After Being Turned Into a Dog, I Conned My Way Into Freeloading At My Rival’s Place

Chapter 50: Gift For Two

Translator: Mukyuu
Editor: Mikyuu

That determined “me” froze Lin Rong’s smile on his face and blew his mind. 

Ning Yan immediately shut up and blushed after making his declaration and stared intently at the man. 

Lin Rong, “…” 

Ning Yan, “…” 


Ning Yan jumped up. “What kind of reaction is this?!” 

Since the shirt didn’t cover up those slender long legs, that jump meant they were fully exposed in front of Lin Rong. Lin Rong’s breath hitched and he turned his face to the side and said quietly, with his ears bright red, “Yanyan.” 

Yanyan thought in embarrassment, He-he-he had made a fool of himself and said those things, and this is how the big pervert reacts? If the big pervert is no longer perverted, can he still be called a pervert? 

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Ning Yan’s heart beat rapidly as he thought, Is it starting, are we starting, oh boy, this is nerve-wracking!


But in the end, the jerk lingered around his ears for a long time before asking softly, “Yanyan, what happened?” 

Ning Yan shuddered and he looked around surreptitiously. 

Lin Rong smiled and asked, “You can’t have just randomly thought about this, right?” 

“Why not?” Ning Yan stubbornly insisted, “I-I just want to be intimate with you. Is that not allowed?” 

“I also want to be intimate with you,” Lin Rong chuckled softly, “but Yanyan is shy and this is not something you’d say easily.” 

Ning Yan, “…” 

Lin Rong let go of Ning Yan and turned him around. He gently grasped Ning Yan’s face and asked softly, “What happened?” 

Ning Yan pinched his own legs self-consciously. 

Lin Rong grabbed his hand. 

Ning Yan tried to hide it but couldn’t. Stuttering, he revealed the whole story. 

Once he started talking about it, Ning Yan didn’t have the heart to be embarrassed anymore. After all, he was the one who claimed to be giving the big pervert a gift but was, in reality, almost using him like a tool. 

Ning Yan voluntarily squeezed into Lin Rong’s embrace and cautiously explained, “I just thought that since we are in love, we’ll eventually… emmm… we might as well try it sooner than later…”  


Lin Rong knew with one glance what his Yanyan was thinking. He let out a laugh and kissed Ning Yan, telling him that he’d never get angry over something like this. 

Ning Yan fell silent and blinked up at him. 

Lin Rong asked, “Are you really giving it to me as a present?” 

Ning Yan blinked in confusion. “Hmmm?” 

Lin Rong answered quietly, “Yanyan.” 

Ning Yan realized what he was talking about and his face turned bright red. 

His gaze shifted away for a second and his face flushed in embarrassment… but in the end he gave a slight nod. 

Lin Rong’s eyes turned stormy. 

Suddenly, Ning Yan exclaimed, “You-you hold on!” 

He pushed Lin Rong aside and jumped off the sofa. He rushed into the study barefoot, ignoring Lin Rong’s calls for him to put on his shoes—

There was a package that he had Lin Rong put into the study. He had even demanded that the jerk not open the package without his express approval. 

He had ordered the thing a while ago and spent so long choosing it!


Ning Yan shut the door to the study and found the package. He opened it and took out what was inside, his face as red as a ripened tomato. 

Lin Rong waited outside for a while and heard nothing. He couldn’t help but walk towards the study door and knock on it. Just as he was about to say something, the door opened with an audible click. 

The young man stuck out his head. Lin Rong paused and thought that was too adorable. He asked with a smile, “Yanyan, what are you doing?” 

Ning Yan walked out. 

At first glance, Lin Rong felt like something was off, but before he could figure out what it was, Ning Yan got a hold of him and pulled him into the bedroom. He shut the door and then hugged Lin Rong. 

Ning Yan whispered quietly, “You, you can now open your present.” 

Lin Rong, “???” 

When he realized what Ning Yan was talking about, his breath caught in his throat. 

He swallowed hard. 


Ning Yan buried his head against Lin Rong’s shoulders in mortification and didn’t say a word. 

