After Being Turned Into a Dog, I Conned My Way Into Freeloading At My Rival’s Place

Chapter 51: Melodious Love (End of Main Story)

Translator: Mukyuu
Editor: Mikyuu

Of course, having Ning Yan confess everything was out of the question. As soon as he heard his older cousin’s questions, he immediately jerked to attention and felt guilty. 

So despite Ning Yue frigidly interrogating him for a long time, he couldn’t get his younger cousin to reveal how he had managed to stabilize his abilities to shapeshift. But by this point, even if Ning Yan didn’t say anything, Ning Yue could practically guess. 

After moments of dead silence, just as Ning Yan was sweating and was about to say something silly and then hang up the phone, Ning Yue said slowly, “Though we are all demons…” 

Ning Yan swallowed and listened closely. 


“You are the most demon-like,” Ning Yue continued to snark coldly. “You have sucked your man dry.” 

Ning Yan, “…” 

So he’s the most dog-like AND the most demon-like?!

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“So… my Pactmate is my good friend but if this is as amazing as it sounds, if something happens in the future, I might…” 


“Aren’t you afraid he’ll beat you up? LOLOL!”

“@Yeye, so buddy, wanna write a tutorial?” 

Ning Yan: “There’s nothing to teach. Just one sentence: Make sure you do the full 10-day course.” 

The group: “Got it, got it!” 

After Ning Yan’s road to demonhood smoothed out, he had to restart his career— 

That was right, he and Lin Rong did remember that the only reason they had such a long break was that they were looking for inspiration for their new songs… 

Actually, the inspiration was there, they just had to spend the foreseeable future in the recording studio and couldn’t see each other—of course, since Ning Yan could now control his shapeshifting, the influence of the Pact-aura was long gone. 

The two had been glued at the hip and now had to suddenly separate. Ning Yan didn’t want to, but he had to do well in his relationship and also in his career. Since they both had to enter the recording studio, they shouldn’t bother each other and be as dedicated to their music as possible. 

But before they officially entered the recording studio, the two did something. 

—They officially paid a visit to each other’s parents. 

For the Nings, Lin Rong had already met Lu Ruan and just needed to visit Ning Zhuangrong. 


The patriarch of the Ning family might have looked reliable but he had refused to accept the fact that his son was dating Lin Rong. After a week of Ning Zhuangrong’s bitter sighing, even Lu Ruan couldn’t stand it anymore and said sarcastically, “If you keep avoiding the truth, I think your son will have given birth by the time you accept it!” 

Ning Zhuangrong immediately shouted in horror, “What are you talking about? Us demons don’t have the ability to give birth!” 

Lu Ruan commented, “Oh, looks like your brain is still working.” 

Ning Zhuangrong suddenly felt that something was weird. He pulled his wife to the side and asked with a frown, “Wait, why are you suddenly talking about this? Don’t tell me that Ning Yan the brat is…” 

Lu Ruan rolled her eyes and asked, “Do you know how your son managed to get his shapeshifting abilities under control?” 

This meant that for Lin Rong, the day he visited Ning Zhuangrong felt like an instant trip to the harsh bitter winter months… 

Ning Yan had a much easier time visiting the Lins. 

Mr. and Mrs. Lin were both kind and told him all about the things that Lin Rong had done when he had a crush on him. 

At first Ning Yan was a bit nervous, but then he got caught up in it and chatted happily with the two. 

Lin Yin pulled her brother aside and asked, “Hey, where’s Sese? Why didn’t you bring Sese with you?” 

Lin Rong looked at the happy young man on the sofa and his face softened. 

There was a new guest in their home, so the two cats came from either side. One jumped onto the coffee table and the other jumped onto the back of the sofa. They both tilted their head and looked at Ning Yan. 


The orange cat even got up close and sniffed Ning Yan. Ning Yan turned around and stared at it for a second. 

The orange cat, “Meow, meow, meow.” 

Ning Yan, “Woof, woof, woof.” 

Lin Rong’s parents off to the side, “???” 

They were utterly confused and the orange cat was also utterly confused. 

Lin Rong laughed quietly and walked over to ruffle Ning Yan’s hair. Ning Yan looked up and gave him a self-satisfied look. 

Lin Rong couldn’t wait any longer. He gave his parents a look and picked up Ning Yan’s hand. “Yanyan, let’s go upstairs.” 

“What are we going to do upstairs? I’m not done talking to uncle and auntie…” Ning Yan protested, but the man took him upstairs, smiling the entire way. As soon as they walked into the room, he closed the door and pressed Ning Yan against it with a kiss. 

Ning Yan’s head spun with the kiss. Afterwards, he asked quizzically, “What was that for?” 

“Because you’re cute,” Lin Rong said hoarsely and pinched the young man’s cheeks. 

Ning Yan heard that and felt even prouder. He hmph-ed and, if he hadn’t been in human form, his tail would have shot towards the sky. 

But despite not having a tail, Ning Yan did take out a small metal box from his pocket, opened it, and took out some dog food and ate some, kibble by kibble. 


Ever since Mrs. Ning had revealed that Mr. Ning had once almost gone bald in his middle age, Ning Yan was on high alert. Once he found out that the dog food from Excellence’s President Lin did have an effect on fur, he ate a box a day. His attitude was that of a devout believer. 

