the little dog. 

Just then, the receptionist handed Lin Rong his queue number. Gu Shi shoved both hands in his pockets and said, “C’mon, let’s go find an examination room so I can take a look.” 

Ning Yan only found out last night that Lin Rong was planning on taking him to the vet today. He hadn’t liked the idea then. 

Logically, he understands that anyone who takes in a stray would bring it to the vet for vaccinations and all sorts of poking and prodding. But he isn’t actually a dog, he is human!

But it didn’t matter if he liked it or not because Ning Yan was just a dog right now. No matter where he escaped to, it was still within Lin Rong’s territory. In the end, he had been captured and brought here. 

All he prayed for right now was that no matter what shots they gave him, it wouldn’t make him sick. 

Once they got into the examination room and closed the door, Gu Shi began the physical examination. 

He touched here, pressed there, and moved Ning Yan’s limbs about. Luckily he didn’t find anything wrong and declared that Ning Yan was completely healthy. 

“Okay, let’s take some blood. If there’s nothing wrong, we’ll do the first vaccine today. If you want to do any other exams, we can do those after finishing all the vaccines.” Gu Shi said decisively. 

To Ning Yan’s ears, this sounded like Lin Rong had discussed with someone beforehand and there were more visits in his future. He became more upset and stared balefully at Lin Rong. 

But the man… turned aside to talk with Gu Shi and pretended that he saw nothing. 

Ning Yan, “…” This is so unfair!

Very quickly, two vet techs arrived, and Gu Shi and Lin Rong moved to the side. 

The male vet tech was responsible for drawing blood from Ning Yan’s front paw while the female vet tech held onto Ning Yan. She pressed her chin against his head and kept praising, “So pretty, so obedient, such a good puppy…”

As soon as Ning Yan heard the words of praise, he became shameless. He lifted his chin and his tail whipped around in circles. 

Off to the side, Lin Rong and Gu Shi were chatting about something. And somehow they both turned to look at Ning Yan. 

Lin Rong’s gaze fixed on Ning Yan’s lower body. 

The white puppy was being held so that he faced them and his underbelly was clearly visible. 

And further down from the belly were two circular furry… 

Ning Yan felt like he was floating in the air thanks to the female vet tech’s praise and pets. All of a sudden, he heard the jerk say calmly to his best friend, “When all the shots are done, it’s time for neuter right?” 

The puppy shook in the female vet tech’s embrace. 

“Hold on, don’t move.” The male vet tech said hurriedly. 

Gu Shi nodded at the question. “Yup, we should do the neuter then. Don’t worry, it’s a minor procedure.” 

Lin Rong nodded and said calmly, “I trust your skills.” 

Gu Shi smiled humbly, “I’ll neuter your puppy cleanly and prettily.” 

As he finished talking, he sensed a passionate gaze on him and he looked back instinctively. 

Only to find the puppy in the female vet tech’s arms giving him the death glare. 

That shocked face was too expressive and Gu Shi could have sworn it looked like the puppy had been struck by lightning. 

“…” Gu Shi asked, “Has he always been this spirited?” 

Lin Rong glanced at Ning Yan and again nodded in all seriousness, “Yes.” 

Ning Yan, “…”

Yes to what you asshole!!

Lin Rong, you’re mad!!! You’re definitely mad!!!

You’re actually going to castrate your beloved Yanyan!!!

You’ll regret this!!! You’ll regret this for the rest of your life!!!

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