Lin Rong slowly raised a hand and slowly moved it from Ning Yan’s waist up to his slender neck… and then gripped the back of the shirt’s collar. 


The shirt only had one button buttoned. Lin Rong used just a bit of force and the button popped off and clattered against the ground with a small “click.” 

As the shirt fell, Lin Rong saw the red ribbon on the young man’s body. 

The ribbon wound across the young man’s shoulders, waist, and buttcheeks so that the ends formed a soft ribbon on his back. 

The young man held Lin Rong even tighter as his entire body flushed as if in extreme embarrassment. 

A few seconds later, Lin Rong smiled and said huskily, “Yanyan, did you really just think of the present today?” 

If he didn’t misremember, the package with the ribbon had arrived more than half a month ago. 

His Yanyan definitely didn’t say what he meant. 

In the next second, Ning Yan let out a gasp. 

He was carried bridal style for a few steps and then set down on the bed. 

Ning Yan’s heart felt like it would burst out of his chest. 

In the dim light, the man knelt on the bed as he placed him down. The man hovered over him, dark hair messy and dark eyes flirty. 

Ning Yan scrunched his neck and his breathing became rapid and shallow. He instinctively opened his lips and the man leaned down to press a hard kiss against them. 

The kiss was deep and went on for what seemed like forever. Ning Yan was drowning in it when he was turned around and the man pressed a trail of kisses from the back of his neck down his spine. Then the man’s teeth found the end of the ribbon and gently pulled it undone.

The ribbon loosened. 

Ning Yan sprawled on the bed and heard the man’s low chuckle, “Yanyan, I’ll take the present.” 

Ning Yan’s toes and fingers curled and then…


On the bed, between the loosened ribbon, was a small white dog with his tail up in the air. 

Ning Yan, “???” 

Lin Rong, “???” 

The white puppy flipped himself over in a daze and looked up, four paws in the air, at the man hovering above him. 

Lin Rong turned into a stone statue. 

Ning Yan, “…” 

Ning Yan covered his face with his paws and howled in anguish!

He wants to die, wants to die!

“Yanyan…” The man called out resignedly, his voice filled with obvious unfulfilled desire. 

With another poof, Ning Yan turned back into a human. He was curled up into a ball and was covering his face. 

He realized what happened and, though he was still shocked, let out a cry of surprise and hooked an arm around the man’s neck, pulling him close and saying, almost crying, “I’m back, I’m back, let’s continue!” 

Lin Rong sighed in relief and bent down to kiss Ning Yan’s forehead. 

Ning Yan pouted and pulled at the belt on the man’s bathrobe. 

In the next second with another poof, he turned back into a white puppy. 

Lin Rong, “…” 

Ning Yan, “…” 

Ning Yan… Ning Yan was about to die of frustration. Are they gonna do it or not?! Do it or not?!

He cried out angrily and bit down on the man’s belt, yanking back with all of his might so that it loosened and the man’s bathrobe fell open. 

Lin Rong calmly pulled his bathrobe shut and said, “Yanyan, I think today’s a no-go.” 

No! He refuses to believe that!!

He wants to do it!!

Ning Yan was so frustrated that he turned circles on the bed and quickly shifted back into human form. Ning Yan moved at lightning speed and pressed the man against the bed before starting to bite on the man. 

Lin Rong’s eyes darkened and he said hoarsely, “Yanyan…” 

In the next second, just as they expected, the young man turned back into a white puppy sprawled across the man’s chest, gnawing at the man’s pec muscles with his puppy teeth. 

Lin Rong looked at the ceiling, with his eyes slowly going blank. 

That night, Ning Yan fell into a heap of despair. 

Hold on, didn’t they say that “extreme excitement” would make the transformation unsteady? They hadn’t even started and he was already “extremely excited”?? Is he this easily excitable? Ning Yan cannot accept that!

After he heard Ning Yan’s pitiful complaining as he turned back into a human, Lin Rong held the young man tightly and thought lovingly that his Yanyan was indeed too pure. 