Once he got used to it, not only would he eat it every day on a schedule, he would also eat it whenever he was happy. Not to mention, the effect was pretty nice. Recently Ning Yan discovered that regardless of whether he was in human or demon form, his hair and fur were shedding a lot less. 

Because of that, he even believed that Lin Rong should eat a kibble every day to ward off the danger of middle-age hair loss. 

Lin Rong… Lin Rong decided with a smile that this was his wife and he should listen, no matter what. 

After meeting both sets of parents, they each entered their own recording studio and began their hectic work-life. 

The weather gradually cooled and the autumn wind blew through, leaving behind a ground covered in fallen leaves. 

Ning Yan had to admit that this might be the most inspired he had been since releasing his first studio album five years ago. 

He practically spent every day and night in the recording studio. In the middle of the night, when everyone else on the team took a break, he’d get a video call from Lin Rong. 

In the silent night, the man’s voice seemed extra gentle. Often, Ning Yan would fall asleep while they were talking and his dreams would be filled with new melodies. 

He made a deal with Lin Rong to not reveal their new songs to each other ahead of time. They’d let the other listen only when the songs were officially done. 

But a month later— 

Ning Yan walked out of the recording studio and stretched. He glanced up and realized that it was almost dusk. 

It was becoming dark sooner, which meant it was practically pitch-black and the street lights were lighting up one by one and night was about to fall upon the city. 

Ning Yan excitedly picked up his phone and dialed Lin Rong’s number. 

His call was quickly picked up and Ning Yan asked, “Are you still in your studio?” 

They had touched base beforehand and knew that they were both officially done with the recording studios today. 

“I’m already done.” It was noisy where Lin Rong was but he said, “Yanyan, are you done too?” 

“Yup!” Joy permeated Ning Yan’s voice. “Where are you?” 

Lin Rong didn’t answer; instead, he said, “Then Yanyan, keep walking. Cross the street and keep walking.” 

Ning Yan paused, What, had Lin Rong come to pick him up?

Ning Yan thought about it but put on his mask and hat. He explained the situation to his assistant and walked ahead on the path with one hand hooked into his pant pocket. 

The recording studio was in a quiet corner right in the middle of the bustling city center. After passing this small alley and crossing the street, he’d reach a noisy pedestrian walkway. That was also a popular spot for young folks. 

Because Ning Yan thought about seeing the jerk again soon, he didn’t think too much beyond feeling happy. As he walked, he teased, “Do you want to listen to my new song? Hurry and guess what I wrote about!” 

The pride in his tone made the answer obvious. 

Lin Rong laughed quietly and asked, “Can Yanyan sing it for me?” 

Ning Yan’s eyes curved in a smile. He glanced around and, when he saw that nobody was paying him any attention, he pulled down his mask and began singing. 

His voice had always been a bit youthful. Outsiders claimed that his songs were filled with a sense of youth, naivete, and happiness, giving people the impression of a little ray of sunshine. 

But Ning Yan felt that this song was different from his previous songs. 

Though it was still a love song, this time even his production team members felt that the song was more mature. 

This was the kind of sweetness that would only be present after being in a relationship. A subtle kind of sweetness. 

Ning Yan didn’t deny that when he wrote the song, he had been thinking of the jerk. 

As he sang, his heart filled with sweetness. 

On the other end, the man closed his eyes and listened quietly. 

He heard the young man sing, “Your murmur filled my ears, your scent softened my heart…” 

In the cold autumn night, every word that fell from the young man’s lips was filled with warmth. 

As he sang, Ning Yan suddenly heard the sound of a piano coming from the phone. 

He paused and then realized belatedly that there seemed to be a white piano in the middle of the pedestrian walkway. 


His eyes flew open. 

That piano?

At the same time, he heard a surprised shriek come from his phone and the sound of the phone being put on speaker. 

The man took his song and began an impromptu melody. Ning Yan heard Lin Rong’s voice, sounding like he had also taken off his mask, being broadcast by the speaker so that it rang clearly in his ear, “Yanyan, can I sing something for you?” 

Ning Yan’s footsteps paused— 

Then he began running madly. 

The melody trickled out from the phone and the man’s deep voice rang out. 

The day I found you, I heard the echoes. 

They shook my world and appeared in front of me

Ning Yan ran as fast as he could and the wind blew his hat away from his face. Ning Yan yanked it off, and the crowd turned around instinctively to look at him and then covered their mouths in surprise. 

Many people were gathered at the center of the pedestrian walkway. The song that was carried by the wind gradually overlapped the sound of the singing from the phone. 

Ning Yan ran forwards and panted out, “Ple-please let me through…” 

The people blocking the way turned around and saw him. Before they could react, the girl standing to the side yelped and backed off, leaving a spot for Ning Yan. “Ning Yan! It’s Ning Yan!” 

Soon, more and more people turned around. 

Some people, while shocked, stood aside. The other people who didn’t know what was going on also followed along. Very quickly, a path opened up in front of Ning Yan. 

At the end of the path, the man sat behind the piano. He glanced up and looked softly at Ning Yan as he continued to sing. 

Color painted in the shape of love and your smile encompassing it all


Mine, smiling Yanyan. 

Ning Yan stood in shock. 

Everyone quieted down around them. 

Boys and girls all covered their mouths and waited for the next moment. 

In the next second, the man said with a smile, “Yanyan, marry me.” 

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