“I want to do it…” Ning Yan cried pitifully, “When can I control my shapeshifting? If this counts as being too exciting, does this mean this technique won’t work on me… and in the future…” 

Lin Rong petted his hair and soothed, “This is just the first try. Maybe when we’re used to it, the shock won’t be too much and we can continue.” 

“Really?” Ning Yan continued whining, “Then we… we have to try it a couple more times…” 

“Mmhmm, that’s totally okay. Don’t rush.” Lin Rong patiently comforted and kissed the red tip of the young man’s nose. 

With a poof, Ning Yan turned into the white puppy for the nth time. He despaired. 

The white puppy prepared to go to bed despite his despair. After all, he couldn’t not sleep! 

Lin Rong continued to comfort him until two in the morning, when the puppy fell asleep. 

The white puppy continued to let out soft whining sounds even in his sleep. 

Lin Rong didn’t know what to do but thought this was cute and laughed silently. 

Afterwards, he pressed a hand against his lips and squinted his eyes in deep thought. 


In his dreams, Ning Yan was cutting back and forth between human and demon form. Every time he wanted to kiss Lin Rong, he turned into a dog. Then when he gave up, he turned back into a human. 

As soon as he turned into a human and wanted to do things to the jerk, the thought would make him turn back into his demon form. 

… Ning Yan felt like he was getting played!

By whom he had no idea, but he was getting played! His frustration rose in his dreams!

After a bout of anger, meaningless though it was, Ning Yan was so tired he fell asleep in his dreams, into a deep slumber. 

He slept until the morning. 

Before he completely woke up, he sensed someone caressing his cheek lightly and kissing him gently. 

Ning Yan wasn’t quite awake; he just knew that it was Lin Rong and easily accepted this kiss. 

When the man finished kissing his lips, he kissed Ning Yan’s cheek, behind his ear, and then his neck… 

Ning Yan let out small moans and gasps and sank deeper into the soft bedding. He hooked an arm around the man’s neck and the two wound together intimately… 


By the time Ning Yan wore himself out physically, his mind woke up. 

He lay there, the room still spinning and his body covered in marks. 

The man kissed him for a while more before pushing himself up and asking huskily, “Yanyan, want a shower?” 

Ning Yan, “…” 

He demanded self-consciously, “Did you plan this? Taking advantage of me before I woke up!” 

Lin Rong coughed lightly and said with flaming ears, “I just thought that if Yanyan didn’t think too much, then maybe your reactions wouldn’t be as strong.” 

The truth was just as Lin Rong had predicted. 

Ning Yan turned into his human form in the morning and wasn’t completely awake when he woke up. By the time they got into the mood, he didn’t have the energy to overthink, which meant the entire process happened without him changing shape and they successfully performed the deed. 

Ning Yan hmph-ed but lifted the corners of his lips. 

You know, though it did hurt a bit, the satisfaction was much greater. The sense of happiness and joy was worth more than anything

Ning Yan thought of this and jumped up happily. He hugged Lin Rong and pressed a kiss on the man, demanding adorably, “Take me to the shower, now!” 

Lin Rong smiled and easily lifted the young man up. 

The two of them walked into the bathroom and the sound of water filled the room. After a bit, the sound of barking also came from the room. 

“… Yanyan…” 

Very quickly, the dog’s voice turned into the surprised but happy voice of the young man. “No, this time I changed form voluntarily. Hey, I think it’s working! I feel like if we do it a couple more times I’ll get the hang of it. Lin Rong…” 

“Yanyan,” the man’s voice became husky again, “we just did it. It’ll hurt.” 

“Actually, I feel okay.” The young man’s voice softened and a hint of pleading crept in. 

Very quickly, the sound of water stopped but other barely audible noises filled the room. 

After an hour, the sound of water started again. 

Rinse and repeat. 

Three days later, Ning Yue got a phone call from his younger cousin. 

His younger cousin shouted happily, “Cousin, I can control my shapeshifting now!” 

“…?” Ning Yue looked dubious and asked cautiously, “Why, what happened?” 

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